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Dispelling the Vyth

Catchy title, huh? Vyth=Vick Myth. Maybe should have done this last week, but I was a bit caught up in the win. Go write your own blog.

Anyway, I'm tired of lazy reporting and analysis. When I hear people compare RG3 to Michael Vick, my blood boils. It's like comparing Scarlett Johansson to Clois Leachman (who I am sure was fetching 40 years ago. But today? Scar-Jo, please!).

We're gonna do an old school Hubie-Brown-type-breakdown here. And once I'm done, let there be no more Vick/Griff talk, mmmm'k? :ciao:

Let's look at some stats. In 2001, Vick's rookie season, he played in 8 games, and had a 44 completion percentage with 2 TDs and 3 INTs. His passer rating was 80.7, and he had 21 sacks. To be fair, Vick has always done a lot on the ground. That year, he had 31 rushes for 289 yards and 1 TD, with a long rush of 35 yards and 5 lost fumbles. Without me giving you Griff's stats, we know that's not even close.

So let's move to Vicks best season as a passer, 2010. He played in 12 games, with a 62.6 completion percentage with 21 TDs and 6 INTs, a 100.2 QB rating and 34 sacks. Damn good season. If you add in his rushing stats, he had 100 attempts for 676 yards, 9TDs, a long of 35 yards and 3 lost fumbles.

(note: he has had better seasons rushing the ball. To wit, in 2006, he had 1039 yards, 2 TDs and 3 lost fumbles. His passer rating however was 75.7. In 2002 he had 777 yards rushing with 8 TDs, but he lost 9 fumbles and his passer rating was 81.6)

That is a hell of a stat line. Works out to 30 total TDs (combining rushing and passing) and 9 turnovers (fumbles and INTs), passer rating of 100.2. Not bad at all. That includes the MNF game we're not allowed to mention, which I think accounted for about half of those TDs, if memory serves.

Now let's look at our rookie. Through 7 games, Griff has a completion percentage of 70.4%.

(I'm gonna stop here and let that sink in. Take your time and enjoy that)

He has 7TDs vs 3 INTs for a passer rating of 101.8 and 15 sacks. When you add in rushing totals, he has 64 rushes for 468 yards, 6TDs (including his long rush of 76 yards) and 2 fumbles lost. If we extrapolate that out, assuming he plays 14 games (it's easier math for me - I have an Art History degree and struggled in Math 103 in college, "Math for You and Your Dog"), we could guess he should end up with something close to this:

26 total TDs, 10 turnovers (Rex thinks I have dyslexia, btw). Pretty similar to Vick's BEST season as a pro, right? And completely destroys Vick's rookie campaign, to the point I'm embarassed I brought it up again.

Let's quickly look at Vicks career averages. His career completion percentage is 56.3, 167 passing yards/game, 11 TDs, 8 INTs, 26 sacks. He has 542 yards rushing a season, with 3.4 TDs and 3.6 fumbles lost. Overall, he gets you a passer rating of 80.7, 14 and a half TDs and 11 and a half turnovers a year. Not quite Rex territory, but not as far as you might think.

One day, I will write a piece about someone other than RGIII. Hell, it might even be this season (don't bet on it). But I kept hearing comparisons with Vick over the last two weeks (granted, most of them not overly flattering to Vick) and I got tired of it. They don't belong in the same sentence.

Consider this Vyth... busted.
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