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Jay Gruden to the Redskins-Views from the opposition-and more

I was requested to do a Redskins Recon-I was actually planning to do something like this anyway-on reactions among our NFCE rivals' fans to the
hiring of Jay Gruden by the Redskins as head coach and am of course glad to oblige. I decided to add teams from the AFC North because they had
played against his Bengals offense and they might have some interesting comments.

Boy, was I right there-but it was not quite what I was expecting. There were some surprises in the comments by some of our NFCE rivals fans-but more
on that further down.

Then , at the last minute, I thought of another perspective to check out.

The Lions, Bears, Packers and Vikings all played both the Bengals and Redskins this season and I wondered what their fans might have to
say. (It turns out to be not a lot but it repeated a theme that ran throughout.)

First I started digging through Steelers, Ravens and Brown fan forums and what I found was, well, lets just say I hope our friend McD5 is
sitting down when he reads some of these.

And doesn't have anything breakable within reach.

Elephant, your Steelers fan friend wasn't off base in what he told you about what Steelers fans think of this.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans

And the recent tradition of mediocre teams in Washington continues!

Snyder should feel damned lucky he doesn't live in a castle. I bet there'd be an army of peasants with pitchforks and torches marching on it
right now if he did.

Y'all have no idea. Very few 'Skins fans are upset over this, and in fact most are quite excited.

Am I the only one that doesn't see it at all with this guy? I mean, 0-3 in the postseason and a comedy of errors in those postseason games.
He can't be blamed for all of Dalton's mistakes, but word is he was a big reason as to why they took him.
It just seems like another hire by the Redskins that is going to set them back. The lack of having another first round pick is going to kill this team, especially at second overall. Imagine what RGIII could do with Jake Matthews protecting his blind side? Or Sammy Watkins to throw to? What about Clowney to build a defense around. It's just piss poor management of the team that continues to set them back. That, and Dan Snyder is still the owner which means they're not doing dick all until he gives up control.

I feel for Robby - it'll probably be another 2 - 3 win season for the Redskins next season too. But hey, at least they'll have a first round pick in '15.

Baltimore Ravens fans

Man now Hue Jackson is gonna be their OC. Lucky lucky Bengals.

A Fish Called Yanda
Also - looks like they will be losing Zimmer to Minnesota. A majority of the posters on the Bengals forum appear to be happy about this news. I can't for the life of my understand. The offense has excelled to a record-setting team with Gruden, and their defense hasn't been doing poorly either.

Gruden I can understand, but Zimmer is a genius. I'd take him over any of the currently unemployed coordinators out there.

The Raven
Oh, now that Gruden's gone, Cincy is one coordinator away from being irrelevant again. I know that's bold but I don't know if Cincy fans realize how much Gruden did to enhance Dalton's game.

Poor Gruden, I bet he'll be fired by Week 1 if he can't get RGIII to throw for 1,000 yards and 20 touchdowns in that game.

Cleveland Browns fans

Nothing. Nada. Not a single comment anywhere. They're kind of wrapped up in their own problems-and they do have plenty of those.

In the NFCE the majority of the comments were similar-with one exception-a surprising fanbase thinking it might not have been such a bad move after all.

New York Giants fans

There's no way to judge how good a head coach will be based on how he was as an offensive coordinator. Didn't Sean Payton get stripped of play calling duties twice as a coordinator? There's just so much else to being a head coach that no one knows how these hires will play out.

Five reasons to be UNconcerned about Washington's New HC:

1. Their QB RGIII is an injury waiting to happen.

2. Their owner changes HCs as often as Jakk changes his socks.

3. They have no 1st round pick yet again.

4. Now that they are out of cap-space hell, they will overspend on big name-players, because they don't know how to build a team.

5. They are the Redskins.

Jay Gruden is also the guy who hand picked Dalton, Dalton is for all intents and purposes his guy. I ain't worried about nothing.

anyone else happy they took the OC from a team that hasnt wona postseason game in like 20 years, and from a team whose offense was like 26th, 20th, and 10th the past 3 years? daltons thrown right around 20 ints...and the most important aspect imo, Cinci drafted Dalton over Kapernick and the reports were bc Dalton fit Grudens offense better than Kapernick. Its ovcious Kapernick is a superior talent to Dalton, so whats that say to his ability to build a team? just an interesting angle is all. i def. could easily see Gruden using this time to get experience as a HC, show some flashes, but is rather uneventful.

area junc
can RG3 make the reads? Gruden's offense is murder on the QB

Excellent! Gruden's offense has consistently underperformed in the playoffs despite loads of talent at the key offensive positions. And the QB has not progressed much either. No idea why Gruden was such a 'hot' head coach candidate.

old man
Maybe he will institute arena into NFL. He was successful there; but then again, no D in arena. Picking him is actually laughable. With that great corps of receivers, and that OL, he could never put up a ton of points;or develop Dalton enough. Washington, with no receivers, and an OK OL just doesnt seem a good fit. If I'm right, THANKS MR SNYDER.

Philadelphia Eagles fans

This will be comedy gold.

cant wait for the soap opera to begin with gruden and rg3 when gruden tries to put the clamps on rg. anyways, he'll be fired after 3 years.

Typical Snyder name hire. This is good news for Bengals fans and fans of the teams with head coaching vacancies.

He's been the Bengals O-C for at least 3 years. If he brings in a competent Def Co-Ord. He can at least do ok. But, he has to deal with the RG3 circus. I wouldn't wish this problem on even Gary Kubiak.

Sack that QB
I wasn't a fan of Jay Gruden and didn't want him to be our coach last year. I was never particularly impressed with the Bengals offense, but that doesn't mean he can't be a great head coach. We'll see.

Dallas Cowboys fans

It is somehow fittingly ironic that the least disdain and the most positive commentary about Jay Gruden among our NFCE rivals would be Cowboys fans.

Bleedin' Blue
Good deal for them, he's young and up and coming, used to be QB I think..

Doesn't scare me nearly as much when they hired Shanahan.

Cowboys fans are seriously unhappy with Garret and it shows in some of their posts

Yep, now Wash can feel the growing pains of a rookie HC.

GM0415 has a short memory apparently. Uh, Zorn?

as much as I don't care for JG, Jay would certainly be no improvement

Well Mr Cowboy_Ron we will see won't we as these two match up...I see your point....but has Gruden ever iced his own kicker??? IMO it wouldn't take much to out wit Garrett!!!

Rising Star
Jay Gruden ! His offense managed to only score 10 points on a bad Chargers defense. Gruden benefited from having a Lewis/Zimmer led defense, and a good OL. Not to mention he helped turn Dalton into a decent QB. Gruden was hired to keep the WC offense in Washington, and to help develop Griffin. By no means was he the best option, but im sure Snyder wanted to make a big name hire and keep his QB happy.

The question is can Allen/Synder combo, get him the players needed to be successful ? They already got off to a bad start by not having a 1st round pick in this years draft. With help needed on the OL,DL,LB,CB,S, that is a lot to deal with. If Gruden is to have any success, it will be in year 3 or 4 before they can be a contender in the NFCE.

Jay Gruden is still better than Garrett.
Garrett is just anotehr stick puppet for Jones.

I don't think Gruden is a big name, not Jay anyways. Redskins don't have a first round pick but they have cap room. They're 17 mill under and we're 21 mill over that's a swing of 38 mill.....just in 2014. 3 years down the road Griffin is still on his rookie deal and we'll be eating the restructure we give Romo this year, and looking for his replacement. I'd say they have a better chance to improve than the the Boys. (1) Jerry Jones (2) Stephen Jones (3) Jason Garrett (4) The cap is a train wreck. The Boys haven't improved in 3 years, 8-8, 8-8, 8-8 i see it getting worse before it gets better.

Actually I'd feel better if it was not Jay . He is one of the most upcoming OC in NFL. A good move for Washington and Bob 3. Could see immediate improvement.

Dallas even has it's own version of a "PR man" for Jay G.

Ok, for those that missed my post about Jay Gruden in another thread about 2 months back, I'll review.

I know Jay pretty well, he's is a real good coach, a motivator and is very serious. He started as a Louisville Cardinal QB, wasn't drafted in '89 and wound up in the Arena League for 6 yrs (91-96) with the Tampa Bay Storm. There he won 4 Arena Bowls (named MVP in one) as a player and 2 as a coach for the Orlando Predators. Jay...not John...schemed the offensive plays for the Bucs to beat the Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII.

His prowess as an offensive minded coach is not to be ignored. If there is one person I know that can get RGIII back on track (and make a real QB of him) and that offense, its Jay Gruden. Do not underestimate him.
I highly respect Jay and that team can be very dangerous if they manage to get an equivalent defensive coach because the only way they win now is if they outscore everyone else.

Chicago Bears fans

Mixed reactions here.

He is going to need some strong coordinators around him if he is going to have any success. I thought he did an average job with the Bengals considering the talent that they have on their roster. Dalton certainly has his limitation though and probably held the offense back a bit. Gruden will be going from an offense that has 2 legit TEs, One of the best WR in the league and a solid WR corp of role players, A top RB combo, and a really solid o-line to Washington who has a big question at QB, a solid RB, One slightly above average WR, a injury prone TE, and a poor o-line. Washington would have to have a really great draft and bring in some really good free agents to turn it around quickly. Their front office has shown nothing to make me believe that is possible.

Really pulling for Gruden, hope he has success. Was disappointed the Bears didn't interview him last year, but we will be a good coach.

Packer Fan
I was watching this on NFLN and it was pretty much how will Gruden handle RGIII? how will Gruden handle RGIII? how will Gruden handle RGIII? how will Gruden handle RGIII? Is this John or Jay? It's Jay. How will Gruden handle RGIII?

exactly. f**king hilarious.

another trainwreck imminent.

Clyde Lee
This is a step down from his UFL job. But I guess he signed the RG3 gets his way clause.

Good for Ken Zampeese

Jay Gruden is in a tough spot. He had good head coach momentum around 2 years ago, but since then his side of the ball has really squandered in the playoffs (33 points scored total in 3 games). Much of Dalton's poor performances actually shifted to Jay calling what many consider a sub par game.

His stock has fallen and ultimately the Washington job really isn't that highly sought after. It might be the perfect match of two ugly people at the ball when last call hits.

He'll have some success. I like him as a candidate better than a lot of others. All depends on timing of everything though. Welcome to life.

I threw this last one in just because it made me laugh.

i cant believe we lost to the f**king redskins

Minesota Vikings fans

Not a lot of comment but more than Green Bay or Detroit which was basically nothing.

Thank god. I was scared we'd get stuck with the guy...

Agreed. If this guy's last name wasn't Gruden, nobody would give a crap about him.

Good luck with that mess in DC. Maybe a better QB than he had in Cinci (maybe) but definitely no elite WR talent to rely on.

As you can see, the majority of fans aren't all that impressed, with some exceptions of course.

All I can say is take all this for what it's worth.

Whatever that may be.
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