Philly Week 17

A Grumpy Fan's Take Philly Week 17

Well, we did the unthinkable. We won the division. Most of us wrote this season off as a "rebuild" and not many gave us even the slightest chance to win 5 games, let alone the division. But, here we are!! NFC EAST CHAMPS!!

HAIL TO THE.....Ok, lets slow down.

There is a lot to unpack with this ugly win and a lot that needs to be discussed. Lets dive in!!

1 - Alex Smith. What an amazing comeback story he is! We all know the story and everything he went through, but he is a VERY BIG key to us winning the games we did as well as division. But, last night was bad. He can't plant on his leg, he has no velocity, and he can't get away from pressure. He is a warrior and as professional as they come. You can see he knows that it is time, but he can't let it go. Ron stated last night that he considered a swap at QB's and, to me, that says as much as his performance. Ron is very loyal to Alex and vice versa. Lets just hope he either heals quickly or they test Taylor.

2 - that OL. Morgan Moses is a liability at RT. There is no other way to put it. When he played LT for that game (or 2?) he was solid. He didn't have the silly penalties or get hurt. So, why put him back there? Makes no sense. Also makes no sense that Scherff is underperforming the way he does in a contract season. That is normally when players step up their game. But, outside of Chase you can't really say anyone had a decent game last night. Alex was hiking the ball and getting pressured by players. Gibson was handed the ball and was already having to try to make a move. All from 2nd and 3rd string guys!! I could see if Cox was in the game...but, he wasn't.

3 - Gibson. Turf toe is no joke. It takes a long time to heal and get better. I don't blame Gibson at all for being injured, but he can't cut. He was falling forward most of the time instead of his normal pounding self with great moves. Being that is the case; why wasn't Lamar Miller dressed? Barber is a great FB, but he isn't a speed guy. JD is meant to catch, not run. So, why not dress the guy we just picked up for this very reason?!!

4 - Steven Sims, Jr. Remember that end around he ran and we got all excited because we saw that "something" we all know he's great at? Yeah, we never wet back to that. Typical Washington. Guy gets a huge chunk and we abandon it. But, he is not doing his job back there on punts. That is 2 weeks in a row now. He needs to be relieved of that duty immediately.

5 - Ron Rivera. Ron did not challenge anything, argue anything, or try to fire up his team at all. He looked just like Jay Gruden did on the sidelines watching the refs bend us over play after play. Not one argument, not once did he even look like he was pissed. Hell, even Bill Bellichek threw a phone the other day! Our second half adjustments were nowhere to be seen. He didn't pull Alex when he should have, and it just seems like he is leaning entirely on the players to do everything.

6 - Scott Turner. Same ol same with Scott. He is too clever for his own good, yadda yadda yadda. No need to harp on that bloated dead horse.

7 - Refs. See #6 for my thoughts there. They are responsible for one TD the Iggles got.



Our defense is special. They just are. That DL is doing things that I haven't seen in a LONG time here in DC. Maybe the Capital Punishment Crew of 92? Our LBs are knocking the snot out of people when they come out of the backfield. Our corners...well, lets just say nobody thought Kameron Curl would be a household name...but, here he is! Dude is BALLIN!!

The heart of this team is really something to witness. They refuse to quit. A Gruden led team would have folded up shop and let Sudfeld beat us. But, Chase and company refused to quit! They fight and fight all the way until the whistle blows. Then they walk off the field like men with their heads held high. They know regardless of the outcome that they fought as hard as they could.

What was up with Pederson pulling Hurts? He was killing us in the red zone and had their only 2 scores. Saying you did it so Sudfeld could get the experience makes ZERO sense. Hurts just came in a few weeks ago, he's playing prime time against a divisional foe, and needs the experience just as bad if not MORE if you think hes the future. The only thing I can think of is draft position. They moved up 3 spots with the loss.

For a while last night I was smiling. Ear to ear, big ol cheeseball grin smiling. I am proud of the way this team fought. The way they won. We are proving we can win these big games on prime time and against the teams that normally beat us. We are 4-2 in the division this year and probably should have been at least 5-1 if Ron kicks the XP. That is a really good stat!

We have a HUGE game this weekend and short time to rest. Time to focus and get our minds right...
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