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Da Bears: Success or Stumble?

Now on to Soldier Field and a meetup with the Bears-one of two must wins if the Redskins are going to get into the playoffs.

So, what do the Bears fans think? Opinions are split over the likely outcome of the game-despite the disparate won/loss records.

Cutty makes me Drink

Matt Barkley keeps using Alshon, Barkley also out preforms Cousins to the tune of 305 yards, 3 touchdons and 1 int, J How runs for another 100 and a tuddy.

Bears 28
Redskins 24

Bears Whiskey Nut

This should be a very interesting game. There are several people on this board that think we should go get Cousins.

Barkley gets a full week of practice with Alshon, and realizes that 'open' for AJ means 1-on-1 coverage. Bellamy gets benched for Meredith, and Brown continues to impress at TE. We get Freeman back in the middle, and alongside Kwiat, they form a solid ILB team. Jordan Howard runs for 150yds and two TD's.

In the end, Barkley out duels Cousins by a wide margin, and puts that narrative to bed. He throws for two TD's, no INT's and leads the Bears up and down the field like a boss.

Bears - 34
Skins - 20


Man, I was really with you until the last paragraph and the score!
Cousin will throw 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions
Barkley will throw 2 touchdowns and 1 interceptions
Skins 27
Bears 24

Otis Day

I guess I don't have any kool aid within reach. Cousins has his way with the piss poor, piece of shit secondary the Bears have. I don't even know Redskin WRs but it really doesn't matter. When you have to roll with the French Midget and Hurst and your safeties get burned.

DL doesn't get consistent pressure and that also helps Cousins do what he needs to do.

Bears O doesn't put up enough points in this one and they have a few TOs.

Skins - 30
Bears - 20


30-27 Redskins
Barkley keeps it close by putting up 300 yards and 2 TDs 0 INTs, but "unfortunately" Cousins drops a 75-yard bomb to DeSean Jackson for the go-ahead TD with 0 seconds left.


More of the same. Barkley keeps it close, Bears don't have the horses to put it away.

Bears 24
Redskins 30


This should be a close one. Washington is overrated.


If I was a member of the Redskins and had to play a Saturday game after play the Monday night before, I'd be royaly pissed.

Boris 13c

the Foreskins shit the bed in their own house last night in a game they needed, so will be desperate ... desperation could likely lead to forcing things that aren't there

unfortunately for the Bears, their shit secondary will make Cousins look like Rodgers, and will again be the Bears achilles heel in another close defeat

Barkley will do well, the Bears will score points, but the Foreskins will get them in the end

Bears 26
Foreskins 30 on another 4th quarter pass to another wide open receiver with a retarded Bears DB giving chase because none of them knew what ****ing coverage they were supposed to be in, as they admitted in post game interviews after the loss to Goon Bay


I hate to see them asking the kid to throw the ball 40 times, but unfortunately, he's going to need to do that to keep up. I think Howard and friends are going to have a field day, after watching aging Stewart and the other fatty run all over the Skins. I'm thinking Cousins has a field day against the Bear secondary. Imagine the score last week of the other team didn't have the dropsies.

So yeah... the Bears are going to be chucking it a lot especially late. The kid will have some success - but he's also going to throw some picks. What do we expect when we're asking him to force it, and he doesn't have the experience/chemistry or weapons we'd like?

The Beloved again "Losing Pretty"...

Beloved Bear 31
Native Americans 34

A few posts later, Good ol'Boris had a change of heart.

Boris 13c

screw it - I'm changing my pick

yes, Cousins will torch the secondary a couple of times, but I think the Bears will actually have a pass rush this week ... Barkley will just keep doing what he is doing ... Howard will win the ground game over Kelly of the Foreskins ... Bears close out their home schedule on a high note and eliminate the Foreskins from the playoff hunt

Bears 30
Foreskins 24

BCB mwat15

Washington isn't that good IMO. There are some nice pieces, but they just don't seem to fit together as a great team. Howard SHOULD have a big day.


This is a win, folks.

Beloved Bears - 27
Rundown Redskins - 17


I really hope not because I can definitely see them winning week 17 at Minnesota.

Washington should be pissed and playing with a sense of urgency after losing to the Panthers the other night. I expect a full effort here.


They lose in another very close game. 21-20 Redskins.


Washington is in the playoff hunt. We're in the hunt for a top 5 pick. We'll be in the game, but not win it. Wash 24-20

Skins, you have some things to prove after a couple of recent underacheiving efforts. Just do it.
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