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Burner's Burning Questions - Week Three

We were hoping for another victory last week and with the struggling Rams on deck, the prospects for going 3-0 were good indeed. Then suddenly, the Texans rallied from seventeen points behind and our beloved Redskins left many questions on the table as we look forward to Sunday's game. So let those questions roll.

1. Trent Williams could be out for this Sunday's game. Do we move Jammal Brown from the right and play him at left tackle?

The quick answer from the experts would say "no", but this decision will obviously come from the coaches. On the surface, playing Stephon Heyer at LT seems to make sense against a supposed "weaker" opponent in the Rams. However, Brown has taken reps at LT this week and we'll see what actually happens.

2. Tough loss against the Texans. Are they that good or is our beloved Redskins team a step away from being 4-12 again?

First and foremost - the Redskins are vastly improved from a year ago and will challenge for victories in each and every contest. It starts with Donovan McNabb at QB and the new regime has brought optimism to a team that is far better than 4-12. Give credit to the Texans. They are a solid football team and could be the surprise of the entire AFC. The opening game victory over the Colts was no fluke. Keep an eye on the Texans - they are going in the right direction.

3. The defense was horrible against the Texans. I'm really worried. Is the defense becoming the weakest link of our team?

No. The defense is a very good unit and was caught flat-footed against a Texans squad that was going to put yards and points against the best defenses on Sunday. Be sure to re-read the last four sentences of the previous question. At the very least, let's keep a wary eye on the defense and see where they stack up in the coming weeks.

4. Donovan McNabb throwing for 426 yards is awesome. Do we finally have stability at the QB position?

Is this a rhetorical question? Yes, we have stability at the QB position. Feels good, doesn't it? Don't expect massive yardage in each game, but look for the intangibles at the most important position. For example, McNabb never panicked in game one against the Cowboys and lead the team to a tightly contested win on opening day. Kudos to the coaching staff and front office for making the move for Mr. McNabb.

5. Any potential trades before the deadline?

Still hoping to get a lot for Mr. Haynesworth are you? Anything can happen between now and the trading deadline, but it is highly unlikely.

That's all for now. See you next week!
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