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Do or Die

Whew! Never have I seen so many threads and so many posts about one game. I can only give a small sample of what I found on Dallas fan boards.

The way I see it, we go in there and make them stop us. Not take what they're giving us.

When Murray is getting his touches and we have a decent run/pass balance, we can beat anyone.
When we rush for 50 yards or less we don't really stand a chance.

Play our game. Enough of the RG3 hype. The team pays well without him and I'm tired of his average production being blown up as if he's a God. Lets blow him up and take the division.

On topic this is going to be a high scoring affair I believe. Both teams are fighting for the division. It all comes down to this team putting up points like they have been and at least have their defense come up with stops when they need to. If not it could be something like that of Thanksgiving. The defense is going to have to make some stops, if they don't they lose. They also have to run the ball.

Nick Foles threw for 345 yards on these guys. And we have DeMarco Murray back. We lost the first time, but, ended up finding a way to come back and possibly win the game, but fell short. We CAN win this ball game.

Just got done re-watching that T'giving loss. Explosive plays by their offense (the blazer who caught the long TD, the long catch & run by Garcon.) along with TO's by Dez (fumble), and then Romo (2 picks) turned that into a very unorthodox game. Even then a couple of razor thin margin plays helped them hold us off. We put some big shots on RG3 - Hatcher & Ware.
It'll be a different kind of game this time I suspect. Tyron & DeMarco are back while Carter & Brent are gone. Might not play McCray again either I suspect given how he sat a lot last week and got burned deep on T'giving.
I expect a lower scoring game this week. I also expect us to take better care of the ball than last time. I am hopeful.

I think playing such an elite offense as the Saints possess will do nothing but positive things for us. We've seen what a healthy RG3 can do, but I dont expect him to be 100%. I dont think the Redskins play as fast or precise as Brees and the Saints. Maybe a slightly slower Redskins team will allow our newer players to see things more clearly. Its going to be tough either way, but unlike the past, I feel its going to be very close - I dont foresee a blowout either way

Original fan since 1975
The Cowboys and Redskins are very evenly matched statiscally! I love how some are annointing the Redskins as some NFL! Sunday they polished off the powerhouse Eagles. We have just as much chance to win as they do. This is gonna be a great game!

Honestly I think Wash only won the last game because we kept giving them the short field, just like in the Bengals game. If we get a hand on the the costly turnovers, that includes fumbles, we should have a shot. Not saying that we will win, but we should have a shot.

El Demarcus
This is my thought: When we went into the lion's den for the first game of 2012 in NY against the Giants, everybody thought that they were going to man handle us..,NOT!! Instead, we played with focus and determination that we put a licking on them and the nation!! We have had several close games we SHOULD have won but small room for error in this league. The mentality is this and the edge goes to the Cowboys. WHY?? Romo is a seasoned veteran now along with several players in key spots. RG3???ADVANTAGE Cowboys!! Our Defense has had ups n downs, I think its fair to say that. Like any other team out there..,look at the Steelers, Ravens, etc all good teams but they also share the pain as we do. MENTALITY: Going into this game ,the mentality is that this game IS ALREADY a Playoff game, go in and play your a#### off and make good choices, play smart. To me, the Advantage goes to the Cowboys, they can bring the game when they want to, they been under the radar for the last 6 games, everyone not even picking them to win and game after game they been on a win streak for the most part. Look whats happened to the Glorified Gmen:))), I don't see the Network loveclarmrrs huggin them now, lol. Cowboys win by 6.

enough of this bickering...we now have enough power in this space station to destroy the rebels with one swift blow....opps wrong we can beat the skins if we just score 35 points....they wont have enough time to match our score...i say stack the men in the box and shut down their running game and make rg3 beat us with the pass

I'm optimistic. We have Murray, so hopefully the Offense can get into a rhythm. Dez, Witten and Romo are playing like Pro bowlers. Lastly, RG3 isn't 100%. All different from the 1st time we played them. A one score game.

Wish I shared that G but I think I am now at that point where I have no confidence in Garrett in a game like this. And Shanahan has been in many like this. They know Romo is the head of the snake. Keep him curled up on the sideline and he can't hurt them.
The only chance this D has is to get turnovers and as far as ball skills go, we ain't too good at that. We will not be able to stop them as a straight D, got to get ahead in the TO ratio and we'd have a chance.

The real problem are the slow starts. Get behind by 14 early in that place, it is over. Romo can talk about that within 14 in the 4Q, and he was prophetic last week, but if they get up, they will stay up and feed off that crowd. They've been waiting for a game like this for a long time and we'll wish we had those fans when they let go. Let the crowd get into it and we can pack our bags and that is exactly what slow starts will do.
Bigger problem than that is that the HC is clueless as to why we start so slow (I could give him a hint that it is the OC play calling) the one guy that has to fix it doesn't even know what's broken.

We are going to get punched in the mouth Sunday Night. We just have to be sure we throw the FINAL punch(score)!

I don't know at this point. its hard to say that we will win the game next week because of how badly were hurt on defense. its going to come down to the offense.

Ware has to play and play well

Imho, a better question is, can this Defense stop Morris. He'll be the key to the game.

I see a repeat of 2008 happening.

Several weeks ago there were some proclaiming "we don't have a chance at the playoffs". And even now we have those that have been on a seven week doubtfest.
Can we please have a little enthusiasm and confidence here. This team has proven many wrong over the last month and a half. We took a very good Saints team to OT and dang near won it. I have confidence we will win it.

Maybe, maybe not.

That very good Saints team will be watching the playoffs from home.

They started out bad and couldn't recover. They are a better team than the skins are. They are playing much better than the skins right now.

Maybe if it was just RG3. Its not though. They have one hell of a RB, and Garcon or "whatever his name is" is also good. They proved this by winning with their back up QB......Their running game alone is going to tear us up. Add in the play fakes and this game could get ugly.....

KMY Amber
Yep, we should come out and run a quick, uptempo West Coast offense....get everyone involved, and mix in runs when we think they're sitting on pass. If we get a nice multi-score lead, we then begin to pound out of base sets. We can still playaction out of spread sets, and LBs will still bite. If we see them NOT biting, then just run the ball out of those sets.

In the 1st half, we need points, not time-of-possession. Whether our defense is rested or not, we're not going to do much to stop this team between the 20s....we can only hope to hold them to FGs in the red zone. And with Shanahan's bootleg-friendly QB, and our rag-tag team of defenders (many of which were lifted off couches to come play for us this season), we should expect them to break, not only bend. They are who they are. Hec, even Ware's banged little pass rush. We're just going to have to get a lead, and then work on the T.O.P. in the second half.

We need a big game from the offense AND the special teams. If we come out conservative on offense, and they jump up on us, we're going to have a hard time coming back in that stadium that will literally be going crazy if the Skins get a big lead early.

Murray still needs to have a big day, but he should not be the focal point of the offense. We really need Murray in the redzone...we need him to score TDs for us, take some load off Romo having to throw it inside the 20.

If Murray gets 25 carries, it will be because WE have a big lead in the 2nd half and now we're just pounding the rock.

We gotta keep up. That poor defense, they're going to try really hard....but really, we can't expect much. And there's little magic Ryan can create with the personnel that will play on Sunday.

So, yes, it's all on Romo, Murray, that o-line and all the other big names on O. It's their game to win or lose (AND the special teams).

gonna be a tough game. skins have great momentum going into this game....6 straight wins, home field advantage, a very rabid fan base, and their most hated rival for a playoff appearance. they will pull out all the stops for this one....trick plays galore. this just might be too much to overcome.

RGIII is approaching Sainthood. I'm not sure he couldn't part the Red Sea with one wave of his hand and perhaps stop global warming. That said, he's banged up and doesn't have the mobility he had last time. That will reduce his ability by a tad because his scrambling buys him time to hit his secondary receiver.

Also, he's not Drew Breez and he doesn't have the Graham (Saints Tight End) playing for them and he sure doesn't have Darrrel Sproles in the backfield either. If we can keep Alfred Morris from destroying us and make RGIII have to throw the ball we should be ok. While he has been playing lights out, he generally is only reading one side of the field and he tends to stare down his receivers. I think our CB's should be able to make a few plays if we can get even a moderate amount of pressure on RGIII. If we can get him in third and long we should be able to do a few things.

Should be a fun gut-wrenching game. I'll be taking my Maloxx before kickoff no doubt.

Santana Moss worries me. He always plays good against us. He could beat us deep. He and Morris we have to slow down.

A lot is going to hinge on the health of RG3 come sunday. If hes not effective running the ball, they wont beat us. I like our run defense A LOT against teams who you dont fear will beat you throwing. The Redskins are not the Saints. RG3 will not be able to just drop back and throw it all over the yard to beat us. They need to have the play action and zone read stuff working. I suspect they will be able to hit a couple things deep. Moss will typically get one
or two against us. But..if our offense plays the way they have been..averaging about 29 points a game the second half of the season..then we will win.

A discussion about Cousins produced this interesting comment.

Let me preface by saying RG3 is way way better but he's hurt and its not even in the gameplan for them to run him much.... As a pocket passer he's not better than cousins.... RG3 runs and throw out short passes and completes a high pct of them his deep ball as an ok touch he lofts it a little to high.... He has great vision though and is smart with the football.... We just need some speedy ILBs to deal with passes to flats, quick outs out of the backfield, not to mention run support.... I'm glad we're playing RG3 and not cousins... If we make them drive 80+ yards on every drive good luck to them even with our bad D.

We are gonna get owned in the trenches.... Need another sensational mistake free game from romo and some time of possession....
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