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Are the Vikes really this good?

A lot of people are surprised at the Vikes being 4-1, even some of the Vikes fans. It shows up in the tone of some posts-confident, but with an edge of "Are we really this good?"

Griffin III is hard to defend. Very talented obvi. However.. we can expose that defenses weaknesses. They have 2 of their better players out for the year. Fletcher is slower than Brinkley in coverage. Deangelo hall can't tackle or isn't physical.

The Vikes defense is legit this year, those would be rather lofty numbers to predict. RGIII worries me on the ground, MN has struggled handling QBs who can scramble. The Redskins running game worries me too, though the Vikes have a top 5 run defense so it should be a good match up.

MN has struggled offensively in hitting downfield plays. Jerome Simpson is suppose to be that threat for MN, however he missed the first three weeks and barely played against the Titans due to a minor injury. If MN can get Simpson going, they do have a few weapons to worry about on offense in Harvin and Rudolph.

The Vikes running game is picking up steam, the holes are starting to get bigger for Peterson and he is starting to show more explosion through the hole.

Peterson has been quiet in terms of big runs and TD scores, but he is consistently getting 4.8 to 5 yards a carry and will occasionally rip off a 15 yard run. MN doesnt have a lot of flaws right now, outside a suspect down field passing attack.

Offense definitely needs work! They have their moments, but overall I don't think they are in their groove yet. There has been no consistency from game to game! I'm happy with our guys so far, but yes, they have to do better! The second half of our season is TOUGH! But if we continually get better week after week I have a lot of confidence! But that's just the thing, we actually need to show improvement and consistency! We've been winning games but everything isn't quite in sync yet! But, when it is, I think we can beat anybody! And yes, the D is somethin' else! Allen isn't getting his usual numbers, but that's okay because our defense is playing better than ever! They look angry out there! I love it! I love that we are actually starting to go after the ball too and creating turnovers! Finally! This is definitely a winnable game for us--and I expect to win it...but I don't think it's going to be nearly as easy as beating those sorry Titans!

The defense is playing adequately, a pleasant surprise.

Ponder is improving, but he still has a way to go. He needs how to survey the field better and read defenses instead of just having one receiver in mind on each play.

The offense needs to do better in the red zone. If not for special teams and defense picking up the slack, the redzone offense would have already cost the Vikings some games, in such case, we'd be complaining about it.

The offensive line could be doing a much better job run blocking for the best back (AP) and the best all-purpose player (PH) in the game. They could also be doing better with pass protection.

The Vikings should win this game. I hope they blitz more and really go after RGIII or Cousins depending on who starts. Try and make the young guys make mistakes. Overall the Vikings defense has been playing lights out this year and I don't see the Skins scoring too much.

I have a bad inkling that Musgrave will go back to being more conservative then I would like and if he does this could be a very low scoring game. APs playing well and Harvin is Harvin so they should make enough big plays to win this game. If Musgrave opens up the playbook like he did against the Titans the Vikings should win solidly.

I'm predicting Vikings win 16-10

Since I live in MD I'm able to get the Redskins games so I can actually watch this one! :D

This one worries me a little bit though --- yes the Redskins haven't gotten off to a great start and RG3 might not be playing at 100% but the main thing is we're still not sure how good the Vikings are on the road.

The first road game was our only loss so far, and the second one was an unorthodox win with two special team returns and no offensive scoring. It's uncertain how this game will really go down, but of course I'm hoping for a win. 5-1 would be amazing!

I fully expect RGIII to play...and I'm glad. I wouldn't want any excuses to be made about why the Vikings won when they do.

For all of RGIII's mobility, I'm not significantly concerned. If the Vikings have a weakness against running QBs, it's up the middle, so if they can stretch him outside or keep him in the pocket, I think they'll be okay. Granted though, I haven't watched enough of Redskins' play to know what his tendencies are (maybe one of our Virginia fans can let us know).

This Alfred Morris guy has certainly been effective this year, but that's typical for a Shanahan RB (at least in his Broncos' years). The Vikings are pretty good against the run though (#4 in the NFL according to, so I think they can contain him.

For all the loading up the Redskins did at the WR position, it's the TE that's been the leader, The WRs have had little impact.

Defensively, the Redskins are middle of the pack overall, but pretty poor against the pass (31st against the pass according to, but not much better according to, at #27).

Fortunately, the Vikings will have the chance to light up 2 of their former secondary players, Madieu Williams and Cedric Griffin, just like everyone else did when they were in their secondary.

"Sleepy" got another mention.

Btw. The skins TE Davis is a very talented young TE. I think he has enormous potential.. gotta keep focus on him.

There was some debate over who they'd rather face, Griffin or Cousins.

I hope RG3 gets cleared to play this week for a couple reasons.

Beating them without RG3 gets us a win but no respect whatsoever.

Quite frankly Kirk Cousiuns scares me as he is pure passer and has impressed me in preseason and even in this game after RG# got hurt. And there is far less game tape of him. The guy has an arm , seems to have a lot of poise and has something to prove. I see this guy being the guy that potentially Washington trades to get the them one of those high draft picks that they gave up for RG3.

I am not nervous about the Vikings being able to beat the Redskins regardless of who they have at quarterback. That being said, I would worry more about RGIII making some big runs, so I would prefer that he is out. At the end of the year, no one cares who was injured when the Vikings played a particular team.

It seems to me that it used to be the Vikings bad luck that star injured players from other teams would always make their return against them.

I'm not concerned about respect, so I'd rather play against Cousins. The longer people doubt us the better in fact.

The Skin's defense is depleted and their offense is streaky....but I'd rather have Cousins in there.

If Cousins plays, that guy's in serious trouble.

RG3, I want him to play. True test for our defense!

We CANNOT overlook the Redskins!

The Skins' 2-3 record may not look impressive, but they have been in every game, and have played some good teams. That was an impressive performance versus the undefeated Falcons on Sunday.

Worm Guts
Teams that went 3-13 the previous season probably shouldn't be overlooking anyone.

Last year is irrelevant anymore.

The Redskins do have a strong core of players, just like the Vikings. Sometimes its just being on the right end of a few plays. The Vikings did that, the Redskins mostly haven't.

I'm pretty confident at this point Robert Griffin will play. He's a threat, but something tells me he won't be running that much. Remember, he just had a concussion. Will his coach sit him down and tell him about being careful with the ball when running, or will they continue to unleash him. Concussions are very serious, and I don't think they are just something that just go away. RG3 will need to play smart football this week, and perhaps he won't be doing as
much running. Still, he's an effective all around QB.

And the Redskins defense isn't all that bad either. I think they'll shut down Peterson for the most part, so we'll need to attack them through the air. That means I expect Percy Harvin, Kyle Rudolph and hopefully Jerome Simpson to have big games this week. Be effective, be aggressive, but still play smart football.

I won't overlook them, but at the same time, no team should be overlooked.

I agree with letting Ponder rip it downfield, but the only problem is that we have no deep threat. The only WR who is really capable of even catching a deep pass is Michael Jenkins, BUT he is too slow and I doubt the O-Line would hold that long enough to let him get down the field.

Concerns over the Skins running game exist.

I think the thing that concerns me most about this game is Mike Shanahan and his running game history. With his line and back getting a few games together now, they might start clicking a little better than I want to see.

This will be a great game to see how well the defensive front 7 have developed since game 1 and game 3. If they can shut down the Skins running game, I feel more confident of a Vikes victory.

Offensively, I think there are a couple good things for the Vikes, like not facing Orakpo . . . lol. So, if the Vikes can run the ball well enough, I think this one will come down to a couple big passing plays by Ponder (well afterall, he is going against Cedric Griffen and Medeiu Williams)

In the end, I think the Vikes eak this one out 24-20

The Redskins run game will be dangerous, MN has yet to face a ZBS scheme as they have faced more down hill type runners like Gore and MJD. Just because MN has defended the run well up to this point, doesnt assure us that we will against Was.

I am perfectly confident that MIN will shut down the WAS ground game. Anything more than 75 yards from whoever their RB is would be very surprising to me. If RG3 plays I could see him rushing for 50+, but he is the only one that scares me.

Not going to lie, Morris does concern me as a runner, especially with Shanahan's system. I could see the Vikes getting gashed for a few big runs. MN really hasnt faced a running attack like the Redskins yet, they have played more down hill running offenses like he 49ers and Jags, it will be interesting to see how they respond to a ZBS oriented running attack. The Vikes LBs have been superb in run defense though.

I am not worried about this game. RG3 is shaken up and questionable to play Orakpo is out Carriker is out and washington has one of the worst defenses in the league. Our front four can handle their zone running game and get to the QB especially if Cousins is starting and not RG3. Our secondary is much improved. While the Skins are a little chippy we just need to control ourselves on the field and let the Skins rack up the penalties. Our defense is playing better every game and AP is gaining more confidence everytime he touches the ball. I think if our O line can push their defense around like I know they should be able to then AP could have an amazing game. Not to mention it is no secret you don't want an angry AP running at your defense and I feel AP will have a chip onhis shoulder. We need to ignore D Halls jabber jawwing and not let him get to our players, keep Fletcher tangled up and keep an eye on
Kerrigan. I feel like Harvin and Simpson can torch their secondary especially after we establish the run and make them bring extra players in the box. I can't wait for Sunday I will be at the game.

My favorite post:

I think this is the most talented both of these teams have been the past 3 years. We were able to go to FedEx 2 years in a row and beat the Redskins. This will be the toughest test yet.
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