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Containment Issues

The Giants are coming off a serious beat-down of the Packers. You might think they're confident of a relatively easy time with the Redskins.

Well, the Redskins have picked up two division wins in two games, RG3 and the gang have electrified the NFL with a powerful offensive attack-and the Giants fans were watching.

Now they have a question that's dominating the game discussions.

How do you try to stop Griff, Morris, Garcon, Moss, and Robinson anyway?

The way the Skins have played the past few weeks, they may be our toughest game down the stretch. They are a lot more healthy this time around. I was shocked how we handled Green Bay. The GB defense being beat up helped I'm sure, but the G-MEN really played top D last night. We need that same D this coming Monday. The biggest factor though, will be the Offense. We need that same production. If we get that O, I think we handle the 'Skins.

The Giants put the losses to Pittsburg and Cincinnati in their rear view mirror with the win over Green Bay, but it is time to forget that too.

The Redskins get 11 days to prepare for the Giants on a Monday night in Washington. This is a huge game for the Redskins who can still win the division if they can win Monday and somehow get even with the Giants in the standings over the next 4 weeks. It will be interesting to see how Fewell approaches RGIII, who is not all that different from Aaron Rodgers, but it is the running game which scares me for Washington. The Giants won a close game last time where Washington fumbled away an opportunity for a comeback win, and it looks like another close game coming up.

If you had to choose, would you try to stop Alfred Morris and the running game or RGIII and the pass?

RG and the poassing game. The guy is something like 68% completion and can throw it a country mile. Once he gets some really big time WR's, that team will be scary

A couple of thoughts after watching him carve up teams.

Most of the big plays he creates is because of players not staying with there man or breaking off assignments. They are jumping on every play action play instead of staying home or with there man. Skins run a lot of smoke and mirrors as well. Perhaps we can have a spy just for him and maybe to slow him down. No offense to Chase but not him... I love Chase thou. It would be nice to get J Williams back for this role.

I think the biggest key is stopping the run.. I know I know but because of there running game putting them in good positions it makes it easy for RG3 and puts the defense in a guessing game as he can run QB scramble or short pass. The defense is off balance this way and is in read react mode.

Also is there a way we can force RG3 to 1 side like we did in the past to Vick?. I remember we forced Vick to 1 side and that limited him and his ability to throw. Vick is a lefty I know but maybe we can force RG3 1 side and this may take away at least his throwing on the run ? I know he can run either side but maybe taking throwing on the run can help. I dont know just throwing ideas out there.

I am not saying this is an easy task by no means but most teams are just getting fooled by play action. We need to stop that run and make him beat us throwing...

pierre garcon is playing so that will make things a little more difficult

The Analyst
Have to play him like a healthy Vick. Garcon is Maclin and Robinson is Jackson. Only difference is the Eagles have McCoy who is a shifty speed back and the Skins have Morris who is a power back. Its going to be tough. Just can't let Bob beat you with his feet and we MUST stop the run.

I remember hearing that RG3 does a lot less option if Pierre Garcon is active. Maybe we need to put Prince on him and take him away early...

yah good points. Plus Garcon I think is a beast.
I dont know if he is healthy or 100 % yet. Having our D line more intact will definitely help. Morris is a good Rb thou, very powerful.

Though there is reason to be concerned because of how the Redskins handled the Cowboys...keep in mind that the Skins were playing out of their minds. Garcon was making circus catches and piling up YAC. Griffin threw a perfect game against a tough secondary, they could literally do no wrong.

I don't see that happening two weeks in a row.

i think Fewell will have a slightly different defense for RG than the 1st game, similiar to a defense containing Vick.

Griffith is faster than most so that will be the difficulty for our defense. whatever the situation i believe our defense will hold the skins to a score less than what Eli and the Giants will put up.

Try to keep him off the field with long drives by the offense and contain him on defense. As good as the rookie is this is not something never seen before.

Of course there was a comedian in the mix too.

Red Dog
Have RGIII and his mother make Campbell's Chunky soup commercials like other players before him (McNab, Cruz others) Campbell's will have him playing lousy after 3 commercial breaks, it works everytime

Our offense didn't really get the full test last week because the Pack's defense wasn't at full strength, but our defense sure got its workout. Only offensive starter out for the pack was Jennings. The fact that Rolle completely shut down Cobb 1-on-1, and our pass rush was flushing out the pocket on every other play means our defense definitely stepped up. That said, flushing out is not what you need against RG3. Contain is the keyword in that matchup. Rodgers escaped the pocket a couple times, and had it been RG3 in those situations he might have been able to get some significant rushing yardage that way...

First, we need to control the clock. Second, we can't just sit back in contain and 'make him beat us with his arm', because he is perfectly capable of doing that. Kid is tremendous passer. If we can get pressure enough to hurry him and at the same time not open huge running lanes I think we can be very successful.

Will Second Time facing RGIII make it easier?

We often hear that teams know each other inside-out in divisional games. But the first game, although we can review game tape, we didn't have any "live" experience against "Bob" and the skins read-option offense. Will we have a much greater advantage in the second meeting given that the defense has some live game experience against Bob and read-option offense? I hope so.

Wouldn't think so. We know Philly pretty well but they have consistently beaten us except the one win last year. It may help us to game plan better but I don't see it being any easier. He is a very good player.

The Turk
Yes it will make it much easier I expect that Griffin will not do as well the second time around. However, with garcon back and the rookie receiver really coming on, there is a huge amount of speed on that team now. Safeties must stay deep which may leave holes for Morris and underneath stuff. But the trickeration type stuff will not be as effective.

Stop Morris and you make Bob's life a lot harder. This is the key to beating the Skins this year.

We'll be on National TV, so our attention on this game should be high. The Redskins will be jacked up too, so the best way to play this game is for us to take their best initial punch, withstand it, get the game close to even while the adrenalin wears off on the Skins players and take over in the second half of the game. I'm confident that we could do this. (See the 49er game.)

old man
Morris can be dangerous coming out of the backfield, and PF loves to 'signal' the blitz from the middle by bringing LB down to line early; and since this season the OL pinches our blitzers to the middle the QB scoots to the right and the back gets the ball with momentum about 5-7 yards over the line, and picks up 15 before we are anywhere near him.
If our DEs can contain a 'Trel or Stevie Brown blitz might better force the back to stay in.

bob in TX
NYG can beat Brady and Rodgers, they can beat RG3.

Ignore RGIII as a runner off the read option? RGIII is already one of the best play action QBs in the NFL. His play fakes are excellent at freezing defenses. But should we just ignore him as a runner off the read option?

(1) The Redskins aren't allowing RGIII to run off the read option as much as they did earlier in the season. My guess is that his getting hammered in the Atlanta game had something to do with this decision. Yes it still does happen, but he mostly passes, not runs, off the read option.

(2) When he does run off the read option, it is generally in the middle of the field, where there is a lot of traffic. A few ten to twelve yard gains aren't going to kill us. What we need to do is keep him from running around the end when a pass play breaks down, where there is less traffic, and he can therefore run for a lot more yards.

Let's focus on Morris and RGIII as a runner around the end.

KP is key in this game as he was last night. We play with 5 DBs and let the other six attack the run.

The Dude
If you dont think a running QB, especially RGIII is capable of taking it the distance idk what to tell you. Do not ignore him as a runner. Those 10-12 yard gains you speak of are first downs that can decided the game. Guys the most explosive player in recent memeory, I'm thinking we should focus on every part of his game.

No quarterback likes to be knocked around. I'd like to see them rush at and blitz the crap out of Bob3 all game long so he can feel welcome to the NFL.

Attack the kid like shoppers on black friday and see what happens. It will either be very funny or help build his "character".

as good as Brown was filling in This is a game where having a guy like KP helps. He is much better at reading a play and staying home to cover the deep middle. RG3 has been killing teams when the FS pauses or cheats up on the play fakes.

Nah. The way to play it is to always put him on his ass when they do the read-option, regardless of who comes up with the ball. It's a chance to legally lay out the quarterback.

Bobby Epps
I think that the DTs and MLB should read the RB and the DEs and OLBs should read RGIII.

Focus on responsibilties and don't let RGIII get outside.

If our offense played like they did last night and not turn the ball over, we will be lighting up that porous pass defense. A healthier Nicks will help along with Randle who starting to make some plays.

President Rick
no question the skins are better this year and that's on rg3. however, we have seen a bunch of qb's like him the last two years, and while rg3 is better IMO than the rest of the running types [vick, newton, etc]. we showed last night that we can handle a good agile qb and his wr's. have a LB spy rg3 and hit him on every play when he runs, whether he pitches or not. put rolle on moss the way he was on cobb last night. contain rg3 the way we contained rogers. Go Giants.

This guy had one of the more "unique" views I read.

files 58
RG111 scares me like no other young QB has. He has immense natural talent to go with what appears to be QB talent. He is too too fast. He has the potential to be like a Michael Jordan of football. The NFL is a business, and he has the potential to make untold amounts of money for the league(and himself). There is a very short window of time before the league deems him untouchable, and puts a protective shell around him. Football is a contact/collision sport. RG111 needs to be contacted/collided with ON EVERY PLAY. If a flag happens to be thrown here and there look at it as an investment. Giving up 15 yds now in exchange for the 40-50 yds. and losses in the future. Turn the 4.3 40 speed into 4.5-4.6, just enough to be caught.

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