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No news is good news?

This is weird.

I dug through five or six Vikings fan forums and with one small exception didn't find a thread specifically aimed at the upcoming Redskins-Vikings game. Like I said, weird. What's even more interesting was that they're hardly talking about us at all. Anywhere. Oh, I was able to find a few posts mentioning us but not very many.

You see, right now the Vikings fans are preoccupied with the Vikings-and how poorly they're doing.

I guess being 2-12 will do that to you.

One Vikes fan started a thread askingfor score preditions. So far there are four responses.

Four-all predicting a Redskins win.

'Skins 23
Vikes 20
Foreskins 38
Vikes 17
24-17 Skins
Redskins 23
Vikings 17
In a thread made last week.
With that being said, do you think they will 1 of these games? Against who?

I think, No to the SAINTS, SKINS a Maybe, BEARS a maybe, but likly a none of the above all around. 2-14. How can Frazier survive this?
I like their chances against the "Skins, and, depending on how badly the Bears need it, if they are out of it, I like their chances there as well.

Grossman did get a mention in a post made prior to our Giants game.

Seeing the way Rex Grossman shredded the Patriots defense with the passing game last week, he will probably do the same to the Vikings D which has a lousy secondary. Frazier oughta be ashamed of himelf, he used to be a secondary player and a secondary coach.
One poster mentioned a fact that should make Rex breathe a litle easier.

The Vikings have gone eight consecutive games without a pick, which ties an NFL record, according to research by Jeremy Mills of ESPN Stats and Information.Since the 1970 merger, no team has gone more than eight consecutive games without an interception, according to Mills. The 1996 Falcons and 2009 Rams tied the mark.

Mostly the Vikes fans are expounding on what's wrong with the Vikes. Basically, if you aren't Jared Allen, Percy Harvin, AP,or-to a limited extent-Christian Ponder you are not liked. And if you are a coach or your last name is Wilf, forget it.

Especially HC Lelie Frazier.

Some blame mostly the coaching, some the talent, and some both.

The way this team is going... We need to BLOW THE WHOLE THING UP!!... Get rid of everybody... Bring in Bill Parcels, or a true GM, and hire a head coach who has a clue!!...

Frazier is not the answer... Our scouting department needs vast improvement too... The mental lapses every game are a joke and make it impossible to climb out of holes.... As bad as this team is.. they have underachieved... I don't see how you can't blow the entire thing up.. Especially when your trying to get a new stadium..

We have more talent than the Chiefs, Browns, Rams, Colts, Jags, dolphins, bills, cardinals, panthers, seahawks, bucs and skins... and yet have two wins to show... Frazier has been clueless on the sideline... I know we've had injuries and all but the undisciplined nature of how we've been playing and the penalties are ALL coaching... They may all like him, but noone is inspired to play for this guy...

BLOW IT UP!!!...
1) Fire Leslie Frazier
2) Fire Pagac
3) Waive EVERY O-Lineman. This is to cut ties with the less talented and primarily TO MAKE A STATEMENT.
4) Trade Kev Williams while we still can.
5) Possibly Trade AP for picks (this may be my frustration speaking)
6) Waive EVERY Defensive Back we have except for rookies in hope they can learn from a better corps of players.

Ok now that we have probably the worst team in football what do we have to look forward to next year . No future stars sorry im not a believer in Ponder we have numerous holes , worst coaching in the NFL and all 3 teams in division are way better then us in all phases of game ,we are a last place laughing stock of the league for at least the next 10 years thanks to Ziggy , we have an all pro running back and pretty much nothing else this is a shame and a disgrace for us die hard Viking fans who look forward to the season every year and now we are stuck with this product ,what an absolute joke we are and as for Frazier cmon man !!!
Outside of maybe 4 stars, we get absolutely nothing out of our supporting cast.
Obviously we get plenty out Percy Harvin and AP (when not injured) on offense. Shiancoe and Ruldolph are playing well. On defense, we have Jared Allen.

That's pretty much it.

Starting on offense, we have a rookie QB. The other rookie QBs in the league with as much playing time as Ponder are are 50/50 right now. Cam Newton is putting up big numbers (mostly running the ball though) and doesn't have many more wins (we beat him btw). Dalton has been getting some wins during an easier first half of the schedule without playing any division games, but he also has a top 5 defense and an emerging star in AJ Green. Gabbert has looked terrible. Locker in his VERY limited time looked decent. TJ Yates won a game, but he also played with the #1 defense.
Our O-line is terrible. Charlie Johnson should not be a starting LT, Hutchison is playing decently but not for much longer. Sullivan has been the one bright spot this year. He's been really consistent. Herrera/Berger have done nothing at the RG spot. Loadholt does well run blocking, but is ridiculously inconsistent in pass protecting.
The TEs are playing well.
The WR position is in shambles. Harvin is playing out of his mind right now, but he can't do EVERYTHING. He's playing in the slot, on the outside going deep, taking snaps out of the backfield, and returning kicks in certain spots. Aromashadu, Camarillo, Burton, and Jenkins (who is out for the year). Those guys are all #3 and #4 options on almost every other team in the league at best. Jenkins was a #2 guy last year in Atlanta, but they freely gave him away to make room for Julio Jones. Maybe Arcenaux can show something this week.

Defensively, Jared Alan is a beast this year. Robison has been pretty consistent and has shown flashes. But our interior line is giving us nothing. Kevin Williams isn't doing anything, especially when compared to what we've come to expect from him. Ayodele is a waste. Griffen and Ballard show flashes of great stuff, but don't get much time. The other interior d-linemen that get time never do much worth noting.
When it comes to LBs, Greenway has fallen off production wise. EJ plays decently against the run, but because of injuries is actually a hindrance in the passing game. His brother Erin started off the season playing pretty well, but his production has dropped off as well.
Our secondary is a joke. Do I even need to talk about the CB spot. If Cook can keep himself out of trouble, we wouldn't be in that bad of a spot. He and Winfield would do just fine. But he's out, and Winfield is slowing down. It's obvious after injuries that Cedric just can't play at a high level anymore.

Asher Allen should not be a starter anywhere. He's a nickel guy at best, but has been forced into playing a lot. It's to the point where we had to bring Sapp back, who has been playing decently so far, but he is also playing for a contract as well.
We don't have a single staring quality safety on the roster. Our best ones have been injured a lot of the year.

I just don't see a .500 team here, ESPECIALLY when we have to play the Packers, Lions, and Bears twice a year. If we played in the NFC west, MAYBE we'd get to .500, but in our division, we just never had a shot.

Frazier and his coaches should have been canned with Childress. Instead, Frazier is named head coach, and the Vikings retain the defensive coaches and defensive scheme that has been a failure.

The Vikings are lacking in players, to be sure, but the coaching schemes leave me head shaking. Musgrave has conjured up Childress with each and every series. From his run on first down only mentality, to his lackluster route schemes, and beyond to his trick plays that fool no one and do nothing but stop drives. How could Frazier bring in an OC any more like Childress. It is the same coaching style that failed here before, and Frazier learned nothing.

What were we to expect when Frazier announced that, as head coach, he wanted to concentrate on establishing the run on offense. When I heard that, I instantly became pessimistic about the Vikings future under Frazier as head coach. Perhaps his career ending injury in the Superbowl did not allow him to see what the WCO would bring to the NFL, and how establishing the run lays a Dodo bird egg in the NFL.

The Vikings had a poor set of young DBs and a few old guys with injuries at the end of last season. They did nothing to improve the players in that area.

They did NOTHING! Did the front office or coaches actually believe these players were ready for the NFL? Did they believe in their failed Tampa 2 so much that they thought they could make a leap forward with this group of DBs? Do any players or fans believe any players are good enough to play in this system?

The players will not drink the Kool-Aid. I would expect many of them to jump ship as soon as they could. Moss and McNabb wanted out, and not much has changed at Winter Park from Childress to Frazier.

Years of Childress keeping many of his late round draft picks on the roster have come back to haunt this team. Many of the players should have been cut long ago and replaced with quality players. In several drafts the Vikings have reached on day one picks and have even traded early draft picks to move up just to reach for a player that would likely have been on the board later. It was not much better under Mike Tice either. The 2005 draft will go down as the worst in Vikings history - not only for who they drafted but also for the players on the board they consistently overlooked to pick up their pet project players. Big egos by Spielman and Childress has left the team with below average players.

Childress is gone. Spielman should be. The questions here are if the Wilfs will fire him and if they would actually bring in a high caliber GM to replace him. With our luck, the Wilfs will bring in a Matt Millen type guy and ruin the Vikings for years to come.

Wilf just doesn't know how to run a team.

I've been saying for years, our issues start at the top, the very top. If Wilf insists on being involved in making football decisions, then he needs to make one. Fire Spielman, hire a GM. Hire real coordinators, and demand they put a good product on the field. That's their job, if they can't do it, somebody else needs to be the one to try.
Everyone should start wearing bags on their heads till the end of the season.
And in addition to that, they should all bring signs to the stadium that say "Frazier Must Go."
Those brought back some recent Skins memories.

Frankly, I think their fans are selling the team a bit short, but when things are going really badly, that's what fans will do, I guess.

I think the Redskins have an excellent chance at going to 6-9 after this game but I don't think the Vikes will fold as badly as their fans seem to think.

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