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Redskins as a Sports Movie

Gonna be all over the map on this one. Fair warning.

Om tends to wait before he writes; I like writing while it's fresh in my mind, including the emotion.

Couple of things. First, nice game last night by the Redskins. To my mind, the Ravens were a little more physical last week; the Jets can't make the same claim after last night. This was not as formulaic as a sports movie: team comes together fairly well, but then falls apart under some overwhelming adversity before finally deciding to take a stand and fight for each other against enormous odds. Think Remember the Titans, Rocky, We are Marshall, Revenge of the Nerds, etc.

This is still preseason, after all.

Stakes aren't nearly as big as they were for the Tri-Lambs, you know.

But still. I like to think we stood up to the big bad Jets. And their big bad coach who apparently hasn't given up swearing just yet, no matter what mom wants. Had to expect a battle, as this is the third preseason game and Rex Ryan is, um, full of himself and eager to make a positive impression.

Wonder what they'll say about that game on Hard Knocks? They pushed us, we pushed them. No quarter asked or given.

Yeah, I know. Preseason. Still, refreshing to see the Redskins not back down. Screw staying medium. If the other team is gonna push us, we're gonna push back. No more kicking sand in our faces.

I like it.

Oh, and Anthony Armstrong? Making this team. Even if it is just for special teams, he made three special teams stops last night. You have to reward effort like that. Especially in the face of all the Haynesworth BS. Show the team what happens when you work your ass off all the time. He has to stay.

Speaking of Haynesworth, did I actually see him hustling last night? That was nice to see. Sounds like he and Shanahan are going to be sitting down with a cigar and a glass of scotch ala` Denny Crane and Alan Shore :))) and hash things out. Good. If he is willing and able to put in the kind of effort we saw last night, maybe we can finally put this whole thing to bed.

Armstrong and Haynesworth are almost microcosms of the macrocosm that is the Redskins. Hopefully all three are able to put their troubles and difficulties behind them and concentrate on playing together and winning.

Think Animal House, after being disbanded (Christ. Seven years of college down the drain. Might as well join the ****ing Peace Corps.), yet still being to wreck the parade (Remain Calm, Remain Calm!).

Here's hoping we can wreck the Cowboys' parade.
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