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Confidence + Hope + Fear = ?

Bengals fans are confident...sort of. They're encouraged by the Redskins defensive breakdown against the Rams-and by the loss of Orakpo and Carriker.

But they, like probably everyone else the Redskins will play this season, are very concerned about stopping RG3.

It looks like the Bengals catch a break as the Skins have apparently lost their two best pass rushers.

Without pressure up front, Washington's secondary is, well, about as good as Cincy's. Dalton and RGIII might throw for a combined 1,000 yards

Yes, RGIII against our defense scares me, but at the same time Washington lost to St. Louis which isn't exactly a defensive (or offensive) juggernaut.

The Bengals need to put together some long, steady drives to keep RGIII off the field as much as possible.

Play action kills the bengals defense, and that's what the Redskins do best. It could be another long day for the defense if they don't play better. They need to stop the run and better pressure, if they can do that it will give them a good chance.

They need to gameplan for RGIII's running ability.
That being said, everytime the defense "gameplans" to stop a player, that player goes off.
Maybe they should gameplan to stop thier punter and hope RGIII isn't an issue.

If we get no pressure on RGIII, the Bengals lose this game

I think Washington got a little taste of NFL reality. They shocked a wounded Saints team but, as seen in STL, almost any NFL team can beat another. RG3 is a stud but his supporting cast is only average and/or hurt.

Not saying Bengals crush in a blowout but two rookie QB's in two weeks is something to look forward to.

RG3 does not play like a rookie at all. The way the defense leaves the middle of the field wide open is bad for this game. I just hope Zim can fix this defense, it's starting to remind me of a Chuck Bresnahan defense that's plays very soft.

Re: Redskins' Orakpo and Carriker out for season
I think they will have a hard time keeping us out of the endzone.

Originally Posted by M.W.
I think they will have a hard time keeping us out of the endzone.

And vice versa.

Johnny Cupcakes
The Redskins Defense was already pretty weak. This makes then MUCH weaker. Hopefully, the Bengals offense can keep a rhythm and score tons of points. They'll need to score an awful lot to win. You think this Defense made Weeden look good? Wait til you see what it does to Griffin.

NC Begnal Mike
I can see Marvin playing a little ball control and shortening the game

Re: Redskins' Orakpo and Carriker out for season
We need all the help we can get....RG3 is for real

I'm as concerned as anyone else about Griffin after seeing Weeden tear the defense apart yesterday. However, I don't think it's quite so simple as that, and if Dunlap returns that should be a big boost. The issues with this defense, in my opinion, have been more about a lack of discipline than a lack of ability. That would mean it can be improved, and it likely will (only because it doesn't get much worse).

If the offense continues playing at this level then the season isn't lost. This team can beat the Redskins.

I don't think there's anything Zimmer can really fix. The problem on defense right now is simply that this squad is far less talented than it was a year ago. Since the summer of 2011, the defense has lost JJoe, Rucker and Fanene altogether. It's currently down Pat Sims, Carlos Dunlap and a good 30-40% of Leon Hall. To replace guys lost and shore up positions, the team took its usual approach of counting on rookie and FA castoffs. But the D's trio of highly touted rooks -- Kirkpatrick, Still and Thompson -- have not had much impact so far, and guys like Anderson and Newman have looked mostly like the bargain-bin players they were.

I do think we will see things improve, but it will take time. It sounds like Dunlap will be back for this game (though he might be limited), Pat Sims could be back by midseason and so could Hall, if John Thornton's estimate that it would take half a season for Hall to round back into form was accurate. Hopefully Kirkpatrick will be healthy sometime soon, and Still and Thompson should get better. But for the six or eight weeks, it's going to be up to the offense to carry the team.

The main thing that concerned me has been the D-line getting pushed around. The Browns ran the ball a lot when the bengals were in there Nickle package, and the D-line was getting pushed backwards. I actually thought Newman played a good game, and played very physical at corner. If the D-line can generate pressure I really don't think the secondary would be that bad. I still wouldn't mind seeing Clemants some at safety, when Allen gets back. I just want to see more of a physical play from them, I know there hurt and I hope that Dunlap will be back this week.

The more tape there is on RG3, the more folks can scheme to stop him. More than playing RG3, they are playing Shanahans scheme.

I agree, RG3 is not your average rookie but he lacks WR's and they have RB by committee.

Something the Bengals always have trouble with is covering good TE's, and Fred Davis is pretty good.

The depleted Redskin defense does give me hope for the running game. I think Dalton will have a solid game, much like Bradford did.

How to beat RG3, ...force him to run it more and put the pressure on him in the pocket.

Forcing him to run increases the likelihood he'll get his bell rung

We really should beat the redskins, i marked this as a W at the seasons beginning, with these 2 guys out, there is no excuse to lose.

Dunlap and Johnson should have a great game. if we can just have Atkins stay at home and make sure RG3 doesn't escape the pocket he should be getting sack after sack.

farce him inside let him think he can run and boom atkins.

...which means Dalton needs to do his job and produce because no matter what, ...RG3 will.

What I've heard about RGIII though is he is more Big Ben than M. Vick in the pocket. By that I mean he'd rather use his atheletism to elude a sack and get a throw off. Meaning that the Bengals D has to maintain coverage. Not something anyone on this board feels good about.

Wash OL is suspect, but if the Bengals break contain they'll get burned.

Problem is I don't see anyone on this defense capable of keeping up with him and ringing his bell. Especially with Howard done for the year.

Losing those DL will hurt the Skins, no doubt. But they've still got some good defenders there. Inside, Bowen and Cofield are hard to move, and Kerrigan might be their best defender. If the OL can hold up vs. the pass rush, I think they can make some hay against their secondary - DeAngelo Hall, Josh Wilson, Madieu Williams and Brandon Merriweather start for them.

On offense, Garcon is very solid, and Fred Davis is a pretty good TE. Assuming Dunlap comes back, he has a favorable matchup, but LT Trent Williams is one of the best, and MJ will have his hands full there. Goes without saying, but they'll have to contain RG, who looks great so far.

RG3s running ability scares me a bit. Rodgers ran all over the D in preseason. The D is going to need to fundamentally sound on their assignments this week

Im already imagining RG3 juking the $hit out of Rey...repeatedly

B.A.B., on 17 September 2012 - 10:09 AM, said:
Im already imagining RG3 juking the **** out of Rey...repeatedly


RG3 won't even need to juke Rey, he will just run right by him.

We're looking at a shootout if our running game can't eat clock.

This is only going to be a tough game because our D for whatever reason can't seem to contain running QB's. If we contain RG3 we in, if not there's a reasonable chance we lose.

Most of you ought be ashamed to call yourself Bengal fans with many of your predictions and hate in this thread.

For god sakes, the unstoppable Redskins, according to all of you, just got beat by the lowly Rams. Get a clue.

Bengals win 23-20.

No hate here, Denny. I'd love to have your sense of optimism, but after a week of hearing how our D would pound this anemic Browns' O and especially their "pathetic" quarterback, I sat in that stadium yesterday just like you and watched this no-name rookie geezer stand tall - and relatively unscathed - in the pocket all day and drop a 300+ yard, no pick, 2 TD performance on us like he'd been doing that sort of thing consistently for the past 8 years. So, forgive me my skepticism as we face RG3 in his house.

As always, I'll hope for the best come Sunday, but yesterday didn't do anything to convince me a win will be either easy or a given in DC. Hope it turns out I was very, very wrong

VA Bengal
One positive is that the Redskins D might be as bad as ours. They gave up a ton of points in two games so far. If the Rams can score like that, no reason we can't. It will come down to their offense against our defense.

I think the weakness we've seen with the Bengals D, in covering shifty RB's out of the backfield and with covering TE's on crossing/Seam/underneath routes, has more to do with the linebackers than the secondary.

Seeing Richardson light up Malaluga and torch them on his long plays made my stomach burn.

Now, Washington might not have big name RB's but the scheme Shanny has, zone blocking with runs over tackle and alley plays, means RB's can be anybody. RG3 throws the wrench into the mix because he is very mobile and will make long 3rd downs unpredictable.

THe Wash WR crew is only average and if Garcon is hurt, then they've lost their true play reciever.

THe liability is with the Bengals LB corps. Rey in the middle misdiagnoses plays, misses tackles and hurts the team. I'd really like to see Muck and Burfict get more playing time.

One comment about Taylor Mays. That he was essentially given the starting SS spot to start the season, and now has clearly lost it, what do they do with the guy? He is not an NFL SS. Perhaps the time has come to bring him closer to the line and turn him into a LB? He certainly could not be worse than Rey Rey.

I expect Hawkins to have a career day after watching the rams Slot wr catch 15 balls. The redskins may try to fix this ****up, but they can't start shading coverage to Hawkins with AJ Green on the field.

RGIII is a stud. If we want any chance of slowing him down, we are going to confuse him presnap and hope we can keep contain on the outside while maintaining our gaps on the interior.

Wow, they look to be just as poor on D as we are. This should be a serious shootout

Good game to play AFN ball. The Bengals best defense is sustained offensive drives chewing up the clock and getting at least 3 points. I think the Bengals 2-4 WRs should have a very good day as Andy spreads the ball around as the Skins double and triple cover AJ. It would also be a good time for their TEs to step up. A steady dose of the Law Firm and own the TOP.

As poorly as the Bengals Def has been the Skins are equally bad but sustained two major playmakers to the IR. Advantage Bengals.
Get an early lead and unleash on RGIII. I cringe with the thought of prevent or bend don't break. Brownies ate that up.
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