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2016 Week 7 - Redskins @ Lions

Blognosticator - DocSandy

Blognostication – October 23—Detroit Lions/Ford Field

Well, bear with me in my first attempt at blognostication. The Redskins are traveling to Ford Field to take on the 3-3 Detroit Lions. We are coming off a 4-game winning streak and the Lions a 2-game winning streak.

This past game with Philadelphia showed that just PERHAPS our coaching staff is learning the fine art of balanced attack. With 34 Pass attempts, for 263 yards and an average of 7.7 ypa and 33 Run attempts, for 230 yards and an average of 7.0 ypa. It was just about a perfect game had it not been for a kickoff runback and an pick-6.

Our defense, definitely not in the top 10 of defenses this year, only allowed the “miraculous Wentz” and his offense (if you listen to announcers) 6 total points.

Our historical record against the Lions is 30-13 with our last three meetings being losses. But throw that out the window. After losing our first two games this season, the team has started to gel, winning four in a row against the Giants, Browns, Ravens and Eagles. Chemistry is gelling and the feeling that this team really wants to win is becoming apparent.

I’ll be honest, the Eagles game is the first game that, at the end, I felt we were going to do something to win, rather than do something to lose. And the team’s confidence is contagious.
Let’s look at some statistics (I hate them, but let’s look anyway).

Matthew Stafford is coming in with a 106 QB rating and is ranked #3, having thrown for 14 touchdowns with 4 interceptions (none in the last game against the Rams. Hopefully Josh Norman add at least one more interception to his statistics.

Captain Kirk is ranked 18th, with a rating of 89.7, having thrown for 9 touchdowns with 6 interceptions. However, I’m not sure what his rating would be if we were able to throw out the first two losses.

Defense: we are ranked 23rd (28th before the Eagles game) and Detroit is ranked 26th (25th before Rams game). Offensively, we are ranked 5th (10th before the Eagles game) and the Lions are ranked 14th (before the Rams game, ranked 15th).

What do those stats mean? Probably absolutely nothing. But the jump in the defensive ranking for us over the past several games supports our defensive crew gelling as a team, and gaining confidence.

So, team stats show we SHOULD win this game. I hate games we “should” win. However, we are traveling to Detroit. I’m sure their fans are going to be pumped up and noisy.

Well, blognostication-wise, to me, these stats mean absolutely nothing. I think about our Redskins with my heart. I rarely think with my head. In pick-em, if I pick against them, it’s my mind playing reverse psychology because I’m awful with pick-em games. The team that loses is often the team I pick.

But if I were to pick with my heart, I’d pick the Redskins every time. A team can win on any given day… that’s why they play the game, right? One might think a team on a 4-0 winning streak may be becoming cocky; however, after reading the team’s comments after their win against the Eagles, I don’t believe they are. They know they have to improve on some things. They have faith in each other and are starting to believe in each other. It is exciting to note that if the season were to end now, we are the fifth seed in the playoffs. However, I refuse to get too excited about that…YET. There’s still way too much football to play.

Hopefully Reed will be back; ;however after reading comments in the forums, if he’s back, is this an issue for the run game? Or will the coaches have learned that they need to use Paul and Davis more regardless for run blocking? This is a point for discussion as I really don’t know the answer. Having Reed gives us a real threat; while, as said, Paul and Davis may help our run game tremendously even though with Reed playing, whether he’s on the field may tip off pass or run to the opposing defense.

So… what do I think? IF and only if the coaching staff continues their balanced attack, I think we win another close game. Probably by a touchdown. Though in all honesty, I hope I’m wrong because I’m not sure how many close games my heart can take :😁:. and therefore win big.

Whatever the outcome… for those The Walking Dead fans, at the end of the evening we are going to be upset as we will finally know who was dealt Lucille’s fatal blow; and that is not going to make anyone happy, regardless who it is. Hopefully the Redskins team that played against the Eagles is the team that travels to Detroit and we are at least happy going into that premier.

See everyone in game chat! I so look forward to it every year.

**Disclaimer: The stats used above regarding defensive, offensive and QB ratiings were used before the result of the Monday night game between the Jets and Cardinals.

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