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"Dream Team" despair...Part 2

I've discovered something. The more disgusted a fanbase seems to be with their team, the fewer threads there are about upcoming opponents-most are about how/why their team sucks.

You remember all the negative things they were saying in October? That hasn't changed much.

Here's a link to that episode of Redskins Recon if you want to refresh you memory:

Boss Hawg
that crowd is going to be nuts if they wind up losing. you'll be able to hear Fire Andy chants all the way up the turnpike

The Eagles will win Sunday. That's all that counts. The Redskins are not gonna win!

keith 75
Lets F our draft spot up even more! :thumbsup:

Sir Real
Yeah, because 4 spots will make a huge difference.

There was a thread about losing and the draft, of course.

EMB Legend
I always said I wouldn't root against the Eagles unless it was the last game of the season and the top pick was on the line BUT I really see more to gain this week from losing than from winning. First, we'll gain a few draft slots and secure 3rd place. I'm a big draft guy but I don't think this one is that big a deal to gain a few slots. The odds of a player turning out at 18 aren't that much worse than 13 and you can always trade up. Still the Giants could use a MLB and I'd hate to have them in front of us.

More importantly this delusion of every thing is fixed would be put to rest. Really the game is meaningless so a loss should be meaningless. And in my mind it is because I think the last few games were devoid of much meaning BUT if a loss helps convince Lurie that change is needed than a loss is much better than a win.

Really I see almost no positives in a win.

In the end mostly I just hope no one gets seriously injured either way

Ideally I'd like to see a close loss to move up ~5 picks in the draft. I think we're going to smoke them though.

EMB Legend
I actually can see the Skins possibly winning this game. Does anyone have our record after wins against Dallas? It seems like we always have a letdown after wins against the Cowboys. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but I would guess we have a losing record in games after wins against Dallas in Andy's era

if we win, jets, vagiants or cardinals will take kuechly!

go skins!!

He's referring to Boston College junior LB Luke Kuechly who hasn't announced his intentions as far as the 2012 NFL draft yet but his name came up a couple of times in the Eagles fan boards. They do need LB help.

I'm a diehard Eagles fan, but I hope they lose.

I don't want any of our players risking serious injury in a meaningless game. Imagine if Shady, Babin, Cole, Peters or someone else tore an ACL. Don't risk it.

We could be drafting as high as 10 if we lose. We won't be drafting better than 15 if we win and possibly as low as 18. For once I want good draft position!

Also, a meaningless win for the Skins hurts their draft position enough that they probably can't get Robert Griffin III. I do not want RGIII in the NFC East unless he's on the Eagles.

With all that said I just know Big Red is stubborn enough to give all of us exactly what we don't want this weekend and I expect an Eagles win. I hate Andy Reid.

Some Eagles fans have been selling their tickets to this game with the Redskins. This got a mixed response.

i never understand the idea of dumping your tickets.. there's only 8 off these per year.. when this one is over.. you have to wait NINE months for another one!!!! even a crap game with two crap teams that doesnt mean anything is better than the football we can go to for the next 3/4 of a year! heck i'd watch the undercard of the state championship runner ups against the eagles' practice squad for a quarter before i'd sell off my tickets.

there will be alot of empty seats and lots of resold tickets, though. it should be loud, and hopefully it's all about FI-ER AN-DY.. all day long, even as we beat the fsck out of the deadskins.

Well for this specific game there could be several reasons to help you understand.

1. The game is meaningless and would actually be better in the eagles lost (draft pick wise)

2. The game is 1pm after New years eve. Some people might have better plans and not want to rush home to wakeup early for a 2011 eagles final meaningless game.

3. If you had already been to the prior 7 games this season you saw alot of horrific football in a 2-5 home stand. Going to another game (which is now meaningless) after seeing 7 isn't that big of a deal. If you hadn't been to any this year I could understand wanting to go to a game for a extremely reduced rate.

4. You don't want to pay the gas money, toll money, tailgate money, or inside stadium money if you actually spend money in the stadium.

5. You want to recoup any kind of $ you can dumping the tickets as the 2011 eagles have disgusted you.

I just hope the Fire Andy idiots dont show up.

Yeah true after being near .500 since 2005 and totally tanking an "All-in" season with poor coaching, nobody should chant that he be fired. Next year will be the year where Andy magically rights all his wrongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was of course some more discussion of Vick. The last line in this post just made me shake my head and mumble"...Wow.."

He had a really nice first 6 or 7 games last season, and since then, well, he has been quite average to below average.

I think I miss the McNabb days.

Some Grossman "analysis" popped up.

Sir Real
Grossman completed 6 passes to TE Davis in the last game.

But his second favorite target, tied with Donte Stallworth, was Kurt Coleman, with 3 catches.

Assuming Coleman plays, let's see if they have that same chemistry...

Grossman's "favorite target" will probably be either Asomugha or Cromartie

Smart a$$es...
think Davis is still out due to his drug use benching......... so I'll go with Moss as the go to guy this week.

Yea right Gaffney has stepped up to be the go to target now. Moss catches a few but Gaffney is targeted a lot.

I have a feeling Jabar Gaffney is going to have 200 receiving yards and 3 TD's.

You might remember the slew of negative coments about Reid's decision to make former OC Juan Castillo the new DC. Well there's now a poll asking members what they think will happen to Castillo. These are the reslts as of Thursday morning.

Stay--43.88%--61 Votes

Get Fired--49.64%--69 Votes

(lol)get hired to be HC somewhere(lol)--6.47%--9 Votes

Gotta give the inveterate sarcastic smart-a$$es somehere to go. LOL.

This post, in a thread discussing whose job was more in jeopardy, Reid's or Shanahan's, may be one of the most accurate I've seen yet from another team's fans.

I think both are pretty much secure for another year.

It was no secret that Shanahan was rebuilding, so his expectations were lower. But I think that 2012 will be the year that he needs to get his franchise QB, so I expect them to try and trade up for Griffin...or maybe even Luck if the Rams get the number one pick. He can't seriously be stupid enough to hang his future on Grossman.

Reids security rests in the fact that the Eagles FO doesn't seem to do anything with undue haste. They are business men who look at the game through the prism of profit columns, and Reid is running a team that is still packing the bleachers. All Reid really needs to do is offer a fairly credible promise of a better tomorrow, and that the bottom hasn't fallen out.

The last two sentences of that second paragraph had an eerie resonance to me as a Redskins fan.

Finally this interesting post. EMB Legend posted this interview done by Dave Zangaro of CSN Philly with-of all people-Mike Shanahan about the Eagles problems and the future of Andy Reid and DC Juan Castillo along with his take on LeSean McCoy

EMB Legend
Shanahan: Reid, NFC East, Shady best in NFL

December 29, 2011, 1:00 pm


As the NFL season is set to end for both the Redskins and Eagles on Sunday at 1 p.m., Mike Shanahan looked back at what has been a disappointing season for both clubs.

The Redskins started off 3-1, with the division lead. The Eagles started off slow and have wont the last three games – it just came too late.

"You never know how a team's going to do," Shanahan said Wednesday on a conference call. "We know they're disappointed, as are we.

"We had our opportunities to close games. You take a look at the best team having eight wins and you look back and think, 'hey, why couldn't we be in that position.'"

Shanahan spent 14 seasons as the Broncos head coach before he was fired and took over with the Redskins for the 2010 season. Andy Reid is in his 13th season as Eagles head coach. If anyone knows about ending a long relationship, it's Shanahan.

"That's the nature of the profession," he said. "You're going to be judged on winning and losing. I think what Andy has done speaks for itself. I don't think he has to make any excuses."

"I don't know how Andy feels. Andy may say 'hey, maybe it's best for me to go and you guys can have this job, I'm going someplace else' or maybe he's saying 'let me finish my job.' You don't know what goes on behind close doors in any organization."

Shanahan also had a take on the speculation that defensive coordinator Juan Castillo will lose his job at the end of the season. Shanahan said he would be surprised if Castillo isn't back because of the last three games, where the defense has come on strong.

"You take a look at [the last] three games, giving up less than 250 yards a game, it doesn't happen very often," Shanahan said. "They're just getting a feel of the system. In my opinion, it would surprise me."

LeSean McCoy didn't practice on Wednesday and his status is unknown for Sunday's game against the 'Skins but that didn't stop Shanahan from calling him the best running back in the NFL.

"I think he's the best running back in football," Shanahan said. "There's no question about it. I didn't know he was that good when I got here. It didn't take me long to figure out on my own. I always had him and [Adrian] Peterson, one and two. I like Peterson but I like him above Peterson."
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