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Monday Night Opener-The Eagles

How can I say this?

He's BACK! Griff's return, against the Eagles, Monday Night Football no less.

A lot of emotions will be running high-on both sides.

So, what are Eagles fans saying about the season opener?

Depends on which fan you ask; it seems there's a lot of uncertainty floating around on Eagles fan boards.

I think the Eagles are going to struggle early in the season, especially on defense. The Redskins are not a good matchup for the Eagles because they can get to the edge on our converted OLBs and our OLBs are going to have a hard time in coverage. Plus, I think we will struggle against the run. Griffin will be rusty though, so that will help compensate a little bit. . I think QBs need time in preseason to work with the starters in game situations.

I would give the Eagles a definite line of scrimmage advantage this year on both sides of the ball. So the toss up is over the playmakers. It's hard to say the Eagles have better playmakers especially without JMac. I have to give the Skins an edge until Chip really learns who is go to guys are. I pray he doesn't get anymore starters hurt in the process.
I don't think they play 3-4 the whole way. I am also biased, I think it's easier to defend the option from a 4 man front crash the ends, make QB pitch and punish him for even coming your way....JMHO

Since the OP pointed out the spread is currently -4.5, do not see that changing much...Skins are at home (+3) and were a playoff squad. I truly see this as a game the Eagles can steal....emotions will be sky's Monday Night and a fresh start

Since it is the opener, most people will focus on Chip's offense, but I think the key to this game is the Eagles Defense. In 2012 the secondary played touch...and not even rogh touch. This defense is fairly young and as such should come agressively, they do not have to be great, just hard hitting and smart. Eliminate mistakes. Last year the Skins averaged over 30 pts per game...if the D can hold them to 21 or 24....the offense should be in position to win this thing late in the, run, more throwing on 3rd and 1/2 yard....only to turn the ball over with 2:48 remaining inside your own 50 and trailing by 3 or less
Some showed more than the usual amount of Eagle fan respect for the Skins.

we better take advantage of RG3 getting back in the swing of things because when he does and we meet for a second time... watch out. (their Defense is greatly improved especially their young influx of talent in the secondary).
The first game gives us an opportunity to surprise them a bit. They won't have much tape on us to study, so that's good.

But you have to be a huge homer to think our brand new defense is magically going to shut down the Redskins offense. In the second half of last year, they had a lot going on in that offense, much more than just the RO. Also keep in mind Alfred Morris did perfectly well in their last few games (dropping 200+ in one game), even when it was obvious to the whole world (except Shanahan) that RG3's knee was done. So it's not as simple as just scraping a LB down to stop the read option.

But again, if we come out with stuff they haven't seen and shock them, we could still win in a shoot out.
34-17 Them, Morris rushes for 140+
A few still hold on to traditional views.

Our offense against the Deadskins' defense doesn't worry me; just as long as Chip feeds Shady and Brown the ball to take the pressure off of whoever's behind center, then our offense will be fine. It's our damn defense that worries me. I know it's too soon to hit the panic button, but the Patriots' 1st and 2nd team offense made our defense look like a Pop Warner team going against them. Like I said, if the defense comes together and Chip doesn't suddenly morph into the second coming of the fat man and passes on every down, we should beat the Deadskins.
Some Eagles fans seem to have been smoking some serious s**t.

Eagles 72
Skins 56
Vick goes out mid 4th quarter with a concussion
Lesean has 450 rushing yards
There was the usual advice on how to attack the Redskins.

The skins defense is good at one thing and that's rushing the passer. The first 3 drives I wouldn't even give them a chance to sack the qb. This defense the skins are running is designed to rush the passer to cover up a bad secondary. The best way to soften their speed at rushing the qb is to run it. I would run it right at their best pass rushers as fast as possible trying to tire them out. They will be forced to adjust and it will slowly tire them out as the game goes on. I'm sure the think we are going to pass a lot.
One Eagles board had a notable conversation about how Chip Kelly would approach the game strategically based on news of Jim Haslett's "Swift Defense" six LB rush that was used to great effect against the Bills.


From what I've read about Kelly, he likes to do opposite of what a defense is thinking he'll do.

Will Kelly start with a traditional offense, thinking the Skins D will start questioning themselves and wondering where is this uptempo offense that they prepared for? Wait for the Skins D to settle down, and then go uptempo?

This article says the Skins first team offense was running uptempo to help prepare their defense.

Will Shanahan give Kelly a taste of his own medicine and run an uptempo offense themselves?

Will Kelly take the logical approach, or will Kelly take a different approach since Shanahan is expecting the logical approach? Or will Kelly take the logical approach because Shanahan is expecting Kelly to take a different approach? We'll find out Monday!

I can see how this might work for obvious passing situations. More speed on the field to get to the passer and contain Vick. But for first and ten or shorter yardage situation, don't you just run the ball right at them? If Chip Kelly's offense is all about identifying mismatches, then putting a bunch of speed guys on the field makes you susceptible to the inside running game, yes?

>>>If Chip Kelly's offense is all about identifying mismatches, then putting a bunch of speed guys on the field makes you susceptible to the inside running game, yes? <<<

I found an article on Kelly's philosophies. And part of it said that Kelly actually has an "up the gut" kind of mentality.

This is pretty simple. Man the eff up and run it up the gut the first couple series. They will change what they do.

Reading posts on other message boards, and even listening to some commentators, one gets the impression that they think:

1. You can't run an up-tempo offense with the run game. They think up-tempo means pass, pass, pass, and pass some more

2. Kelly will go up-tempo on every play.

3. O-Linemen will have trouble keeping up with the pace late in games.

It would sure be in our favor if opposing coaches have the same reasoning as the above.

I guess they don't realize you can:

1. Run an up-tempo offense featuring the run game.

2. Kelly will run the offense at a pace opposite of what the defense is showing.

3. O-Linemen probably travel the shortest distance from the end of the play to the LOS.

From what I've read, Kelly has an "up the gut" mentality.[/I]

There was a bit of grudging (?) acknowledgement about Robert Griffin III

Eagles fans didn't doubt him. Many of them wanted him too. And if people did doubt him last year, it was more from hoping he'd be more Akili Smith and less Steve Young. And if people are doubting him this year, it's because they're hoping his injury and lack of preseason play will somehow impede his performance. In all likelihood, it won't. F'n dirty, disgusting Redskins. Yuck.
We need to be in RG3's face from the first snap, I think that's gonna be the key to this game.

As much as he's hiding it and saying how he's fine in the media, there'll be a little voice in the back of his head that'll be niggling at him in them opening plays of the game. Running around in pads with coaching staff coddling you all summer is going to be a hell of a lot different to what he'll face under them lights on Monday night. I hope we let Graham get after him in the early stages.

It's so important for us to not let him settle. We'll probably have enough on our plate with Morris without RG3 going all Adrian Peterson-post ACL freak on us.

Kerrigan caught a mention also.

Lane vs Kerrigan = 2 grizzly bears fist fighting.

I combined two similar posts from an Eagles fan called SNOORDA for his take on the game.

OK so RG3 will start week #1. I am really looking forward to this game and I think alot of questions will finally be answered for both teams on both sides of the ball.

Both teams will be running a somewhat similar offense and both teams have a mobile QB.

However, the Eagles have a better o-line, better Rb's, better TE's, and at least equal Wr's with Djax being the most explosive player on the field.

RG3 is coming in with limited reps in preseason and trainging camp and isn't 100%(no mater what he says)

The Redskins have a better Defense but they are nothing special.

I see no reason this should be a 41-0 shut out like espn predicted.

This should be close.
I think it'll be a shootout. What it'll come down to is who takes care of the ball. Anyways Morris will run for about 140 and 2 scores.

So what do Eagles fans expect to see? Here's a few predictions-including some scores.

27-24 green guys. Henery kicks a 65 yarder for the win as time expires.
The redskins gave up 388 points last year. Thats nearly 25 points a game. The defense, imo will not be much better than that and chips offense will be more than they can handle. Meanwhile the redskins scored about 25 points a game last year. The offense will be a little better with the emergence of the play of their WRS, but the o line has some holes.

I expect the Eagles to win

Eagles 35
Skins 28
Vick 2 JMac

Skins- 21
45-29 Redskins
Both teams have terrible defenses and each offense will get an extra posession.

Skins - 42
Eagles - 38
This was the funniest post I found by the way.

If the Eagles score only 13 points, I'm killing the hamster.

Daughter always wanted a dog anyway.

I def think the Skins try to start off by running the ball down the Eagles throat but don't be surprised if they come out with a bang and throw a bomb to see what RG3 has. I'm hoping for a rusty RG3 but still think the Eagles lose in a close one...
Two really bad defenses, RG3's 1st live action in 9 months...likely a lot of points scored in this one and some really sloppy play. Chance for the Eagles to pull the upset this week, but the Eagles could just as easily get blown out if the Skins jump on them early.
Casper received a reply.

thinking like this just isn't smart. the Skins had a bad PASSING defense last season, but they were #5 against the run, and that was without Orakpo and Carriker. Having those guys to rush the quarterback is going to be a major upgrade to their defense alone.

I still expect the Eagles to put up some points, but don't call this defense bad. Bad secondary, I agree; but bad defense overall, no. That's just wrong.
I'm interested in seeing a couple of things Monday.

How does Lane play opposite Kerrigan? Does the Veteran have his way with him or does the Rook handle his own?

Does Kelly come out in multiple TE sets to establish the run and create mismatches or use the Pistol/ read option more to set up those plays?

Does Vick have time to throw or will he be running around as usual trying to extend the play?

Does the unknown actually help the defense limit the run and their offense by confusing the oline/RGIII. Or does he as he did twice last year have his way picking the defense apart at will?

Finally what type of impact does ST have on the game. Does coverage units and Jones pin their offense inside the 20 more times then not , or give up big plays with missed tackles as usual. Do they open lanes up for Damaris or does Chip feel the need to use Desean for a spark?

This last comment seemed to reflect a poignant tone I saw in a lot of Eagles fans attitudes.

I remember when we destroyed the skins....djax was awesome...I had money on the game...eagles and the over...I believe it was Monday night and the game barely went over...seems so long ago now..Snyder and the skins were a joke....

How the tables have turned...
Some confidence, some serious worries about this game from Eagles fans. I think they have a lot to worry about myself. :)

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