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Burner’s Burning Questions – Offseason Edition, Free Agency – Part Two

The NFL Combine is history and the regional combines continue for the next several weeks. In this second installment of the offseason edition of BBQ, we take our next look at free agency. Once again, the cap limitations that were placed on the Redskins in 2012 will affect them in 2013 as well. BBQ is going under the assumption that none of the money will be recovered and has taken a look at how the FA period could unfold.

Q1: Who are the pending free agents for the Redskins and of those players, who should stay and who should walk?
Answer: Here is the list with suggestions. Feel free to give your thoughts on who should stay and who should go.

Quarterback: Rex Grossman – Walk. We have two capable QBs and a third prospect can be added in the late rounds of the draft or as an UDFA.
Fullback: Darrel Young (RFA) – Keep. He is a terrific lead blocker.
Tight End: Fred Davis – Neutral. Will he recover from is Achilles injury in time for the new season? Are the Redskins looking for his replacement in the draft? This is now leaning to “Walk” based on some of the contacts that the Redskins have had with TE prospects in the upcoming draft.
Tight End: Logan Paulsen (RFA) – Keep. This blue collar player continues to contribute valuable minutes on the playing field and is a reliable blocker.
Tackle: Tyler Polumbus – Keep. Obviously, Polumbus is not the long term answer at right tackle, but he is a reliable backup who can fill in when needed.
Tackle: Jordan Black – Walk. He saw little time on the field this season and was also suspended.
Guard: Kory Lichtensteiger – Neutral. Lichtensteiger was penalized on numerous occasions and was bit by the injury bug. Josh LeRibeus is ready to step forward. Is Lichtensteiger willing to take a demotion?
Defensive Line: Kedric Golston – Walk. It is time to move on from Golston. If he was younger, then his services would be needed. He can be easily replaced.
Defensive Line: Chris Baker – Walk. A training camp and preseason star did not produce as much during the regular season.
Outside Linebacker: Rob Jackson – Keep. His stellar play in 2012 has caused more than just a few fans to think the improbable – do we trade Brian Orakpo?
Outside Linebacker: Lorenzo Alexander – Keep. The all-everything player is probably a lock to stay – as it should be and it is not up for debate.
Outside Linebacker: Chris Wilson – Walk. His contributions over the years are certainly appreciated, but it is time to move on.
Inside Linebacker: Bryan Kehl – Walk. Little to no impact at LB during the season makes him a free agent.
Cornerback: Cedric Griffin – Changed, Neutral to Walk. Started the season poorly, but rebounded somewhat. Just the cost alone is enough to make the team look elsewhere.
Safety: Madieu Williams – Walk. Simply put, he is a liability in all facets of the game and should not return.
Punter: Sav Rocca – Walk. His production dropped dramatically in 2012 and there are several options in free agency that are more attractive.
Special Teams: Brandon Banks – Walk. What seemed so promising turned into Antwan Dancing El, Part Two. It is time to move on from this little experiment.
Special Teams: Nick Sundberg – Keep. The long snapper has made a name for himself and appears to have a long career at this vital position.

Q2: With the new offseason set to begin on March 12, who could be released for cap savings purposes? BBQ provides a list. Provide your ideas on who should stay and who should go.

Jammal Brown. It is time for him to go.
Cap savings: $1.3 Million
Dezmon Briscoe. Had no impact in his one season here.
Cap savings: $630,000

DeAngelo Hall. If he agrees to restructure, then bringing him back is an option.
Cap savings: $8.0 Million
Santana Moss. Like Hall, if he agrees to restructure, then bringing him back is an option.
Cap savings: $4.5 Million

Reed Doughty. A special teams ace and role player could be on the chopping block, but he has staying power it seems.
Cap savings: $1.375 Million
Brandon Meriweather. Health is the main issue here.
Cap savings: $1.3 million

Keiland Williams. Returning RBs makes him expendable.
Cap savings: $630,000
Tanard Jackson – Walk. Jackson came with a “buyer beware” tag and he chose to take that horrible path.
Cap Savings: $700,000.

Q3: Which players could be candidates for restructuring contracts to save cap space? Also, which players do you believe deserve an extension – for cap savings and keeping them on the team?

Stephen Bowen: 2013 Cap, $5.5 Million.
Adam Carriker: 2013 Cap, $4.0 Million.
Chris Chester: 2013 Cap, $4.3 Million.
* Could be released with no cap hit.
Barry Cofield: 2013 Cap, $6.3 Million.
London Fletcher: 2013 Cap, $6.2 Million.
Pierre Garcon: 2013 Cap, $8.2 Million.
Brandon Meriweather: 2013 Cap, $2.9 Million.
Josh Morgan: 2013 Cap, $5.1 Million.
Brian Orakpo: 2013 Cap, $5.1 Million.
Trent Williams: 2013 Cap, $8.0 Million.
Josh Wilson: 2013 Cap, $5.3 Million.
These players are prime candidates for restructuring and extensions. BBQ would like to see extensions for Fletcher, Morgan, Orakpo, Williams, and Wilson. BBQ would like to see restructures for Bowen and Cofield. Meriweather taking a pay cut is preferable.

Q4: Which free agents from other teams could be targets of the Redskins?
Answer: There are some good prospects for the Redskins to consider – if they become available.

Offensive Tackle:
1. Phil Loadholt – He could provide the talent and stability that the Redskins have needed at RT.
2. Sebastian Vollmer – BBQ thinks of him as 1A, but might be a bit costly.
3. Branden Albert – Injury concerns could cause the Redskins to look past Albert. Would he be a repeat of Jammal Brown?
Defensive Line:
1. Sammie Lee Hill – An underrated player who deserves a chance to play in regular rotation on the line.
2. Alan Branch – Not a top lineman, but no real weaknesses either.
3. Sen’Derrick Marks – A young player who has probably reached his peak, but is still a solid contributor.
1. Greg Toler – Talented corner could shine in the 3-4 system.
2. Cary Williams – Could be a starter when/if needed and would be a solid player in nickel packages.
3. Derek Cox – Another talented corner, but has a problem with staying healthy. Overcome the injury bug and he rises to the top of the list.
1. Corey Lynch – An underrated safety who would do well in Washington. Also a special teams ace.
2. Ed Reed – If he comes at a reasonable price, then why not?
3. Glover Quin – Quietly does a good job and has found his place in the league after struggling as a cornerback.
1. Kevin Huber – Consistent and has a solid leg. He would be a huge upgrade over Sav Rocca.
2. Dustin Colquitt – Not as strong as Huber, but has an uncanny knack for kicking the ball consistently inside the opponents twenty yard line.
With this list, one or two studs could be signed and two or three role players could join the team as well.

That is all for this edition of BBQ. As the offseason continues, we will periodically look at free agents and the upcoming draft. See you as we go along.

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