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2016 Season Predictions

The new season is about to begin and the Redskins are facing another tough sixteen game schedule. In the final offseason edition of BBQ for 2016, we will make a game by game prediction. All of us would love to see a 16-0 record, but let’s see if we can make some accurate prognostications. Are you ready for some football?

September 12 – Steelers at Redskins
The Jay Gruden era enters a third season with a lot of hope after winning the NFC East title in 2015, but a challenging schedule awaits. The Steelers are a perennial playoff team and they are looking to make a possible run at the Super Bowl. The visiting team is lacking a few players, but manages to win.
Steelers 24 Redskins 21
Record: 0-1

September 18 – Cowboys at Redskins
The Redskins are looking for a measure of revenge from last year’s home loss to the fierce rival from Texas. It’s close, but a late surge carries the Redskins to their first win of the season.
Redskins 34 Cowboys 24.
Record: 1-1

September 25 – Redskins at Giants
The Redskins visited the Giants in game three last year and the blue jerseys are looking for a similar result. This game is much closer and the home team prevails with a late touchdown.
Giants 31 Redskins 28
Record: 1-2

October 2 – Browns at Redskins
The Redskins are bit behind early in the season and hope to put a win on the board. The Browns and former quarterback for the Redskins, Robert Griffin, III, come to town. The Browns are in disarray and the home team wins by a wide margin.
Redskins 45 Redskins 10
Record: 2-2

October 9 – Redskins at Ravens
The I-95 rivalry is renewed and both teams are struggling a bit. A win for either team puts them in a much better position. The Redskins use a handful of field goals from Dustin Hopkins carries the day in a defensive battle
Redskins 26 Ravens 17
Record: 3-2

October 16 – Eagles at Redskins
The Eagles are having a season to forget, but they are focused on future seasons. The Redskins are poised to have a solid game against the NFC East foe. Confidence continues to build as the home team enjoys a comfortable win.
Redskins 38 Eagles 14
Record: 4-2

October 23 – Redskins at Lions
The Redskins are looking to build on their three game winning streak. Jamison Crowder has his best day thus far and a see-saw affair with the Lions leaves the game in doubt until Dustin Hopkins connects on a long field goal.
Redskins 27 Lions 26
Record: 5-2

October 30 – Redskins at Bengals…In London
Riding high on a four game winning streak, the Redskins are looking to build on the momentum and begin a push toward the playoffs. The Bengals have other ideas and the “visiting” team loses on a neutral field.
Bengals 37 Redskins 21
Record: 5-3

After the return trip across the Atlantic, the Redskins hit the halfway mark of the season. If they can match their record in the first half of the season, it is likely to hand them a playoff berth and a division title.

November 13 – Vikings at Redskins
The Redskins are looking to sustain some momentum toward a solid playoff run. Playing the Vikings at home is a good chance to start a new winning streak. In something of an upset, the home team let’s one slip away.
Vikings 30 Redskins 28
Record: 5-4

November 20 – Packers at Redskins
The Packers come to town and are looking at a playoff run of their own. The Redskins are looking to rekindle the magic of their early season success. The Packers score early and often. It is the worst game of the season for the home team thus far.
Packers 42 Redskins 19
Record: 5-5

November 24 - Redskins at Cowboys
The annual Thanksgiving game in Texas gives the Redskins very little time to prepare for their division rivals. The spirited contest is an offensive battle, but a great game from Ezekiel Elliott leads the Cowboys to a win.
Cowboys 41 Redskins 35
Record: 5-6

December 4 – Redskins at Cardinals
After the excitement of a four game winning streak early in the season, the Redskins are now mired in a four game losing streak. It doesn’t get any better in the desert as the visiting team is now on the brink of elimination.
Cardinals 28 Redskins 25
Record: 5-7

December 11 - Redskins at Eagles
The boys wearing Burgundy and Gold travel to The Linc and hear the boo-birds. However, that booing is for the home team and the Redskins poor it on with a much needed victory.
Redskins 51 Eagles 21
Record: 6-7

December 19 – Panthers at Redskins
It sure is nice to have a home game. An upset win is needed to keep faint playoff hopes alive. However, Carolina is just too much. Too much Cam. Too much Kelvin. Too much Greg. Too much Jonathan. You get the idea.
Panthers 48 Redskins 31
Record: 6-8

December 24 – Redskins at Bears
It’s Christmas Eve and the Redskins still have their faint playoff hopes alive and desperately need a win. The Bears are more than happy to oblige as the home team flounders. The bad news comes after the game. The playoffs are no longer a possibility and a division title is out of reach.
Redskins 43 Bears 15
Record: 7-8

January 1 – Giants at Redskins
The Giants choose to rest their starters on the first day of 2017 and with a division title in hand, they will concede this game to the Redskins. Several players in the Burgundy and Gold are able to get some valuable game experience.
Redskins 35 Giants 10
Record: 8-8

The Redskins are served a serious plate of humble pie in the second half of the season, but there are no changes in the coaching structure. However, there are many positive signs and the team could be poised to have a very good 2017. A solid foundation is established. Kirk Cousins has convinced team brass that he is the future and is signed to a multi-year deal. Scot McCloughan chooses to move on from Junior Galette as Preston Smith is now a star. Free agency will once again focus on depth and special teams. The draft will focus on defensive line, running back, offensive line, wide receiver, and outside linebacker.

When making such predictions, this was not a blog that BBQ enjoyed writing – it was very tough. What are your expectations for 2016? Do you see a better record? Worse? Are there any surprises coming for 2016? Let us know what you are thinking.

This is the final offseason edition of BBQ for 2016. The weekly format will return after each game during the regular season. Thanks for making the last eight months an enjoyable experience as we attempted to formulate free agent predictions, mock drafts, and final roster guesses.

On a personal note, thank you so much for the well wishes, thoughts, and prayers this summer. I am humbled by it all and grateful at the same time.

It’s time for some football!

Hail To The Redskins!
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