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2016 Week 16 - Redskins @ Bears

Blognosticator - Goaldeje

Chicago Blognostication

Full disclosure: I haven’t been as mad during and after a football game as I was Monday Night. That was atrocious. Terrible Horrible. I actually went to to find more synonyms: ghastly, abhorrent, heinous, apalling, dreadful. You get the idea. The playcalling was horrendous, the team was lethargic at best and the entire experience was inexcusable.

So. On to Chicago. Yay.

The Bears are not good. I know, I know. They almost just beat Green Bay. But they did not, because they aren’t good. Statistically, they are the definition of mediocre or even just plain bad: 15th in Offense, 9th in Defense, 30th in Turnover Differential. Not good.

Redskins are better than that. On offense at least (3rd). Defense? Oy vey (that was for you Henry - feel better!) - 29th in D, and 21st in turnover differential.

And to me, that last stat is as good a place as any to start talking about how we can beat Chicago. Turnovers. Right now, we have two more giveaways than takeaways. The Bears have 11 more. They excel at giving the ball away. This is an area we can capitalize on, and hopefully is something Gruden and Co have been hammering home.

Specifically, Chicago seems to struggle forcing fumbles, having forced only three all year (to be fair, they have only intercepted the ball 7 times, meaning they just aren’t great at forcing turnovers). So, that would lead me to tell the coaching staff to keep the running game going.

Stop laughing. Not a joke.

And I can back that assertion up with more stats. The Bears are actually quite good at defending the pass (9th overall), but really not good at defending the run (23rd - we are one spot better at 22nd, so suck it Chicago!). So we should run the ball. A lot.

We’ve gone round and round about the merits of establishing a rushing attack that not only keeps the defense honest but instills fear in them as well. I won’t rehash all of that now. Suffice to say our defense needs a break, even against a middling offense like Chicago’s. Realistically, Chicago’s best chance of winning appears to be forcing turnovers and shortening field position. They aren’t good at forcing fumbles (marginally better at forcing INTs), and their Run D is worse than ours.

So we will probably run a deep drop from out of our own endzone that requires a TE with a bad shoulder to cross the formation and block a DE.

Yeah, I’m still bitter.

Run the ball, Jay. Don’t overthink it. Run. The. Ball.
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