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Burner’s Burning Questions – Weeks Thirteen, Fourteen

After taking a one week hiatus, BBQ is back for more fun and excitement. The big question this week is the health of Robert Griffin, III – specifically, the sprained knee. Let’s head right over to the question board for this week.

Q1: Mike Shanahan is a master of deception. A few years ago, we knew every move the team was making whether it was in free agency, the draft, game planning, or looming cuts. There were no secrets. Do you know who is starting at QB this week? Being stealthy and employing a bit of disinformation to the enemy is a refreshing change at Redskins Park – don’t you think so?
A: BBQ certainly prefers it over the old way of doing business. That includes tracking the team plane – although, that was fun and challenging.

Q2: Alfred Morris continues to impress us on the playing field. However, his character away from the sport speaks volumes about him as a person. Read this story and take some time to look at the comments.

Like fans of opposing teams are saying, it is hard to hate an opponent who gives so much respect to the game and others. BBQ is very proud of Mr. Morris and BGO members likely agree.
A: What are your favorite Alfred Morris moments – on and off the field?

Q3: A simple question. Has Jim Haslett done enough in recent weeks to keep his job?
A: BBQ believes that the remaining games are needed as a gauge to see if he stays or is ushered out the door.

Q4: Does Kirk Cousins have your confidence if he is needed this week or in the future?
A: Captain Kirk was very impressive in the closing moments (regulation) of the Ravens game. In some of his late game improvising, it is obvious that Cousins has learned a few tricks from RG3. Again, does Kirk Cousins have your vote of confidence?

Q5: After the bye, did you expect wins over three straight division rivals and the Ravens?
A: Let’s be honest. None of us were thinking that the Redskins could go to Dallas on Thanksgiving, then host the Giants, and top it off with the Ravens while sweeping all three games. Add a blowout win over the Eagles and the playoff hunt is on the radar. Let’s hope it continues this week.

See you after the game in Cleveland.

Hail To The Redskins!
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