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Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings/Predictions

Fantasy Football Leagues are forming across the country and fans are eager to prove that they are the best General Managers bar none. There is also a FFL here at BGO and in the first preseason edition of BBQ, we will take a look at the Redskins and where you should draft players – if you have the opportunity to add members of the team.

This one is no secret whatsoever. If you have the chance, add Robert Griffin, III to your team in the first round. He should not have a sophomore slump and will probably improve on last year’s performance.

Running Back:
Alfred Morris is a no brainer in the first round as well, but he could slip to the second if there is a run on quarterbacks and any other RBs such as Adrian Peterson.
Keep an eye on Roy Helu during the preseason games. He could warrant a late round pick and pay huge dividends.

Wide Receiver:
Pierre Garcon is a tempting target early on, but he does come with a caveat emptor. Will the nagging injury from 2012 resurface in 2013? Can he stay on the field for the entire season? BBQ recommends taking him with a mid round pick.
Santana Moss continues to be a mainstay for the team and could have a productive season again. We recommend a mid to low round pick.
Aldrick Robinson and Leonard Hankerson should receive attention in the latter rounds. BBQ gives a slightly higher edge to Hankerson for now.

Tight End:
Fred Davis would be easy to overlook and could go undrafted. That is the official position of BBQ, but he could reward FFL players looking to take him in the last round or two.
Although he is a good special teams player, Niles Paul is not a player to draft at tight end.
Are you looking for a low risk, high reward fantasy choice? Consider adding Jordan Reed in the middle rounds. He could have a very good rookie campaign.

Special teams additions to any fantasy roster is risky due to the nature of the position. Does Kai Forbath continue to amaze and solidify the kicking duties? BBQ believes so and he could add value in the later rounds.

Which defense will the Redskins deploy in 2013 - the first half disaster or the second half surge? BBQ recommends taking in two or three preseason games before making such a choice. Key players returning from injury and rookies in the secondary will determine the worth of this defense. This unit could be worthy of a mid round selection.

BBQ wishes all BGO FFL players a lot of success in 2013.

During the preseason, BBQ will take a look at training camp, the rookies, and have analysis of each game. Prior to the regular season, there will be a prediction for each game with commentary. As always, feel free to add your thoughts, ideas, and questions.

Hail To The Redskins!

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