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Quarterback Questions And Answers

Just over one year ago, we had no questions about our quarterback situation. Robert Griffin, III was the unquestionable starter (even though he was facing an offseason of rehabilitation) and Kirk Cousins was the reliable backup. Unfortunately, the 2013 season happened and the Redskins were facing a long offseason with many issues and challenges. No one disputes that Griffin is still the starter, but concerns about his injury, effectiveness, leadership, flamboyance, football knowledge, and team relationships have been questioned since his benching by former coach Mike Shanahan in early December. In this Super Bowl week edition of BBQ, we will post some questions and answers about the quarterback position. Feel free to post answers and opinions.

1. New coach Jay Gruden says that it would be foolish to turn Griffin into a pocket passer. Was this the correct thing to say and is it imperative that the young quarterback from Baylor become a pocket passer?
Answer: BBQ believes that Gruden will integrate the pocket passing schemes as time goes on. There is nothing wrong with using Griffin’s strengths and skillsets. What are your thoughts? Do you agree?

2. Should the Redskins continue to run read option on most plays?
Answer: The team should run a certain number each game (for now, about sixty percent) and if it is possible, migrate slowly towards more rollouts and pocket passing. The read option can still have a place, but not as much in the coming years. How do you feel about the read option?

3. Do you think Griffin should be limited in designed plays that have him running the ball?
Answer: No one will disagree that quarterback sneaks are needed at times. The shelf life for a running back in the NFL is shorter than most positions due to the abuse a body can take. Having the quarterback run a higher number of designed running plays simply shortens a career and should slowly be eliminated from the playbook. Do you agree with that assessment?

4. A few articles in recent days have suggested that Kirk Cousins could be traded to the Browns if Kyle Shanahan becomes their offensive coordinator. Which scenarios would make for a good trade?
Answer: These scenarios should be considered if the Browns are interested in Cousins:
A. The Browns offer their second first round pick (26th overall) and a conditional fifth based on playing time.
B. The Browns offer Josh Gordon for Cousins.
C. The Browns offer their second and third round picks for Cousins.
D. The Browns offer Mitchell Schwartz and their fifth rounder for Cousins.
E. The Browns offer Brian Hoyer and their second rounder for Cousins.

5. Rex Grossman probably moves on and will be released soon. Should the team draft a young prospect or bring another veteran aboard?
Answer: It all depends on the status of Kirk Cousins. If Cousins stays, then drafting a young prospect in the later rounds is possible. If Cousins is traded, then a veteran must be signed and a young prospect should be added in the later rounds. What is your solution?

The quarterback position is the most important one in football. These are not easy questions and the answers are difficult too. Feel free to offer your ideas and opinions.

Soon, BBQ will be looking at free agency and present mock drafts. Enjoy the Super Bowl.

Hail To The Redskins!
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