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Angst vs. Bravado

Team fans looking forward to their next game tend to split into two different approaches-talk a lot about the other team or talk a lot about themselves.

Panthers fans fit into the second classification. Discussion of the Redskins was swamped by discussion about themselves-even on threads that are supposed to be about the game with the Skins. Their notable lack of success has turned most of their discussions inward-and a lot seem aimed at HC Ron Rivera.

The mentions of the Redskins were there but not in large numbers.

There was about a 50/50 split on whether the Panthers could win or not.

And a few had ideas on how they might be able to do it.

I've been waiting for Greg Olsen to have a breakout game this season...and I hope I don't have to wait any longer than this Sunday. The Redskins defense overall is pretty bad but they are especially bad against the TE. They've allowed about a TD a game to the TE over the course of the season, including two to Heath Miller of the Steelers last week (a nice fantasy day).

Davidson_Deac II
We fed the ball to Olsen in the Atlanta game and still lost.

The problems with the team are not coaching, play calling, offense, the quarterback, the defense, not the special teams etc.. At least they are not any one of those things alone.

The problems right now are mostly mental. When its crunch time, we make mistakes in several phases of the game. It was that way in several games last year, and its becoming more and more prevalent. If Ron Rivera can't figure out a way to turn it around, then perhaps he should be fired. Not because he has done that bad of a job, but because we need some mental adjustments.

Hit RG3 early and often he will fold up. You give him time to throw its over he's deadly accurate combine that with his speed and it can get ugly. You have to keep him in the pocket and not let him keep plays alive he's at his best when things break down.

Stop the run stop the Redskins/
Morris is the key.

Time for Hall to get his yearly cleansing, hopefully Smitty can get him riled up and ejected like last week.

Redskins do not scare me despite RG3, the Rams put up 30 points against their horrible D and ranked 32nd against the pass. If Cam and company cant get 500 yds on offense against them and/or win then the only other team we will beat will be the Chiefs and we are bound to go 2-14.

why are people so infatuated with how many yards carolina's offense gains on the opposition?

hasn't the past year and a half proven that that doesn't mean squat?

give me the 210 total yards the bears had yesterday if that means a win in the end.

This next poster made an interesting point on "cherry picking."

Win or lose I really doubt we end up 2-14. Too much talent on this team and we will not lose every close game we play... only 1 game so far we have been dominated and was out of the game.

Also games are different and takes on a life of it's on... you can not use one redskins game to make a point. If that were the case the redskins fans could cherry pick one of our games and make the same points... Look what team "X" did to Carolina... If RG III can't put up X points and yards against Carolina and get a win vs a 1-6 team then the team has no hope.

Some expressed more confidence, however.

The Redskins special teams is awful. Joe Adams could have career day. Carolinas return game is virtually non existent right now. Has Capt even returned 1 punt yet? its either a fair catch or he lets it roll. Its time for Adams to get another shot.

Redskins d is horrid we should be able to run on them.

If Carolina plays with as much intensity as they did against the bears, I dont see them losing

You probably felt that way last year when we played the Bears.....or after we played Atl.

Poor coaching can make it all irrelevant.

We have some very good talent.....but they need help from the sidelines. At this point, I have no faith our players can overcome Rivera.....I expect we can best a team like KC that is bad from a talent standpoint. Not sure we can beat a team we don't dwarf in talent or has coaching issues.

Washington has talent.

I only see 3-13 as our possible best right now...Chiefs and Chargers are winnable since both teams have quit. We will lose to the Eagles for the sheer fact that it"ll be a Monday Night game I pretty much agree with the a strong feeling we WILL lose this game

Our secondary is gonna have a really rough game....this is a true test to see how our defense has improved

I expect the D to keep on keeping on with Luke. A few errors but overall a good game. Pretty sure our D can defend the read option....all comes down to if Rivera and company take take away the garbage short pass game of Washington and those screens.

i expect that we'll do what we're best at. get a lead in the game. look like we could actually pull it off...and then right at the end of the game find a way to blow it.

Yep. And it will be tied to coaching. Passing when we should run late or giving Washington stuff out of fear

or a player doing something really dumb like fumbling on 3rd and 1.

i don't know....i just have no faith in this team to do anything but find a way to lose

I really think we will beat the Redskins.. The Bradford led rams dropped 31 points on them for fug sake, they dont scare me at all despite RG3, 32nd ranked pass defense. We are 4 poimt underdogs, screw taking the spread, I would bet on us straight up..

This post, from someone who hates Redskins fans, was one of the oddest I found-a fan in the death throes of his fandom.

Well, I think I'll just try and enjoy each game for what it is worth and let the rest of it go.

That said, I despise the Redskins fans more than any other.

IMO waste of energy to say 'fire this player, cut this do that, worst coach ever' at this point because at the end of the season with a new GM and a high likelihood of a new HC and new players and new system (again) might as well just enjoy the game for the game, wish the players well and hope for no injuries...decide for yourself if you want to spend time watching them on TV or at the stadium.

The only tangible things that matter with W-L record, besides getting rid of Rivera, are draft position and schedule position. The intangible of having pride in a franchise I pay money to see, well, that went out the window a few weeks ago.

Can't control it, don't stress over it.

Kind of disturbing, in a way.
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