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Da Bears: Grizzly Bears or Teddy Bears?

Da Bears. Under-achieving, losing to a dismally bad 49ers team, and they have a pretty much disgusted and unhappy fanbase.

Some think the Bears might win this game, not because they're all that good but because they consider the Redskins to be as bad as they are and mabe just enough worse.

Others think the Redskins are not bad enough to lose to the Bears in Chicago.


After watching the game last night it sure looks like the Redskins are as bad as us. What's your prediction for this game? Do we get back on the winning trail? Or not?


After GB game, I say yes. After SF game, I say no. We're on the rebuilding roller coaster. I have no idea anymore what players/team will show up.

I'll say we win, but I won't be holding my breath. or anything else. except maybe a few brewskis. or some popcorn to throw at the TV.


In a word NO. Before the 49ers game I had this one down as a loss. Nothing in the 49ers game changed my mind about this. If cutler improves accuracy and the receivers make some catches then maybe ??

little bear

I don't know. Could go either way. The Frisco game looked like a sure thing and yet we managed to screw it up. I also think that Washington is a better team than SF.


It should be a win but....

we have nothing to play for and Washington still leads their division at 5-7!
and we are a horrible home team

Lemme guess....the O will suck again and it will be a 17-14 game. Either way

Billy Murray

We beat the Skins. They are as bad or worse than the 49ers. They play all the NFC East cream puffs. Their defense isn't as tough as the 49er's so our offense puts up more points. Gould goes back to kicking like Gould and if our defense doesn't make Cousins look like an All-Pro we got this one.

Ursis horribilis

Cousins is better than Gabbert. They have a coach on the moderately hot seat. They are still playing to win their division. Meaning, they are a lot more motivated than us. Before the PATHOS of the SF game, which any reasonable person expected us to win, I thought we would beat the Redskins, not any more.

Bennett is out (likely permanently out of Chicago)...Cutler is probably invested in comforting his wife/her family.....Amos the Rope-A-Dope will still be back there..Royal will probably not play.....I am afraid WE LOSE!


One thing in our favor though, is that we're talking about the Redskins. They are a screwed up franchise that often drop games - just because that is what they do. We could win this. It's a stink-fest between two bad teams. I think we could win it.


Bears will win, fans will raise their hopes again just to get let down again

The Bears way to do it


bad road team comes to play a bad home team...what gives?

reckon the Skins load up the box against the Bears...will conservative Gase stretch the field, so they can run better?

i was impressed with the power running of Jones on Monday night...and they have good receivers

should be another close game...not sure which team will win


You wonder about the different factors affecting the Bears psyche: disappointment in the loss to the Niners, essentially knocked out of a chance at WC, pride in defending home turf and showing that last game was an "outlier", not wanting another losing record. Yeah, they're professionals and should not be influenced by all that but come to play every game, but it is there nonetheless.

I'm hoping the Bears running attack keeps Washington off balance and the Bears D gets a few turnovers. Otherwise we could be in for more groans at home.


Bears are 3 pt favorites...but i think it's a pick em

the Skins lost a tough, very physical game at home where they usually play well..and they have a day less rest and have to travel...and not a good road team

i thought Gruden played it too close to the vest...kind of played into the Cowboys's hands with scatter-armed Cassel at the helm


I don't know why but the Skins always beat us


i'm very interested to watch this game...

Gruden didn't have his best game last week, but he's done well considering his talent

i would love to be a fly on the wall when the brothers Gruden talk


My uncle lives inside the Beltway and he used to get tickets for me many years ago. It's a 5 hr drive but not so bad to see the Bears live. I saw them once at JFK and once in MD and they lost both times. The worst part is having to hear that stupid "Hail to the Foreskins" song - yeesh.

Otis Day

The Battle of 5-7s. :roll: this my feeling about this game.

Admittedly know little about the Skins. There one of a few teams I refuse to watch (Cowboys and Raiders in that group). They are in a shitty division playing shitty football. Bears are playing fairly shitty football. I expect a fairly shitty game. Not hyped about it. Bears at home should be worth 3 (yea I know the hate for Gould is out and he has become worthless now to some fans).

I expect a close game, like every other game, I expect both teams will attempt to lose the game on more than one occasion.

I will be watching while at a family function and I imagine my bro and sis in law will be expecting me to blow my top over the game (they are now Pack fans - F*CKERS).

I guess I will say 17-13 Bears.

Boris 13c

the Redskins are equally capable of good things (their utter destruction of the Saints) and bad things (their MNF loss to the Cowboys) ... which means they are brothers to the Bears, who have the same maddening and inconsistent tendencies

in this Bears yo-yo season, they played a shit game and lost to the 49ers last week after beating Goon Bay the week before ... so that means this is their week to win, though it will probably still be a shit game :

* Cutler and Cousins throw matching pick 6's on their team's opening offensive possessions

* Robbie Gould's first field goal try goes off the left upright but through ... the Redskins first field goal try is blocked

* Bears will have a combined yardage on the ground of almost 300 yards but no rushing touchdowns

Bears 26
Foreskins 20

* Redskins fall to 5-8 but still in tie for NFC East division lead ... Bears rise to 6-7 and are still listed as "in the hunt"


The Bears suck at home, but the Redskins found a way to lose to Dallas.

The Bears home shitty play + Redskins having something to play for = Bears blow lead late & Gould misses key FGs again.

Redskins 22
Bears 17


The Bears may suck at home, but the Redskins are winless on the road this year as well. Bears are inconsistent, but I don't see them dropping two in a row to beatable teams - coaches will have them ready for this one. I see a close Bears victory: 23-21.


Bears again get my hopes up that they aren't terrible.

Bears 26
Skins 17


The game hinges on which Cutler shows up, the gunslinging, shoot from the hip, gonna force that ball to that receiver at any cost Cutler, or the well, doesnt matter, its gonna be the same Cutler. I say they dont implement ANY pass plays inside the 30 yard lines.

Otis Day

Gabbert was winless on the road as well, just saying. I think the Skins and their fans see the Bears as a "beatable team" as well.

Yeah...we do.
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