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Grading BBQ’s 2015 Season Predictions

The 2015 season is over, but now it is time to look at how BBQ fared with the predictions for each game. We are including the lone playoff game. Let’s take a look at how it went.

September 13 – Dolphins at Redskins
The Jay Gruden era enters a second season with a lot of hope, but many question marks and a faux pas or two. The Dolphins are not only hoping for a playoff berth, but they are looking to make a possible run at the Super Bowl. The visiting team has too many weapons and rolls to a victory.
Dolphins 35 Redskins 20.
BBQ: We got this one right, but the actual score was a bit lower.
BBQ Record: 1-0

September 20 – Rams at Redskins
The Redskins are looking for a measure of revenge from last year’s drubbing to the Rams. It’s close, but a late touchdown propels the visitors to a win.
Rams 27 Redskins 22.
BBQ: The first of several misses for BBQ as the Redskins dominated the Rams. The revenge was sweet.
BBQ Record: 1-1

September 24 – Redskins at Giants
The division rivalry is a see-saw affair as the offenses produce plenty of points. Both teams are desperate for a win early in the season. It’s close for three quarters, but the Manning-Beckham, Jr. combination scores twice to pull away in the fourth.
Giants 38 Redskins 28.
BBQ: It was more of a lopsided affair and the Giants did pile on the points.
BBQ Record: 2-1

October 4 – Eagles at Redskins
The Redskins are struggling early in the season and hope to put a win on the board. The pressure offense from the Eagles proves to be overwhelming as the boo-birds at FedEx become louder and more frustrated.
Eagles 48 Redskins 31.
BBQ: This was the beginning of the end for Chip Kelly in Philadelphia. The Redskins had a brilliant game ending drive to win it.
BBQ Record: 2-2

October 11 – Redskins at Falcons
Jay Gruden’s bunch is looking to find their first win of the season as the problems continue to mount. Matt Ryan and the Falcons are unfriendly hosts as Julio Jones has three TDs in a rout. The Redskins are simply overmatched and absorb another loss.
Falcons 34 Redskins 14.
BBQ: The Falcons did win, but it was in overtime. The Redskins were driving down the field for a win, but a pick six won it for Atlanta
BBQ Record: 3-2

October 18 – Redskins at Jets
The Jets are struggling too and the Redskins are poised to have a solid game against the AFC East foe. Going against former player Todd Bowles isn’t an easy pass as Ryan Fitzpatrick leads the Jets to a last second field goal.
Jets 27 Redskins 24.
BBQ: It really wasn’t close as the Jets dominated after the Redskins took the lead on an early touchdown.
BBQ Record: 4-2

October 25 – Buccaneers at Redskins
The Redskins are desperate for a win after a miserable 0-6 start and hope to salvage their season to whatever degree. Jay Gruden and company hear the boo-birds again, but it is during team introductions – yikes. The Bucs are the only other winless franchise and continue their struggles at FedEx. Kirk Cousins has a career day and Jamison Crowder has his finest day as a rookie with two touchdowns.
Redskins 45 Buccaneers 10.
BBQ: It wasn’t a blowout, but the Redskins did win with a record setting comeback. Also, “You Like That” was born and will forever live in Redskins football lore.
BBQ Record: 5-2

November 1 - Bye
The recent win at home was certainly needed, but no one can take solace in a 1-6 start. The team has struggled in many ways and while the media points fingers in many directions, the Redskins know that they must double down and perform better each week.
BBQ: The record at the break was 3-4, better than BBQ expected. However, was it enough to have a good second half of the season?

November 8 – Redskins at Patriots
Coming off of a blowout win two weeks earlier, the Redskins are looking to sustain some momentum toward a solid run. Playing the Patriots on the road is not the best of times to hope for a winning streak. Tom Brady and company are simply too much for the Redskins as the visiting falls to 1-7.
Patriots 40 Redskins 24.
BBQ: Coming out of the bye, the Redskins were spanked by the Patriots and it was back to the drawing board.
BBQ Record: 6-2

November 15 – Saints at Redskins
The whispers are getting stronger as Jay Gruden is talked about constantly in the media. The time to win is now or risk being replaced very soon. The Redskins, via Scot McCloughan, reiterate their unconditional support and issue a statement that no one faces a termination. However, the team falls in a spirited contest against the Saints.
Saints 41 Redskins 37.
BBQ: At this juncture, there was no talk of firing Jay Gruden. The team did score a lot of points in this contest, but it was not close as the Redskins took advantage of a pathetic Saints defense.
BBQ Record: 6-3

November 22 - Redskins at Panthers
The Redskins face another NFC South opponent and the results are dismal. Cam Newton enjoys a stellar day as the visiting team is drubbed in their worst loss to date.
Panthers 33 Redskins 7.
BBQ: Yes, it was a Panthers blowout.
BBQ Record: 7-3

November 29 – Giants at Redskins
After turning to Colt McCoy in the second half in the previous game, the Redskins continue to ride with Kirk Cousins. No one likes a 1-9 record and there is certainly blame to go around, but six games remain and the chance at respectability. The Giants come to town with a struggling season of their own as Tom Coughlin is certainly to be released at season’s end. The Redskins win a battle of NFC East cellar dwellers.
Redskins 33 Giants 13.
BBQ: We got this one amazingly right, but the actual score was a quite a bit closer. It was indeed the beginning of the end for Tom Coughlin and he was released at the end of the season.
BBQ Record: 8-3

December 7 – Cowboys at Redskins
The heated rivalry comes late in the season as fans simply want a rare 2015 win at the hands of the despised Cowboys. Unfortunately, the loss column grows to double digits as the Redskins put forth a lackluster effort in front of the home crowd.
Cowboys 31 Redskins 14.
BBQ: We hate it when these specific predictions (losing) are right and with our fiercest rival no less. The Redskins were actually favored, but played poorly in a very close contest
BBQ Record: 9-3

December 13 – Redskins at Bears
The Bears have been struggling late in the season after a decent start and are looking for a victory. Woes at the quarterback position have doomed the Bears, but they find a way to win against the Redskins.
Bears 21 Redskins 20.
BBQ: It was a very close game, but the good guys pulled off a narrow road win. There was now a sense that the Redskins could actually win the division – something BBQ never contemplated.
BBQ Record: 9-4

December 20 – Bills at Redskins
The Bills are surprisingly close to a playoff berth, but the Redskins make it incredibly difficult. It comes down to a defensive stand by the Bills defense as they narrowly escape with huge win.
Bills 27 Redskins 23.
BBQ: We missed this game by a wide margin. The Redskins comfortably won and talk of winning the division was growing a bit stronger.
BBQ Record: 9-5

December 26 – Redskins at Eagles
The Eagles have locked up a playoff appearance, but they are fighting for a division crown as well. Showing no mercy, Chip Kelly pours on the points. The fans at Lincoln Financial are louder than ever as the Eagles march toward another division championship. Late scores bring the Redskins a bit closer, but the game was decided much sooner.
Eagles 52 Redskins 28.
BBQ: Big miss. Very big miss. Yes, the Eagles were in the hunt for a division crown – if they won. It was a blowout indeed – by the Redskins as the good guys actually won the NFC East with a game to spare. The Chip Kelly era was officially over.
BBQ Record: 9-6

January 3 – Redskins at Cowboys
The Cowboys already know their place in the playoff picture and decide to rest their starters. The Redskins already know they will be picking second in the 2016 draft, but decide to play for some pride.
Redskins 41 Cowboys 17.
BBQ: The roles were actually reversed. The Redskins still won handily and came away with a 9-7 record along with a division championship.
BBQ Record: 10-6

January 10 – Packers at Redskins
The Redskins start quickly and maintain a steady lead throughout the game. A surge in the fourth quarter puts it away.
Redskins 41 Packers 21.
BBQ: The Redskins did get off to a good start, but it unraveled quickly as the Packers cruised to an easy win and advanced in the playoffs.
BBQ Record: 10-7

The Redskins finish with a demoralizing record of 3-13, but there are no changes in the coaching structure. Although fans see Jay Gruden as a football perfidy of sorts, the Redskins brass understands that a rebuild is still another two or three years in the making. Kirk Cousins is re-signed to a multi-year deal, but understands that his role may diminish over time with a new draftee at the quarterback position. Junior Galette is given a team friendly contract that spans several years. Free agency will focus on depth and special teams. The draft will focus on quarterback (remember that Scot McCloughan has been able to find talent in later rounds), offensive guard, wide receiver, safety, cornerback, and depth.
BBQ: In the final analysis, BBQ finished with a decent 10-7 record, but that is very deceptive. We have the 21st pick overall, not 2nd. The Redskins finished with a 9-8 record (including playoffs), not 3-13. Jay Gruden’s job is very safe. Kirk Cousins is in line for a very nice contract and deservedly so. Junior Galette will return – he didn’t get a huge Redskins tattoo on his arm for show only – he is definitely staying. Overall it was a good season and far better than what BBQ expected.

This is the final regular season edition of BBQ for 2015. Early next week we will take our first look at free agency with the offseason edition and a few days later will bring our first mock draft. Thanks for making the last four months an enjoyable experience as we analyzed, graded, and discussed the Redskins and their championship season. There is much work to do over the next eight months and BBQ values your input as we formulate free agent predictions, mock drafts, and final roster guesses. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Hail To The Redskins!
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