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I Survived

John has woken up early. His wife is at work. John is in a cheerful and jovial mood this morning. A Redskins fan, he is looking forward to a match between his favorite NFL team and their hated rivals, the Dallas Cowboys.

'It was a Sunday like just about any other. I ate a quick breakfast, spent an hour on my laptop checking out a Redskins fan website I frequent, and was just getting ready for what I hoped would be a great game. I watched the Redskins kickoff on TV. It was then that I realized, something was wrong. Really wrong.’

John doesn’t realize it yet, but he’s about to be in real trouble.

'The game started like it always did. I had high hopes my team might pull off a win. But then, almost immediately, I knew something was wrong. Our starting quarterback – it was…(tears up, struggling to continue his description)…it was…Rex Grossman. I mean, I didn’t even know he was still in the league…’

John’s in a state of shock. Without a real NFL quarterback, his team’s chance of survival is slim.

'When the Cowboy’s drove down the field and scored easily, I knew I had to do something. I felt lightheaded and the room was swimming. I was afraid I would lose consciousness. When the commercial came, I pulled myself along the floor to the refrigerator. As quietly as I could, I carefully pulled the door open and reached inside. There must have been a higher power looking over me, because my hand found something cool and hard inside that fridge. Yes. It was beer. I’m pretty sure a Coors Light. I thought maybe I could use it to defend myself. But I drank the beer instead. And then 2 more. I felt better almost immediately and was able to start thinking a little more clearly’

John is a Redskins fan. Waking up on a normal Sunday morning, he’s tuned in to his team’s afternoon game. But things have gone horribly, horribly wrong.

'I crawled back into the living room. I could hear noises coming from the TV. It sounded like loud cheering, but I know I must have been hallucinating, because it was a home game and my team was on offense. I pretended to be dead and lay there as still and quiet as I could. But then I heard the game come back on. I opened one eye, squinting just enough to see the TV screen. It was Mike Shanahan. And his face was really, really red. The hatred in his eyes sent shivers down my spine. The screen flickered and I saw Brandon Banks running another one out of the endzone to the 10 yard line. I kept thinking..this can't be real. I knew I had to do something to get out of this situation.’

John has managed to crawl back into the living room. His attempt to play dead has failed. His tormenter remains in the house.

'Things were getting worse by the minute. Dallas kept scoring and the Redskins kept calling reverses. I could hear the announcers praising Tony Romo. It was then I realized I might not make it. I was desperate. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my laptop. As quietly as I could, I crept to it and logged in. I thought, maybe if I can get to the chatroom, someone will help me. But they didn’t. They said I never should have turned on the TV, what did I expect? One of them was trying to calm me down – he used a lot of statistics and big words. I didn’t understand any of it. I was beyond reason now. "Can’t you see what’s happening I screamed!" "Are you blind – we suck – maybe the worst in the NFL!" I shouted. They just laughed. One of them showed me a picture. It said 'RG3’. I felt like I’d woken up in some insane asylum.’

John has sought refuge in an internet chat room. But finds no help there, only angry, cursing strangers. His quiet Sunday afternoon has become a nightmare.

'They say when you are closest to death, you see a light and should go towards it. I’ve always been a man of faith, and now at my darkest moment, I too saw that light. Glancing at the TV a final time, I saw we were in overtime and Dallas had the ball just outside of field goal range. As I crept closer to the light, I saw Deangelo Hall trying to cover Dez Bryant on a long passing route. A cold shiver went down my spine and I knew this was the end. But then, I reached the light. It was blinding. I reached out towards it, feeling something rough against my hand. With all my remaining strength I thrust against it. It was a door, and against all odds, I found myself outside. I had escaped! I could hear Dallas fans cheering behind me, but it didn’t matter. I ran and ran, knowing I’d beaten the odds and gotten out alive. '

Victim of a violent home invasion, John has miraculously escaped his tormenters, and run to a neighbor’s house.

'I pounded on the door over and over until my neighbor finally opened up and took me in. He’s a Ram’s fan – so I knew I’d be safe there. God was with me that day. He showed me the way out. As I sat bloody and shivering on my neighbor’s floor, God spoke to me and what he said changed my life…

'Forget the game…’ he said. 'It’s all about the draft pick my son’

I survived.

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