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Burner’s Burning Questions – Week Eleven

I hope your Thanksgiving was a joyous occasion. Let’s get right to the questions for this week.

1. Earlier in the week, Homer McFanboy asked if Mike Shanahan was the right coach for the Redskins at this time. Is he?

Answer: Yes. When Coach Shanahan was hired, this organization needed to have a leader who would bring discipline, a younger group of players, more draft picks, a dedicated plan of rebuilding, quality free agents, and a sound football mindset. There is no perfect coach and they all make mistakes, but this team is much better for having this man as head coach.

2. Some of his early mistakes have cost the team. How is that better?

Answer: As mentioned, there is no perfect coach and mistakes will be made. A solid foundation is being laid. Fans need to be patient. Let’s give this another year or two before we fully evaluate the progress of this team.

3. Evan Royster is now on the squad? What can we expect from him?

Answer: With so many injuries, it made sense to promote Royster and have him learn while receiving valuable playing time. Younger players are gaining experience and this will help the Redskins in the years to come.

4. Some have said that Sunday’s game was a “moral victory”. Some coaches will say that there is no such thing in sports. Is that true?

Answer: It depends on the coach and team. The Redskins were expected to do very little on Sunday, but they had a reasonable chance to win the game and played with a lot of heart. Building good character is the right start toward having a winning franchise.

5. Many of the fans seem divided on “playing for a draft pick” and “playing to win”. Is it wrong to hope for losses?

Answer: Both sides have merit to their arguments and each fan should be free to choose with how they “cheer” for their favorite team. The debate will continue until the very last game, but both sides should know that fan dedication can take different paths of support.

Enjoy the games this weekend. See you next week.
Hail to the Redskins!
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