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Blognostications 2017 - Week 8 - Cowboys @ Redskins

Blognosticator - Burgundy Burner

As many of you know, I was not too kind to the Redskins in the BBQ seasonal predictions. The prognostication called for a 2-14 record, but that win total prediction was bested after the San Francisco game. Perhaps that was a bit too rough, but I looked at a brutal schedule in the middle of the season and now that particular time is here. The Redskins had the injury bug surface in recent weeks and was exacerbated on Monday night against the Eagles. Some of the news was not so good and some of it had us breathing a collective sigh of relief.

So now Dallas week is upon us and with the injury concerns, we need to put forth a blognostication for game seven on the schedule. The Redskins are coming off of a debilitating loss in Philadelphia and this next game is a short week as well. It seems like there is nothing positive here, but there are rays of hope. Let's take a full look at this upcoming game and put forth a realistic prediction.

First, whenever these two teams meet you can simply toss out the records. One can be the clear cut division leader and the other is nothing more than a cellar dweller, but it doesn't matter. The game will be tough and demanding on both sides. Sure, there have been some lopsided victories/losses, but that is not typical of this series. Look for this game to be close as well.

Second, Dallas will have the services of Ezekiel Elliott for this game and may have to serve his six game suspension thereafter. That makes the task of containing the Cowboys offense much more difficult. The Cowboys are all but fully healthy. While Josh Norman likely returns for Washington, the defensive line has a big void left by Jonathan Allen. The offensive line needs a new hospital wing just for itself at the Inova Loudon Hospital. And let us not forget the ongoing injuries to Jordan Reed, Preston Smith, Rob Kelley, Deshazor Everett, and Ty Nsekhe. How much must one team endure?

Third, it's a home game for the Redskins and it is not on prime time television. This contest has a huge billing on FOX as the featured late Sunday afternoon game, but it is not at night. That is a good thing. The Redskins are at home and a friendly crowd helps, but our fans need to show up in huge numbers in order to have a true home field advantage. It's one thing to criticize the team in a fan forum or with fellow workers in the office, but we need to support this team on social media and at the stadium. The players need to know that we will continue to cheer loudly and have their backs – even in difficult times.

Fourth, the Redskins need to put the latest game behind them quickly and bring their best effort on Sunday. That will be a huge challenge. The Cowboys are loaded on offense and they simply keep coming at an opponent with a relentless determination. On defense, they may not overwhelm, but Dallas likes for their defense to bring constant pressure. With a banged up Redskins roster, these are monumental challenges. How to contain a young, mobile quarterback. How to contain an elite running back. How to establish a consistent rushing attack. How to get the wide receivers involved. How to eliminate mistakes on special teams. How to avoid costly penalties. Yes, it will be a huge challenge.

This sounds like a gloomy picture and yet I go back to the first point – toss out the records when these two teams play one another. I think it will be very close and there should be many points scored, but it is difficult to overlook the many injuries that are facing the Redskins. So I'm picking the Cowboys to win on a last minute field goal. Keep in mind that my seasonal predictions have been wrong thus far, so let's hope I'm wrong again.

Cowboys 38 Redskins 35
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