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Burner’s Burning Questions – Offseason Edition: The Combine

Greetings to all Redskins fans. We continue the offseason chatter with a look at the NFL Combine and how Redskins coaches look at this opportunity to take a closer look at prospects. Every year, the Combine elevates certain players based on individual workouts and becomes a heavy anchor that sinks the fortune of other future hopefuls.

In the past, teams have been lured to players with speed, bench press reps, leaping ability, and positive results in various drills. Some have gone on to productive careers and others have been nothing more than “Combine Stars”. The latter is what the Redskins need to avoid.

Who made a good showing at the Combine and of that group, who will be considered by the Redskins? Who made a poor showing and should that be ignored or considered as well?

Robert Griffin III – He was a definite star at the combine and the Redskins are thought to be amongst the favorites to snag him via a trade-up in the draft. Most likely, it is worth the effort.

Ryan Tannehill – He was not active due to injury. His intangibles make him and intriguing prospect and should get serious consideration.

Offensive Linemen:
Mike Adams – A prospect that should not receive consideration from the Redskins. Adams has the label of poor work habits and his pitiful showing at the Combine simply proves it. Avoid.

Cordy Glenn – A few weeks ago, this guard prospect was considered to be a third round pick. Glenn is now considered to be a late first round pick. If he falls to the second round, the Redskins could receive good value in Glenn.

Wide Receivers:
Stephen Hill – Not an elite receiver according to some draft services, but Hill should get a serious look due to his incredible numbers in college – even if his touches were limited. The Combine provided a chance for him to post some respectable numbers.

Kendall Wright – He had some difficulties this past week, but a better barometer of his play is on film. Wright could be a classic example of how some players go on to productive careers in spite of their performance at the Combine.

Tight Ends:
The tight ends at the Combine did not impress, but one player who should receive consideration from the Redskins is Coby Fleener.

Defensive Tackle/Nose Guard:
Dontari Poe – He is an intriguing prospect. He is not as athletic as advertised, but could provide good value in the third round.

Michael Brockers – Many draft gurus believe he is a first round pick, but he lacks athleticism and general techniques. Avoid.

Vontaze Burfict – The bottom line on Burfict is that he is overrated and the Combine numbers were poor at best. Avoid.

Nick Perry – He was thought to be a second rounder last fall, but his superior skills were on display at the Combine and throughout the season. If the Redskins trade down for extra picks, Perry could provide good value later in the first round.

Defensive Backs:
Josh Robinson – Don’t let the speed fool you. Every year, a prospect demonstrates incredible speed via the forty yard dash. The “star” this year is Robinson. If he falls to the seventh round or becomes an undrafted free agent, then he is a player to consider.

Janoris Jenkins – He will probably go late in the first round, but if Jenkins falls, the Redskins should avoid him. Yes, he has made good strides from his past, but there are still some concerns. He is the father of children who are 3, 2, 1, and 3 months. Does this remind you of other players who are distracted by such things? Can you say “Travis Henry”? Can you say “Antonio Cromartie”? The Jets had to loan Cromartie $500,000 to help with child support (nine in all). Avoid.

Harrison Smith – Smith has garnered increased attention at the Combine and had a good showing. If he slips to the second round, the talented strong safety could be an option if LaRon Landry departs.

When it comes to grading the Combine, it is easy to overrate and underrate players who may or may not be a good fit for the Redskins. However, the Combine can play a significant role in tilting the minds of coaches who were on the fence about certain individuals.

Coming soon: Part Two of the free agency discussion.

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