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2017 Week 1 - Eagles at Redskins


Blognosticator - Shi no Tenshi (2016 Champion)

It's been quite the offseason for the Redskins this year. We had the joy of drafting the D line we always wanted in the 1st round of the draft, while losing our top 2 receivers. The GM that was supposed to get us the “football players” we need to dominate was ousted, with the reasons being varied all along the spectrum, from it being a hostile throwdown by Bruce Allen, to McLovin just being a drunk that can't keep it together. Follow those joys up with our QB situation once again being punted, and we are starting to feel a little shaky about how things in the organization are going.

Fans are feeling the frustration that goes along with that sort of uncertainty, and that frustration is leading to some dour predictions about the season to come. The new season is supposed to be the wellspring of hope, bringing all fans to an Ax-like zen state that lets us all believe that these guys can kick ass, and this year they have just as good a chance as anybody at taking us to the promised land. We can come screaming out the gate, stroll into Landover, and kick the Eagles backsides so hard they are sent back to training camp.

This season, though, has people questioning their reasons for even bothering. It's hard to enjoy seeing the circus every year; at a certain point it just loses the appeal. Lack of knowledge about the goings on behind closed doors, and sometimes knowing too much about the bad things, causes people to look at everything and predict a season worthy of getting Gruden fired.

Personally, I'm seeing a slow start. It's Gruden calling the plays directly now, and Cousins is throwing to some new receivers on the outside. There has not been much chemistry to be seen in our passing game in training camp or pre-season, and our running game needs to have some sort of history to base any hope off of before anybody believes it can deliver. Our defense has not exactly been a bright spot since the mid aughts, and even though we got some new pieces that look to bolster it, we get the joy of players like Cravens debating whether they even belong on the field or not.

I think the first few games, Eagles included, will be the Redskins figuring out what will work. This is not conducive to putting up gobs of points, and I think the first half is going to suck to watch, with us maybe getting a couple field goals on offense. We should pick it up in the second half, because I honestly think we are going to be playing from behind at that point. The thing is, I just don't see the sense of urgency in the team this year. Watching reactions from the players, watching to see any desire, and I'm just not feeling it.

This will impact the defense some as well, but in this case, I think we will get a much better performance than expected. I think the defense actually does want to prove itself, and should have an impact on this game. They are going to get punched in the mouth, but I think they respond. The Eagles are going to have some early scores, but I think we lock them down in the second.

What this game will come down to is if we manage to take the early hit, and come back from it. Our past history shows that not only are our second half adjustments somewhat questionable, but that Cousins over-thinks and makes bad throws when the pressure is on. I am personally not as confident their ability to put this game away.

I think in the end, they'll make a game of it. We'll be down by a couple scores, but bring it to within one…but will fail to secure the W. It'll be close, and look like we can get it, I just don't think they have the grit to do it yet.

I'm calling it as Redskins lose, 27-20.
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