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Burner's Burning Questions - Week Five

Burner's Burning Questions - Week Five

What a great victory over the Eagles! That cured a few ills, but we still have twelve games to go. Let's get to the questions for this week.

1. Hey Nostradamus, good prediction on the Eagles winning! Care to take a guess for this week's game?

Answer: Yeah, I'll take the lumps on that prediction. Just glad that the Redskins won and are now 2-0 in the division. As for this week, take a look after the final question.

2. 2-0 in the division is good indeed. Can we expect 4-2 in the NFC East - maybe 5-1?

Answer: Well, we have the Cowboys on the road and that will be tough. We have the Eagles at home and it would be nice to have a sweep. Two games against the Giants remain. If we can win the two home games, then 4-2 is very likely. Right now, 5-1 seems to be too much of a stretch.

3. Clinton Portis is out for several weeks. Is this his final hurrah in DC?

Answer: Yes and no. This will probably be the final season for CP in a Redskins uniform and he may be playing his final season of football altogether. However, look for him to make a Herculean effort to return in the next few weeks and close out the season on a high note. He may not get the team record for rushing, but the offense needs his superior blocking skills.

4. Hunter the Punter is back. Does this improve special teams play?

Answer: Absolutely. Hunter Smith brings back the possibility of fake field goals, fake punts, and gadget plays. The Redskins may not try any of these tricks, but teams will need to respect that it could happen at any given moment. Look for the punting to improve as well.

5. Ryan Torain could carry the load for a substantial number of games. Is he ready?

Answer: Ready or not, he has no other choice. If he can duplicate the effort in Philly for several games, he may become the featured back for the rest of 2010. Portis, when healthy again, could fill a relief role and use his blocking skills when needed for potential blitzes on passing downs. Torain has a golden opportunity here and he needs to seize the moment. Carpe Diem Ryan - Carpe Diem.

Ok, the prediction: Green Bay 28 Washington 17 --- Ugh.

That's all for this week - see you again next week.
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