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Burner's Burning Questions - Week One and Week Two

Week one is in the books and Redskins fans are happy with the outcome of the first game, but many of the faithful have a number of questions. Let's see what is being asked this week.

1. Donovan McNabb had an unspectacular first game. Is this the kind of play that we can expect from our franchise quarterback?

The simple and quick answer is "yes" and "no". McNabb played error-free football in game one and never played outside of his abilities. He never panicked and managed the defensive contest to perfection. The receiving corps dropped several passes at key junctures of the game, but Donovan McNabb played with ice water in his veins and never surrendered the lead that was given to him. The quarterback position is in good hands with our franchise player. Don't worry - he will "light it up" during a good number of games this season.

2. Speaking of the receiving corps, will it get any better?

Yes, the receiving corps will improve. Santana Moss is a steady presence and Chris Cooley is one of the best tight ends in the league. Look for Fred Davis to become a significant part of the receiving threat in the coming weeks. One thing seems painfully obvious - Joey Galloway will have little to no impact for the Redskins in 2010. Fret not though. The Shanahans have an interesting ace up their sleeves - Devin Thomas. Yes, that Devin Thomas. Don't be surprised if DT FINALLY gets it and picks up his game several notches. The receiver package of Moss, Cooley, Davis, and Thomas can be a force with Donovan McNabb at the helm. That brings us to Anthony Armstrong. Plain and simple, he needs to improve quickly. Let me toss out one more player who could have an impact at receiver - Brandon Banks. He would be perfect for a few wide receiver screens and the occasionally rare end around calls. The WR positions have a lot of potential and we can be cautiously optimistic.

3. Hate to ask this question. Will Albert Haynesworth become a team player and give 100%?

I wish the answer could be an emphatic "yes", but the reality is probably far different than what we can hope for in 2010. Don't look for any in-season trades - it's simply not going to happen. The best we expect from Albert is for him to embrace the system and become a very strong role player in the rotation. If he can provide some decent minutes in each contest, the prospects of trading him in the offseason for good compensation certainly improves.

4. The defense looked good on Sunday night, but was very suspect against the run. Can we hope for improvement in the remaining games?

Hey, you can hope for anything, but I refer you to the last two sentences of the previous question. Too, we expect the defense will get much more comfortable in the 3-4 scheme. Look for Adam Carriker to slowly improve and show that his acquisition was an absolute steal. Don't be surprised if the Redskins acquire another defensive linemen via the waiver wires or kick the tires of a trusted, but out of work veteran. So yes, we will see some improvement in the run defense.

5. Is it too early to plan for playoff appearances?

Whoa! Hold on a second. You need to remember that this is a 4-12 team in 2009, but with many solid changes. This week is very important though. Getting a win against a key rival in the opening game was huge, but game two suddenly becomes the most important second contest of the season in many years. It will be a tough game, but if the Redskins are victorious, they will be 2-0 with game three coming against the Rams. Let's get through game two and make new assessments at that time.

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