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Fun to Watch

The Redskins with Robert Griffin III at QB are fun to watch. Everybody seems to think so, even some of the fans of teams about to play us.

Some don't look at it as all that much fun, though.

My, how times have changed.

We'd better get used to being taken seriously, I guess. :)

Key here is not to shoot self in the foot on offense. Redskins are DEAD LAST in pass yards per game allowed with 328.0 ypg. They only give up 85 ypg on the ground, but i think its because everyone just throws the ball on them. RGIII will score and give the Steelers fits if they don't contain him on defense.

Might be a mini-shooout, but as long as the Steelers don't turn the ball over and settle for 3's instead of 7's, they should win this game in similar fashion as they did vs Cincy. Thing is, all of Washington's WR's are pretty small so our bigger physical CB's should be able to jam them off the LOS and upset the timing. Steelers need a push up the middle so RGIII has nowhere to run.

Very winnable game, but can't let Washington hang around.

This next entry included the pejorative "Deadskins". It used to be commonplace in threads about the Redskins-now it's becoming hard to find. :)

...LeBeau has to come up with a Blitzburgh game plan, that's all!

Real Deal Steel
The best way to help our weak ass secondary is to keep them off the field. With that said, we need to get the running game going and dominate time of possession. Also, with the running game going, less hits on Ben and play action passing will be deadly. The key for our success is running the ball effectively. Anything else and we are asking for another upset loss.

The redskins secondary is lifeless. Ben should have a good day in the air.

But what does Dick do with RGIII He plays like Ben... This game could look like an all out street-fight game....


sorry but RG3 is a god.

He is the second coming of Cronus, run, run for your life.

*watched RG3 all year long, very very impressive, better rookie than ben.

The only defensive player I know of on the Steelers defense that can run with RGIII is DVD, but who sits if he spies RGIII? Steelers will have to blitz under control and hit RGIII every chance they get. Hate to say it, but I'd almost rather give up a 15 yard roughing penalty to have this guy get his bell rung. . .

Contain him and try to get him strung out to the sidelines. Get pressure in his face and try not to let him out of the pocket.

You want to know just how much of an impact Robert is making on NFL fans? Check out the responses when a Steelers fan just outright dissed him in a post.

I am so unimpressed with RGIII. I've watched almost every Redskin game this season and honestly he's seen as good because of the amount of publicity he's getting, not visa versa.

Sound like you're just hating on RGIII.....The kid is very impressive.....So many big plays and he doesn't turn the ball over.....The Steelers will have their hands full with RGIII......I was a fan of his college and I knew he would be a good QB but didn't think he would be this good so soon...

Seriously? I watched him yesterday against the Giants. I was very impressed. Not only can he run well, but he's a very good passer (he's the 3rd ranked QB in the league, behind Rogers and Peyton.) And he's rushed for 468 yards so far to boot. I'm really looking forward to seeing him play the Steelers and for his career, which looks to be a very bright one.

RGIII is a very good for a rookie QB on a mediocre team. Should be a great game, probably very close.
And yes, Ben should have a big day through the air.

The consensus seems to be-stop RG3 and you stop the Redskins, the question is how.

Just curious if you think we'll play RG3 like we did Vick and just let Timmons go get him?

Yup...Timmons as RG3 spy

Mister Pittsburgh
Hopefully we don't pull out the 'containing mobile QB's' game plan we deployed versus Teblow where we sit everyone in coverage instead of attacking.

That is the exact opposite of what happened vs. Tebow last year. They didn't put any safeties in coverage all day long, which is why he could throw for over 300 yards.

Mister Pittsburgh
Bullcrap. We didn't blitz him. Lebeau was scared of him running so we didn't attack.

Quite frankly, with Troy out, TImmons is the only option the Steelers have to contain him. On top of incredible speed, RGIII has a cannon with deadly accuracy. I don't think the NFL has seen a QB with quite the same skills in its history. If he has a weakness, I am not sure any DC has found it yet.

I think Atlanta figured it out. Knock him out.

The game on Sunday could be a shootout. RGIII is the real deal and has the Skins scoring close to 30 per game. The Skins D is soft and Big Ben and our WR's should have a big day as well. This game could go to the team that has the ball last. We will need 30+ points to win this game. Our D will have their hands full with RGIII. It will be very entertaining.

Their starting RB is second in the league in rushing - part of that is due to RGIII, but that dude is hard to bring down. He rarely goes down at first contact, so the defense better bring their A game when it comes to tackling, as in wrap the guy up instead of just throwing a body at him. IMO the key is ball control - Haley's offensive gameplan seems tailored to moving the ball methodically which limits the opposing team's possessions. If they control the time of possession like they did yesterday, they should win the game - assuming no turnovers or stupid penalties.

I like RGIII quite a bit, but I think he gets knocked down a peg this week (just a hunch). His leading receiver (tight end Fred Davis) went down for the season y'day. The media is really riding his jock today despite the loss to the Giants. I think the 'Skins will show up flat, having to play back-to-back on the road especially after yesterday's emotional loss to a division foe. We are in a good spot playing at home after re-capturing a little bit of our swagger last night.

Timmons needs to play like he did against the Eagles. Hopefully the sloppy Heinz Field surface will affect RGIII a little bit.

Early weather forecast for Sunday says low 50's with 50% chance of rain. This will benefit us greatly. I'll take the sloppy field any day of the week going against a dude who runs a 4.2.

Please. Rain.

I feel that our history against rookie QBs speaks for itself. RGIII has been good this year, but I feel that he'll hit a wall against our confusing defense.

our lebeau-directed defense is not nearly as confusing as it used to be to opposing quarterbacks (even young ones). no, we've become downright predictable on D. i predict another stillers loss.

Steel Sam
Our confusing defense will not have much effect on Griffith, I hate that RGIII [FILTH]. Shanahan is running a very simplistic read and react offense for Grffith, on the run plays it is a an option and on pass plays he is rolling out and reading half the field making it easy for him to read the defense and if nothing is there he just takes off. I think we will have a very hard time stopping him and we will be involved in a shootout.


Run right, meet LaMarr Woodley.

Run left, meet James Harrison.

Run middle, Big Snack better be gobbling up some guys

Any questions?

Steel Sam
Woodley and Harrison are slow on the outside and Casey is done. last night a small backup rookie center, #66, just took on Hampton one on one and neutralized him. That offense is going to score a lot of points on us , it is up to the offense to win it for us.

the bungles had something like 80 yards rushing last night. the first drive accounted for almost 50 yards of it....30 yards rushing in 3 1/2
quarters....yeah, Hampton, Woodley, Harrison and the rest were just flat out owned last night

RG3 is a blast to watch. He runs like Slash, and keeps his eyes downfield like Ben. Has a strong accurate arm, and makes good decisions. Just finished watching the WAS NYG game and he looked great, though he did make mistakes. An Int and 2 fumbles cost them the game. If we stay aggressive and get some penetration in run D, we can create some issues in the QB RB exchanges. If it's a wet game, the chance of fumble increases.

WAS is also banged up worse than we are (if that's possible). They lost TE Davis for the season, and Fletcher may not play. I think one of the secondary players got banged up, but he should be alright. Their Defense is LAST in pass yardage allowed. If Ben doesn't break out on Sunday, he never will...

If we don't turn the ball over and fix our coverage/return team issues, this game won't be close.

Steel Sam
The Giants have the best DLine in the NFL and the Skins gouged them for 248 on the ground and 258 passing. This is not a mediocre to poor Bengals offense that we will be facing, Morris is a stud at RB and Giffith will break us down on some runs, he is that fast and elusive.

This game will all be on Ben and the offense.

Not everybody is scared, of course.

This is flat out going to be a fun game to watch. Hopefully Wallace got the dropsies out of the way on Sunday. I don't see Washington's defense slowing us down much.

On the other side, we'll stop RG3 sometimes, and sometimes he'll get the better of us. Nothing to be ashamed of with such a unique system they're running with such a dynamic athlete.

Overall, we possess the ball a lot more and win something like 38-20, 35-17.

Yes RGIII is as good as advertised, but remember they are 3-4. They lost two starters on defense a couple of weeks ago and was a huge blow. Plus it will be interesting to see if they go to Cooley as often as Davis.

Am watching the Skins/Giants replay on NFL Network. Morris is just running all over the G-men. RG3 looks as good as advertised. They just flashed up that he is leading the NFL in completion percentage. The Giants keep biting on the handoff, but RG3 just keeps it to himself much like what Tebow does. Holds the ball in the belly of the RB and then makes the decision to either hand it off or keep it. Most of his keepers are for big gainers, and the Giants do have some speed on defense and they are just running around lost out there chasing him.

One thing I noticed also is that Eli is doing anything he wants. Not much pressure (could be that his O-line is that good) but also there is all kinds of big holes in that secondary (which merits one of the NFL's worst ranks in pass D) Also Bradshaw is finding all kinds of big running lanes. The Skins when they put 2 safeties deep to worry about the pass, Eli checks out to a run and Bradshaw has all kinds of lanes. Lebeau is 13-1 against rookie QB's but I dont think he ever faced a rookie like RG3. Could be a fun game, lots of points by both teams to be had.

Another thing I have seen from this game is when RG3 does pass or is forced to make a quick pass. His TE is ALWAYS his number one choice, sometimes even forcing bad throws. For example at this point in the game in the early 3rd, he stares his TE down the entire time and throws high into triple coverage for a pick. Still is hard to bring down and wrap up. Giants just cant get him tackled. Very very fast. Bad fast.

Looking at the other side of the ball, the Redskins have a very below average defense. I look for the Steelers to put up a lot of points on them. Also RG3 is missing his favorite safety valve receiver in Fred Davis who was hurt in the Giants game and is out for the season.

Opinions vary-but nobody thinks it will be easy.

But it will be fun to watch.
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