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Battle for the NFCE begins now

The Giants, last season's Superbowl champs, fresh off a serious beat-down of a hot 49ers team, in the lead in the NFCE; Why, one might think they'd feel pretty invincible right now.

Uh...well,not really. They're facing the Redskins and like pretty much every team we're playing now, they are expecting a tough game.

There is confidence, but mixed with a lot of wariness.

The Redskins are now a serious matter who we're playing, we're not being overlooked anymore.

That was then...this is now.

Just ask Giants fans.

Should be a great battle next Sunday

i view this as a must win.

Crazy that with a loss the Skins get 1st place. This division is sooooo wide open. I love it.

RG3 is gonna be a pain in our *** for a long time.. It starts this Sunday.. Lets at least get in his head

redskins are a solid team... Should be a good one

Most important game on our schedule thus far. Not only did this team sweep us last year, they're excited and now playing with a lot of passion and energy.

Shanahan and company seemed like they knew everything we were trying to do...even after Rocketgate. I don't care who we beat, going 0-3 in the division will be pretty bad, even though we still can end up splitting but I don't want the team to carry that much pressure. We need to bring our A game because this is Washington's 1st division game of the season so they're gonna already have that extra incentive just like we should.

We need a W in the division and it will also give us some cushion.... RGIII is crazy...will be a very tough game

RG3 had a monster game, can't wait to pick him off and sack him though.

Tough game for sure. Have to give credit to their rookie QB, he is really good. I wold say he 1st thing you do is obvious. Contain him.
Have to have the secondary play well. Having Canty back should help too. Will they get back KP as well?

This won't be easy. Big win and coming from the west to east for a 1 pm game has hurt the giants in the past. We must contain Bobby Griffin and pull out a tough victory.

If we can keep RG3 in the pocket, we'll be fine. He has a good arm but he's more dangerous when he's on the run.

I think we need to play RG3 like we did against Newton

We need to treat RG3 the way we treated Cam, CONTAIN HIM!

I'm pretty sure Shanahan saw that Carolina game.

Keys to this game will be ball control on offense and containing their running game...Griffin in particular! Alfred Morris (who happens to have my late grandfather's first and last name) is a brute but we need to focus on controlling the run early.

Tight coverage will be very helpful with a hint of pass-rush too

I would call it more of an opportunity than crucial. We win against the skins and our division record gets 50% better overnight and we keep a rival down where they will have a hard time climbing up from.

We've done well against the option this year, we should be fine

Our dline has contained running qbs well so far. Vick and Scam weren't able to run on us.

I disagree with that.

Vick ran for 50 yards on us averaging 8.2ypr. That is the most any team has allowed besides Detroit today. He picked up some very crucial first downs on the run against us.

Cam was a different story.

RG3 will be throwing in a forest for the 1st time all year, should be interesting

Santana gets some notice now-probably since he's had a bit more exposure in recent games.

Santana Moss has always hurt the Giants. Can't just forget about him

But with any luck, Fewell will read your post and redouble his focus on Santana Moss.

There was a discusion of Redskins defensive weaknesses.

Matt G
I fully will admit that I have not watched any Redskins games this year in their entirety, but just looking at the statistics, it looks like their pass defense is absolutely ATROCIOUS...

We are approaching the halfway mark on the NFL season and the Washington Redskins are on pace to surrender 5,464 yards (shattering the record of 4,796 set by last year's Packers) and 40 TDs...

So for those of you who have caught a few of their games, I know they have had some injuries along the front 7 and now Meriweather and Griffin are out, but WTF is going on with that defense?

Giants-Bama in CO
yes but I see their D has a lot of INT's. So something to watch out for it looks like

Greg from LI
well, when you can't get a pass rush without blitzing.....and sometimes not even then, plus your DBs couldn't cover a parked car, you'll tend to give up a lot of yards through the air.

same thing last year
when the giants were 5-2 and about to play the pats. up to that point, their pass defense was beyond horrific.

and you know what gilbride did?

you guessed it, personnel packages with multiple TEs and fullbacks. Playaction and shot plays. It was an awful game plan. Then comes the 4th quarter and the giants explode passing through the air. Still, after that game, the giants might've been the 1st passing team not to throw for at least 300 yards against the Pats. The pats historically bad pass defense played its best game of the season against the giants historically very good passing game

So you never know. Would love to know about the redskins run defense. they lost orakpo and that white dude, but theyve always had a pretty physical front these last 7 or 8 years.

Their secondary is the weakest part of that defense. Without Orakpo they aren't nearly as effective in their pass rush. Kerrigan is their best defensive player.

interesting theyre ranked top 10 in run D i wonder if thats a product of teams throwing the ball on them so well they barely bother with running it or that they really are a very stout defensive front against the run. giants ran the ball, i thought, pretty good on them in that december loss

According to some Skins fans I work with D Hall has really fallen off this year. They claim he is so intent on INTs that he bites on the first move or pump fake. Any double-moves and the WR is by him in a flash.

I have not seen much of any of their games so not sure if this is close to true but they have and it makes sense.

Giant fans,

RGIII's got bits of Donovan McNabb, Cunningham, Vick and Vince Young in his game. The guy can make all the throws plus the legit threat he is on the ground.

The defense can't let him get to the outside and take off down the field.

How do the Giants defend him? Should they put a spy on him like how they used to use Antonio Pierce on Vince Young when he was here? I think Boley is capable of staying with him as well as Williams. Don't know if I'd have Blackburn shadowing him.

I think the most important aspect of playing defense against RGIII is to contain him and wrap him up. Nobody wants a repeat of what happened a few years back when Kiwi had Vince Young in his grasp for a loss but let him go in fear of being flagged for a roughing the passer penalty. Good but smart pursuit and
cutting off his running lanes is key, especially if the downfield coverage is good. Overpursuing will give him ample oppurtunities to take off and

I feel the Giants always do a real nice job vs young QBs.

Skins are 3-3. Pivitol game in the Shanahan era. He has them playing well.

Yeah but with a win we woud be 2 games ahead of everybody....i would think the motivation will be high on our side to contain RG3 and payback for last year.

Yeah I would hope so. And since they've played Cam and Vick and then lesser but still mobile QBs in Romo and Smith it seems like they've had good practice.

Not so confident for this game... I just don't like our play against mobile guys like RGIII and Vick... I know we beat Cam this year but that was mainly because he just plays awful this year... We don't have such a bad record against philly for nothing, this kind of QB's just ain't our style...

Our offense will have to be at their best (like last weeks) to keep up with the 'Skins scoring...

Manny in CA
The focus, naturally will be on how to stop RGIII; do we put a "spy" on him, etc. etc., but I think the real key to victory will be how to exploit their depleted defense, who held on (just barely) against the Vikings.

If Nicks (suffering from two bad knees) were healthy, it would be an easy slam-dunk, but now as the season wears on, I think it would be foolish not to expect teams to "sell out" 100% trying to stop Cruz. He will face fierce double teams the rest of the year.

Skins, Cowboys, Steelers, Bengals, Packers, Skins (again), Saints, Falcons, Ravens, Eagles - probably the hardest remainder of schedule that any other team faces.

With the attention that RGIII draws, Morris has had a lot of running room this year and thus has been very productive.

Our D-Line will need to be much more disciplined than they were against Michael Vick two weeks ago. They lost contain on a number of his scrambles. We need to force RGIII to beat us with his arm - our D line needs to corral him in the pocket and our linebackers need to focus on the inside running game. I don't mind playing more man against the Skins WRs - they don't particularly scare me.

Redskins D is not that good (especially with Orakpo and Carriker out for the season) - I don't think we should have any trouble moving the ball.

This was probably my favorite post.

We need to actually show up when we play the Redskins this year. Scary to think that they had our number last year with Rex Grossman at the helm.

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