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Griff vs. Luck

No, I'm not going where you think I'm going.

(Besides, that's an easy argument. Griff wins ROY - go look at the numbers)

I hope you're paying attention, because we may be watching something approaching magical right now.

Deep breath. Ok, yeah, I'm gonna do this.

I'm gonna make the Magic/Larry comparison. Magic and Larry saved the NBA in the early 80's, a league that was overrun with drug use and a boring on court product. The NFL today may seem like a juggernaut, but it needs some saving from the oncoming concussion train, or at least it needs fans to focus on something else.

Griffin and Luck are that something else.

In the long term, there probably couldn't be better news for us as Redskins fans than this. Luck will keep Griffin hungry and striving for excellence far better than any coach ever could.

Magic and Larry always said in public that they never paid any attention to the other's success or stats or anything at all. Which was complete crap. They constantly compared themselves to the other, to see how they measured up. And if they could, at all, be found wanting, they worked harder to beat the other at the next level.

Magic won the NCAA Championship. Larry won rookie of the year. Magic won the first title. Larry won the first MVP. Magic was the first with two titles. Larry tied his two titles with the first head to head victory over Magic. Etc, etc, etc.

Don't think for a minute that the other's success didn't drive them to do better and better.

Do you think Andrew Luck is happy that Griff won the Heisman last year? Ya think Griff is OK with the fact that Luck was the first overall pick? It seems like both players have put on exemplary performances throughout the year, and I for one would not be surprised at all if they did so after watching the other put on such a performance.

The competitive drive these two players have is extraordinary, and will continue to push them to improve and get better. And boy will it be fun to watch!

In the short term, look for great games from both this coming weekend. Luck can't be happy that the loss to the Texans have knocked him off the front page, and Griff can't be happy that his place on the front page is being shared with Cousins. Look for both players to come out swinging this weekend, and look for both to chart each others success and try to top it. We may be witnessing the beginning of a historic rivalry.

The playoffs are going to be excellent this year.

And for the next decade.

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