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Blognostications: Redskins at Atlanta

Blognosticator - Lanky Livingston

Well, here we are. The thought of writing an actual prediction was just too depressing, so may I present the first (?) BGO Blognostication written completely in Haiku:

Great expectations; Thanks, Atlanta and Houston; You’ve done even worse.

Much incompetence in all phases of the game; Pee-wee league football.

Three and ten record; Is Shanahan coaching them, Or is it Jim Zorn?

No competition; The defense has given up; Humiliation.

Over/under on D. Hall getting ejected? I say third quarter.

Falcons no run game; Top receiving threat is hurt; None of it matters.

Defense can’t tackle; defensive backs can’t cover; no pass-rush at all.

This crappy defense will make Harry Douglas and Roddy White All-Pros.

Steven Jackson will Run like it’s 2005; NFL record?

Jim Haslett has no business coaching in the league; shouldn’t coach high school.

Rumors are swirling that Mike controls the defense; doesn’t want to blitz.

If this is the truth, add gigantic pussy to Haslett’s resume.

Griffin has no time to do much of anything; O-Line offensive.

Poor Alfred Morris; Lone bright star on a dark night; SHOULD have a big game.

Cannot mention Kyle abandoning the run game, so I’ll ignore him.

One thing I’ll mention; play-action and read-option won’t work down forty.

Offense not working; anyone think we might see a swinging gate called?

Mike was smiling and laughing on the sideline while getting dismantled.

Angriest I’ve been as a fan watching in years; there just are no words.

Shanahan fired? Season done before the start; Let’s go Capitals?

History and pride; This franchise and these great fans deserve much better.

Prediction? Well, pain. Go outside and play with your kids; much more worth it.
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