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Evaluating The Season’s Predictions

In August of 2013, the Redskins were the defending NFC East champions and Robert Griffin, III looked as if he was progressing nicely in his rehabilitation from ACL/LCL surgery. Optimism was reigning and loftier goals were planned. BBQ had bold expectations too and offered predictions for all sixteen games. Let’s take a look at each game we present analyses and a grade for BBQ’s prognostications.

September 9 – Eagles at Redskins
Chip Kelly is bringing a new and much heralded offense to the NFL. The Redskins return Robert Griffin, III. Will there be a wild shootout? No.
Redskins 34 Eagles 13.
BBQ Analysis: Not even close. The final score of 33-27 (a loss) was not indicative of the beating that the Redskins endured.
BBQ Record: 0-1

September 15 – Redskins at Packers
Lambeau field is a difficult place for visiting teams, but the Redskins come prepared to upset Aaron Rodgers and Co.
Redskins 30 Packers 27.
BBQ Analysis: The Packers won in dominating fashion, 38-20 and it was obvious that RG3 came back too early from his injury.
BBQ Record: 0-2

September 22 – Lions at Redskins
The Lions are determined to prove that they belong amongst the league’s elite. The Redskins don’t think so and cruise to an easy win.
Redskins 45 Lions 19.
BBQ Analysis: The only cruising was in the wrong direction and the Redskins lost, 27-20.
BBQ Record: 0-3

September 29 – Redskins at Raiders
The Redskins face a determined effort from the Raiders, but a strong second half gives the visiting team a decisive win.
Redskins 33 Raiders 17.
BBQ Analysis: BBQ finally enters the win column as the Redskins did score a decisive 24-14 victory.
BBQ Record: 1-3

Week Five – Bye
The Redskins have a record of 4-0 at the early season break. The team is off to a solid start, but the meat of a tough schedule is yet to come. Rob Jackson and Jarvis Jenkins return to the squad.
BBQ Analysis: There is some truth to what was said about the bye - Rob Jackson and Jarvis Jenkins did return to the squad. The hope was centered on a win the previous week and building some momentum.

October 13 – Redskins at Cowboys
The Cowboys have a bad taste in their mouths after being swept by the Redskins last year and look for a measure of revenge. However, Robert Griffin, III has one of his best days as a pro as he passes for more than 400 yards for the first time.
Redskins 38 Cowboys 24.
BBQ Analysis: The feeling of a season slipping away was haunting the team as they fell, 31-16.
BBQ Record: 1-4

October 20 – Bears at Redskins
Jay Cutler visits his former coach, but the welcoming committee is not too hospitable. The Redskins move to 6-0 with a solid defense and a 150 yard day from Alfred Morris.
Redskins 41 Bears 14.
BBQ Analysis: The Redskins did score more than forty points, but BBQ had a typo and reversed the number of points that the Bears scored. Final score was 45-41.
BBQ Record: 2-4

October 27 – Redskins at Broncos
Two teams with franchise quarterbacks meet for a mid fall classic. The game does not disappoint and a see-saw affair is decided by a last second field goal.
Broncos 36 Redskins 34.
BBQ Analysis: The Redskins had a 21-7 lead and then the Broncos scored thirty-eight straight for a final score of 45-21.
BBQ Record: 3-4

November 3 – Chargers at Redskins
After losing their first game of the season, the Redskins return to the comforts of FedEx Field and fire a ton of lightning strikes at the Chargers.
Redskins 51 Chargers 21.
BBQ Analysis: The BGO Tailgate was in full swing and the team provided a thrilling win in overtime, 30-24.
BBQ Record: 4-4

November 7 – Redskins at Vikings
After a huge win at home, the Redskins hit the road in a very short week. The Vikings get a measure of revenge from last season with an upset.
Vikings 27 Redskins 24.
BBQ Analysis: It was considered an upset, but the Vikings did win at home by margin of 34-27.
BBQ Record: 5-4

November 17 – Redskins at Eagles
After the upset in Minnesota, the Redskins have a few extra days to prepare for the Eagles and it pays off. Both Griffin and Morris have huge days as the Redskins return to form.
Redskins 37 Eagles 14.
BBQ Analysis: It didn’t get any better the second time around as the team seemed to be going through the motions with no emotions. Philly won, 24-16.
BBQ Record: 5-5

November 25 – 49ers at Redskins
The Redskins face one of their toughest opponents to date and fall behind early. Behind a spirited comeback, the Redskins snatch a victory away in an upset.
Redskins 26 49ers 23.
BBQ Analysis: In the worst offensive showing of the season, the Redskins look like a directionless ship and fall, 27-6.
BBQ Record: 5-6

December 1 – Giants at Redskins
Another primetime game and the Redskins do not suffer a letdown this time. Both defenses limit the opposing offenses to several field goals, but the Redskins dig down deep for a huge divisional win.
Redskins 29 Giants 22.
BBQ Analysis: Both teams were struggling, but the Redskins found another way to lose, 24-17.
BBQ Record: 5-7

December 8 – Chiefs at Redskins
Andy Reid returns to FedEx Field and has traded his green attire for red and white clothing. He gets a chilly December reception as the Redskins continue to roll towards a division title.
Redskins 42 Chiefs 10.
BBQ Analysis: In one of BBQ’s most haunting score predictions of the season, it is the Chiefs who post a 45-10 victory.
BBQ Record: 5-8

December 15 – Redskins at Falcons
The Falcons are battling for a playoff spot and division title. They score a hard fought win at home.
Falcons 25 Redskins 20.
BBQ Analysis: Enter Kirk Cousins, but it did not help the Redskins as they fall, 27-26.
BBQ Record: 6-8.

December 22 – Cowboys at Redskins
The Cowboys are playing for pride and the Redskins have locked up a wild card, but a win over the visitors secures a division championship. The Cowboys get off to a good start, but the Redskins are relentless. Too much Griffin. Too much Morris. Too much Garcon. Too much Fletcher. Too much Kerrigan. Too much Amerson.
Redskins 48 Cowboys 28.
BBQ Analysis: Too much losing. Too much turmoil. Too much Shanahan. Too much of a poor season. The team put up a good fight, but still came up short at 24-23.
BBQ Record: 6-9

December 29 – Redskins at Giants
With a divisional championship secured, the Redskins decide to rest most of their starters and the Giants are given an early New Year’s gift.
Giants 35 Redskins 17.
BBQ Analysis: The only thing the Redskins secured was last place in the division. The team played like it was a light practice and lost, 20-6.
BBQ Record: 7-9.

The Redskins finish with a record of 12-4 as they celebrate a second straight NFC East crown. A first round bye and a home game for the playoffs is assured.
Analysis: There were no celebrations. The only “bye” was seeing the coach being fired before the playoffs commenced. It was a horrible, nightmarish season and the Redskins were finished for 2013.

Final Grade for BBQ’s predictions: A 7-9 record under the circumstances is poor. A division championship was penned by BBQ and it was woefully wrong. Instead, the fans were left to ponder a new regime and spend the holiday season with mounting losses. A few losses were predicted correctly, but under much different expectations and the 7-9 prognostication is no cause for giving a slightly higher score.
Grade: F

BBQ closes the book on a pitiful 2013 season. In the coming weeks, we will focus on free agency and the upcoming draft. BBQ will be on hiatus until then (mid February) as we gather more information for new players and coaches. If a blog is needed before then for any special reason(s), it will be posted.
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