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Recon Special part 2-Cowboys fans and the Callahan defection

Well, we seem to have stirred up a bit of turmoil among Dallas fans by grabbing Callahan. Some seem to take a "Good riddance" stance but a lot are not very happy with him leaving...especially to join the Redskins.


Anyone want to try to explain this one?

What happened that he would want to sign to Washington? Either he hated Dallas or Washington just paid him some crazy money.

I was already upset they werent working on getting Callahan back, but then for Callahan to go to Washington makes me feel like **** for standing up for him. Stabbed me in the back Cal...


They will still suck


maybe. ppl said that about us this year... worked against them.


There was probably going to be too many expectations for the Cowboys in 2015. Go somewhere else for more money and MAYBE turn around a bad offense...good business sense


There's some stuff on Twitter where Callahan was saying he wasn't get paid in accordance to all he was doing in Dallas.

Shots fired.


I don't think that it's a smart thing to let a terrific football coach walk out the door if money is the only obstacle.

There's no salary cap on a coaching staff. Of course, this is presuming that Callahan actually wanted to stay (which I don't believe that he did).


True but then he is going to Washington as a OC and while he had the title this past season I think he wanted to be in a situation where he could be calling the offense. I thank him for being

the professional that he is and not allowing an ego to prevent him from doing a great job coaching the OL


I agree that he was a great position coach. Personally, I would loved for him to return. There's a part of me that thinks he and some of the other coaches didn't see eye to eye on some things

and that's why he's in Washington. That, and I understand that Washington compensated him really well.


I'm amazed that at CZ, for all their great fan-ness and tireless devotion, only a couple of people seem to realize that he was seriously pissed about last year when Garrett basically sneakily

took playcalling back and then the organization essentially demoted him. Worse, they wouldn't let him go to OC jobs like Baltimore where he reportedly had a great chance at full control of the


Instead he's a bum we don't need and the Skins are just jealous of us. Never mind that he's probably the best OL coach in the league and a great hire for anyone. Plus he'll probably help their

drafting like he did us with Frederick.


Yeah I kinda wondered if that might be a landing spot for him after I read they gave their current OL coach permission to go to Buffalo

Makes sense I guess. I'm sure the Redskins paid him a ton and he obviously has ties to Gruden from his brother.


He really helped develop this line so that's not good but out of all the coaches im not too freaked.


I guess our OL will forget how to block next year. Cya Callahan we won't be missing you one bit.

iowast8rs[/B ]

Callahan was a big part of the Oline success. However, we did have the talent to go along with it. Hope Pollack is able to continue and surpass the work Callahan did. Really hope this comes out

in our favor.


Callahan had something to do with getting that talent. I'm sure he had much input in drafting our current OL.


He also had input in bring on Livings and Bernadeau in 2012 to be our starting guards. For what its worth.

Did a great job developing them, no argument, but not sure how much input he had after that episode.


I for one would not be sad if Callahan left. He had 3 Pro Bowlers on the OL and they struggled with blitz pickup and I have yet to see him really develop anyone. Ready for some new blood


some of it was recognition by the OL and missed assignments but a lot of it was on Romo(atleast 50%) of the time,He held the ball too long and missed open guys when they blitzed.this is the no 1 thing i would work on if i was Garrett..good blitzing teams can really bring our offense to a halt.


Oh well, they must have thrown mega bucks at himt to sign him so fast.

Take solice: he has not lasted long wherever he has coached. I don't know why. Maybe a short attention span...,maybe he wears thin, maybe his bosses grow to dislike him.

Either way, when Gruden gets fired, so will he.


I have heard that he is pretty abrasive with those who coach along with him and that his personality wears thin pretty quickly. I have no idea of that's true but it does seem to happen where he goes.

Yakuza Rich

I think Pollack did a good job in 2013 when he was supposedly having more control over the O-Line than Callahan. That year we had Smith-Leary-Fred-Bernardeau-Free.

We needed great improvement from Free and got it. Leary was mainly a pass protector and struggled in the run, but was essentially a rookie.

And I thought we got a very good year from our O-Line that season. To the point where the Packers said that when they watched film that we had the best zone blocking run game in the NFL.

So I don't think we are too bad off without Callahan and the Skins have a way of screwing this up.


This is the stuff that makes me hate the Skins! Homey runs out of Dallas to be with the Skins, same position? Really?

I truly hope to bury Washington next season!

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