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Blognostications - 2017 Week 14 - Redskins @ Chargers

Blognosticator - Burgundy Burner

Hello once again. I am back to do another blognostication. A reminder from that first blognostication: “As many of you know, I was not too kind to the Redskins in the BBQ seasonal predictions. The prognostication called for a 2-14 record, but that win total prediction was bested after the San Francisco game. Perhaps that was a bit too rough, but I looked at a brutal schedule in the middle of the season and now that particular time is here. The Redskins had the injury bug surface in recent weeks and was exacerbated on Monday night against the Eagles. Some of the news was not so good and some of it had us breathing a collective sigh of relief”.

Ok, fast forward to this week and a game against the San Diego, uh, Los Angeles Chargers awaits. The injuries continue to mount. The Redskins have been swept by the Cowboys and Eagles. The good news is that the team has had a chance to rest a bit after a second straight Thursday game. The Chargers had a miserable start to the season, but have been on fire of late. It seems we're catching them at the wrong time.

The Chargers are rolling along with a three game winning streak and look to make it four. They are tied for first place in the AFC West and clearly want to continue on a determined march to the playoffs. On the other hand, our beloved Redskins have been a vexation to our souls and there seems to be plenty of finger pointing from the fans. The wrath of some Redskins faithful blame the coaches. Others will mention select players. The team president and even the owner have been recipients of vitriolic rhetoric.

However, we must put aside the animated conversations on Sunday as the Redskins travel to the west coast. What can we expect? The Chargers have become an offensive juggernaut while the Redskins continue to put a patchwork of fifty-three players together each week. On paper it looks as if the host team could score at will on Sunday while their defense continues to garner a greater measure of respect each week.

This doesn't mean we expect the Chargers to win in a blowout, but all signs do point to a struggle for the Redskins. So how will it all unfold? I think the Chargers score early and often. The Redskins try to match and do so for a while as Kirk Cousins keeps it interesting with another 300 yard day and his scrambling abilities. The Chargers put plenty of distance on the Redskins in the fourth quarter, but a late touchdown for the burgundy and gold makes it look a little more respectable.

The Redskins will fall to 5-8 and be a step closer to a top ten pick next spring.

Chargers 45 Redskins 31
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As we enjoy today's conversations, let's remember our dear friends 'Docsandy', Sandy Zier-Teitler, and 'Posse Lover', Michael Huffman, who would dearly love to be here with us today! We love and miss you guys ❤

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