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Burner's Burning Questions - Week Eight

Another victory has brought the Redskins to a 4-3 record and they have now matched last season's win total. It wasn't the best of games, but it's nice to see the team fighting hard. On to the questions for this week.

1. That Chicago game was ugly. Is it the ugliest win in team history?

Answer: Possibly. The important stat is the "W" and in today's wild and wacky NFL, you take the wins and be happy. The pain of watching that game was tempered by the performances of DeAngelo Hall, Albert Haynesworth, Ryan Torain, Chris Cooley, and Santana Moss.

2. Is the upcoming Detroit game a classic trap a la St. Louis?

Answer: Let's put it this way. St. Louis was the classic trap game. Detroit beat St. Louis a couple of weeks ago, 44-6. Detroit is a good team and their starting quarterback is returning this week. Expect a tight game against a team that is far better than a record of 1-5.

3. London Fletcher will start his 200th straight game on Sunday. How many years can he continue?

Answer: It depends on two things - desire and durability. So far, Fletcher has demonstrated both traits for a substantial period of time. It would not be surprising to see him performing at such a high level for at least three more years.

4. Is DeAngelo Hall on pace for a pro bowl season?

Answer: Prior to the Chicago game - probably not. After the Chicago game - quite possible. Hall will need to double his interception totals and another touchdown wouldn't hurt his case either.

5. Your predictions the last two weeks have been on the money. Care to continue the successful prognostication rate that you have set?

Answer: I'll be happy to make another accurate prediction for the game this week. Keep in mind that I had a poor start to the season though. Anyway, here goes...

Redskins 27 Lions 23

That's all for week eight. See you again for week nine.

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