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Burner’s Burning Questions – Week Seven

Another week in the NFL Season has passed and the Redskins continue to struggle at times, especially in the secondary. The trade deadline comes late Tuesday and the Redskins will probably be non-players, but nothing can be ruled out.

Q1: Could the Redskins be players in the trading market?
A: Probably not, but suggestions of trading Kirk Cousins and Rex Grossman have been proffered. It would be nice if a team made a nice offer for Rex, but that is not likely to happen either. Does anyone think the Redskins could trade away an impact player after the season ends? Maybe a Brian Orakpo? How about a receiver needy team – Leonard Hankerson anyone?

Q2: How in the world can we expect to compete when the defensive secondary is comprised of Moe, Larry, and Curly?
A: Give us your thoughts on the matter. If nothing improves, do we fire Haslett and Morris after the season or the entire defensive staff? BBQ thinks that Morris should stay (if he is not picked up by another team) and the rest of the defensive staff should go.

Q3: Robert Griffin, III continues his impressive march as a star studded rookie. Is this a dream come true?
A: You bet it is and then some! One forum member created a thread and said that no other player is better than the prized QB. It’s hard to argue that point. The advice of BBQ is to continue enjoying this special ride.

Q4: The offensive line continues to perform well under the circumstances. Does the supposed return of Jammal Brown change things at RT? Will he miss the entire season?
A: BBQ believes that Brown will go straight to IR and his tenure as a member of the Redskins is finished. Do you believe otherwise? Is there any hope of his return? Is the RT position the weak link of the OL?

Q5: Getting back to the secondary. This is just a suggestion. Would it be a good idea to bring in Eric Mangini during the break as a special defensive assistant? He may not have the mojo to be a head coach, but his specialty is the defensive secondary and has a good record at this position.
A: Your responses are welcomed to this and the other questions for the coming week.

That is all for week seven. We will return early in the week for week eight. The trading deadline looms and we will be at the mid-point for this season. See you then.

Hail To The Redskins!
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