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Burner’s Burning Questions – At The Bye

Greetings to everyone. The bye week is upon us and the fans are revolting against the owner, coaches, and several players. It’s an ugly scene out there, but BBQ is here to try and make some sense of it all. This week, there will be two blogs as we try to dissect this current train wreck in the making.

Q1: It is time to take a look at college prospects. BGO members are invited to chime in with their thoughts. Here is the first question. The Redskins have no first rounder in the next two drafts. Should they trade down with their second rounder and acquire more picks?
A: It makes perfect sense to take advantage of every opportunity to acquire extra picks when possible. The Redskins could move further down in the second round and add a third rounder in the process. This would yield picks in the second, third, third, fourth, fifth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and seventh rounds. All too often, a few blue chippers fall to the second and third rounds and having extra opportunities to acquire these studs is a chance worth taking.

Q2: Later this week, BBQ will take a look at specific draft prospects. BBQ believes that the draft should focus on safety, cornerback, right tackle, defensive tackle, and tight end. Do you have any preferences? Are there other positions that we should target? Feel free to weigh in. Consideration will be given to your opinions.
A: Although a mock draft is not asked for in this blog, feel free to submit one if you are so inclined. Talk about your favorite prospects and what kind of impact could they have with the Redskins.

Q3: Free Agency will merit some consideration as well. This week, we will focus on who should stay with the Redskins and who should receive walking papers. What are your choices?
A: BBQ is sure to get a lot of heated debate on this subject, so have at it! Once again, your answers will be featured later this week. Have fun with it.

That is all for the first part of this week’s BBQ.

Hail To The Redskins!

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