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Midseason Grades

Burner’s Burning Questions – Midseason Grades

Do you remember the midterm exams and papers at your high school or college? Preparation was the key and when it was time to take the tests or hand in that paper, you were hoping for the best grades possible.

Welcome to BBQ’s mid-season grades for the Redskins. With a 3-5 record, some of the grades are not worthy of praise or pride. There are some good scores and this provides hope for the second half of the season. Let’s get right to the scoring.


Robert Griffin, III has struggled mightily at times and has shown flashes of brilliance. If the record was at .500 or better, the grade would be respectable under the circumstances (coming off of a major injury).
Midterm Grade: C-

Running Backs:
Darrel Young struggled until the most recent game. He has opened some holes for Alfred Morris at times, but seems to be a bit slower than last season. Alfred Morris has done well when given the ball, but the difficulties with blocking and quarterback play has limited him just a bit. Roy Helu has done a fine job as a third down back.
Midterm Grade: B

Tight Ends:
Jordan Reed has been nothing short of spectacular and is on pace for 76 catches this season – very impressive for a rookie. Logan Paulsen continues to provide a steady presence as a blocker and offers the occasional catch in clutch situations.
Midterm Grade: A+

Wide Receivers:
Pierre Garcon has been the one bright spot amongst the wide receivers. Coming off a record setting game, he is on pace for 108 catches and more than 1,300 yards for the season. Leonard Hankerson is starting to show that he is a dependable number two, but like the remaining corps of receivers, he needs to focus not dropping passes at key moments in a game. Even reliable stalwart Santana Moss has faced some issues. These players need to step up quickly if a playoff run is possible.
Midterm Grade: C+

Offensive Line:
Nearly every lineman has taken a step backwards from the previous season. Kory Lichtensteiger has been the most reliable and Trent Williams continues to provide a steady presence at left tackle. The right side of the line continues to play poorly and Will Montgomery at center has been inconsistent. All three players must improve rapidly or the season could be in jeopardy.
Midterm Grade: D+


Defensive Line:
This unit has been hit with injuries and an early suspension, but continues to do an admirable job with limited bodies. If this group can get healthier in the second half of the season, they could bring more pressure and open up holes for the linebackers.
Midterm Grade: C+

The bookends of Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan continue to bring the heat and Rob Jackson is simply proving why he belongs in the lineup. No one can question the heart and soul of London Fletcher, but there comes a time when the body can go no further. This is probably his last season.
Midterm Grade: B+

Many football gurus were convinced that this would be a weakness, but DeAngelo Hall and David Amerson have been stellar this season. Amerson is on the verge of stardom, but also has much to learn. Josh Wilson continues to provide a steady influence, but has a lost a step since last year.
Midterm Grade: B+

Where do we begin? Poor tackling? Poor angles? Silly mistakes? Boneheaded penalties? Perhaps the most recent game offers some encouragement. Brandon Meriweather played his best game of the season against the Chargers and did so with clean hitting. Bacarri Rambo played his best game of the season too, but the young rookie must adjust to the speed and talents of the NFL.
Midterm Grade: D-

Special Teams:

Special Teams:
There are no real positives with this group. Is it the coaching? Lack of talent? Lack of focus? Sav Rocca has done a good job at times and the same can be said for Kai Forbath. However, the bottom line is missed tackles, penalties, touchdowns allowed, poor field position, blocked punts, and blocked field goal attempts. If a grade of “pathetic” was in our curriculum, this is would be the choice.
Midterm Grade: F

The Redskins need improvement at quarterback, wide receivers, offensive line, safeties, and special teams.
Overall Midterm Grade: C

What would you give for midterm grades at this juncture? Do you agree or disagree with these grades? How do you see the second half of the season unfolding? Feel free to leave your answers and suggestions.

Hail To The Redskins!
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