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Recon Special-Chargers fans react to Berry coming to the Redskins

I thought I'd check in with Bolts fans to see what their reaction to the Joe Barry becoming our new DC might be.

To be honest, the majority don't seem all that broken-hearted.


Now the Redskins are interviewing Joe Barry for their DC position. Don't these idiots know that our coaches suck?


dont wanna change any of our coaches
they got 4th string guys to perform week in and week out.
previous coaching staff never did.


Well I'm sorry to inform you that Joe Barry our linebackers coach is close to signing with Washington to be their DC.
Good for him, more validation for pags.


Looks like Joe Barry, LB coach for the Chargers, is getting a promotion....

"8:41am: Washington has decided on a replacement for recently dismissed defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, according to Ian Rapoport of, who reports (via Twitter) that the club will hire Chargers linebackers coach Joe Barry to fill the position."

IF true, congrats.


That's a bummer.

Incidentally these organizations really need to wake up to the fact that our coaching staff sucks.


Yea really! I mean look at what happened with Butler this season... Good riddance to that guy psh...


The 'Skins want what Pagano's been teaching! Imagine that!


Does this hire have anything to do with AJ working for the Redskins?

Just asking.


Could be. AJ hired him in SD. Barry isn't an unknown though. He's been the LB coach in SD, Tampa, USC , he was also DC for the Lions and is married to former Detroit HC Rod Marinelli's daughter.

Coaching is just a part of the formula. The right balance of scheme, talent, depth along with good fortune re injury, officiating, sched, etc. all has to come together.
Get the right coaches for the talent you have/ get the right talent for the coaches you have is a moving target under the cap limits.
Not an easy project.


hopefully this opens the door to trade butler to Washington for a 3rd.
or part of a package.


Please... PLEASE! Let this happen. The only thing that would make it more perfect would be if he took Ron Milus with him, but that won't likely happen as if he gets the DC gig, it will be because he agreed to keep Raheem Morris as DB's coach in Washington.

If this happens, just please go out and hire someone that is competent in teaching LB's to actually TACKLE with proper fundamentals and cracks the whip for missed opportunities, Mikey.

Would assume if Barry does go that Richard Smith (if Denver truly is letting their position coaches look for other opportunities) would be at the upper part of McCoy's list given that they worked together in both Carolina and Denver. Suppose they could just promote Bobby King, but he's only been in the position for a year, hasn't he? Severely doubt Mike Nolan is an option to drop down to a positional coaching gig if he isn't retained by whoever Atlanta hires, but a guy can dream, can't he?

Hell, give Freeney a polo shirt, make him assistant to whoever the new LB coach would be and ease his transition into retirement all that much more.


He actually did a pretty good job with the limited talent he had to work with , plus all the injuries. . Thank God with didn't lose Frank Reich that would have been a huge loss to us...

Daryl Peak

Where's AJ Smith when you need him? AJ would have fired the entire coaching staff because assistants and coordinators are leaving. Wait, AJ is in Washington and they just gave him an enhanced role in the FO. 0_o

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