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Given the horrendous loss to the Panthers last weekend, I think something a little more... lighthearted may be best. Sooo, I decided to make fun of us all. That's right, you all, unbeknownst to yourselves, sent in questions to me that I should answer. If I offend any of you, get over yourselves, it's an internet forum for goodness' sake. :) Oh, and I am genuinely sorry as well. Feel free to pm me, and I will take down, while also whispering about what a ***** you are to others.

These are fake questions from real members.

Fansince62: Were you aware that Rex Grossman is the anti-Christ, and is responsible for the Redskins failure over the past twenty years?

Uh... yes, and no. I believe I covered Rex being the anti-Christ here. As for him being responsible for the last twenty years of failure, well, let's look at the next question.

Sarge: Shut up, FS62, everyone knows Danny-Boy (little Lord Fauntleroy, His Danny-ness, Napoleon, the evil one, Satan incarnate, Chomeri... ahem. You get the idea) is the anti-Christ. HE is the responsible party. Will the Redskins ever suceed under his ownership? co-signed, Henry

This is a pretty telling time for him. Danny's trigger finger has to be itching at least a little, considering the number of fans who are growing more and more dissatisfied with Mike and, more particularly, Kyle. But he has to resist his devilish impulses there, or no one, and I mean, NO ONE will come work for him. Shanahan needs 2.5 more years, minimum, unless some sort of disaster happens.

Next question?

Ryman: I have football experience! I played (almost, sorta, kinda) professionally, damnit! And I am here to say that Haslett is the anti-Christ! FS and Sarge are fools, I tell ya!

Side note: you're gonna have an aneurism someday man. Seriously. Haslett is doing better this year. Aside from the problem with mobile QBs (Vick and Newton), the D has played much better this year, hasn't it? I know there is still room to grow, but it is night and day from last year.

Now, enough with the anti-Christ emails. Let's move onto something else...

Serv (I can't even begin to tell you how to spell his screen name, sorry. Just add lots of "u"'s, a "t" and an "m"): Actually, I didn't really understand Serv's question. There were a lot of numbers, some sort of equation, and the use of Egyptian Hieroglyphics. I gave up two pages in, sorry Serv.

Boone: What do you think the odds are of making the playof... WTF?!? Seriously? Vick just ran for another first down? Sonofa... <sounds of things being thrown and broken> I can't believe this team! I need therapy.

Umm, yeah. I need to hook you up with some of Neo's homebrew. Should help some. As for the playoffs? Not seeing it. I think we do the typical Redskins thing and win a couple of games we all penciled in for losses, and lose some we should have won, and end up 7-9 or so, and in great position to draft the QB of the future.

Extreme: [editor's note: I'm gonna condense this one because there is a word limit on this blog. And, to be honest, we all stopped reading this email about two paragraphs in. Just know that it went on a while] I know everything about the Redskins. Ask me anything!

Ummm, OK. Go get your own mailbag then. Geesh.

Lanky: Not that I know more about football than any of you, because I do NOT, I am NOT above any of you, but I am not sure why I am asking you football questions, of all people.

Mike: See! Lanky is the anti-Christ!

El: Yes, He is obtuse and disingenuous!

Lanky: What?!? You baited me into it. Stop acting like a [fill in the blank with a pet's name]


McD5: If Helu or Royster or Torain go down, any chance we go after Betts? Still can't believe he is still unsigned.

Ummm, maybe?

Om: didn't understand this one either, sorry. It had lots of great words like pontificate, ameliorate, germane, eclectic and more, and I got totally lost. I think if he and Serv started responding to each other, the internet might explode.

Let's wrap this up. I asked Neo for a question, but he is muttering in a corner about Plaxico, don't know what that's about. Bulldog provided me with something that was very analytical and sharp sounding, but kinda only vaguely relating to what I asked; Honorary Hog was asking a great question, got halfway through it, and then left to go to another website; Ax and Mike are in the corner singing Kumbaya, shouting at the haters who dare question whether the Skins will make the playoffs; finally, Burgold is talking in olde English or something. No one knows what the hell he is saying.

Well, that was... enlightening. Fun. Interesting. All of the above. My heartiest thanks go to all who took neither the time nor the effort to send me a question, love ya all. And if you'd like to be included next time, well, just make sure you don't send me a question. Duh.

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