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Burner's Burning Questions - Week 2

Burner's Burning Questions - Week 2

Greetings to all. The Redskins are undefeated after two games and are all alone in first place. This is a rare moment, so let's enjoy it while we can and cheer for a Monday night win. Let's get to the questions for this week.

1. Will Tony Romo play on Monday night?

Answer: Yes. He is hurt, but not out. This is a key game for both teams and he won't miss it for that reason alone.

2. It was a close game against the Cardinals. Is this cause for concern?

Answer: Not really. The Redskins of old would've found a way to lose that game, but these Redskins will fight for every yard and point. The culture has changed at Redskins Park and this team is going to challenge for a playoff spot and possibly a division title.

3. Rex Grossman had another solid game. Is his success altering the need for taking a QB in next year's draft?

Answer: It is too early to determine draft day needs in September. Let's concentrate on the upcoming games instead. There will be a time to talk about the draft and free agency.

4. Did DeAngelo Hall go too far in talking about hitting an injured player?

Answer: Yes. It is known that opposing players will target an injury, but it is best to stay mum on the subject and give no material fodder for others to use against you.

5. Is Chris Cooley a second string player now?

Answer: Yes. However, he can still be a productive player in two tight end sets/formations and on some passing downs.

That's a wrap for this week. Enjoy the game on Monday night. Hail!

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