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Burner’s Burning Questions – Week Fifteen

First place! Can you believe it? The Redskins have a reasonable chance at winning the division title and would host a first round playoff game. A few weeks ago we were talking about 2013, evaluating players, free agency, and the draft. BBQ has shelved those discussions for now and happily so. Let’s dive right into the questions for this week.

Q1: What if Kyle Shanahan gets a good offer to be a HC?
A: We can’t deny that he may get some calls after the season is over and it is obvious that he has a solid handle on being a top notch offensive coordinator. BBQ believes that he will remain with the Redskins and ascend to the head coaching position while his father moves to the front office in the not too distant future.

Q2: What are Alfred Morris’ chances to get the team record in rushing?
A: The chances are better than average. Morris needs 195 yards over the final two games to claim the record. Do you think he will get the necessary yardage to claim the title?

Q3: Have the Giants been elevated to our most hated rival?
A: Opinions on our most hated rival seem to be generally split between the teams in the NFC East, but the Giants have been elevated to “most hated” status for now. Owner John Mara is the obvious focal point of our disdain for the Giants. However, are the Giants elevated to this lofty status over the Cowboys and Eagles?

Q4: Has DeAngelo Hall become too much of a distraction to the team?
A: The quick and simple answer is yes. His latest outburst centers on the exchange that he had with a referee in the October 28th game against the Steelers. That game is history and the focus should be squarely on the next game. BGO, is it time to part ways with Hall after this season?

Q5: A simple question. Should the Week seventeen game between Dallas and Washington be flexed to Sunday night?
A: Of course! Your opinions are certainly welcomed, but it should be obvious!

That is all for this week – see you again next week.

Hail To The Redskins!

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