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2015 Week 6 - Jets v Redskins


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Another week, another game to twist our guts into unending knots. Used to be you could circle the Jets game as a win. Well good teams could anyway.  However, there’s a new sheriff in town for the other New York Football team. Todd Bowles, in his Head Coaching debut, has taken a 4-12 team and made an immediate impact. Already one win away at 3-1, to matching last year’s putrid record.

Here’s a snippet from New York Jets Schedule at showing their results to date:

I know, I know. Not exactly against the elite of the NFL, but so far I think they are passing the eye test for effort and good defense. They are playing hard and beating teams they should beat. It is a frustrating thing watching a team go from 4-12 to looking like a competent, competitive team. Boy do we long for that. But we have to remember the hysterics surrounding the previous Sheriff, and just how much of that impacted the play on the field. I think this was a team ripe for some real leadership to step in and get them on track. That’s not to say that they are world beaters, as there are certainly chinks in the armor. Fitzpatrick is averaging 229 yds/game with 7 TD’s and 6 INT’s. He’s beatable, but here’s the thing; Our offense is going to have to produce. Their D has held mediocre QB’s, Luck excepted but got killed by is sieve of an O’Line, to less passing yards than Fitz’s pedestrian 229 average.

Our 'Skins on the other hand have fared worse. I’m not going to dredge up the specific stats, as we all know what’s transpired. It is noteworthy that Kirk and Fitz’s numbers are almost interchangeable. They could just about be the same guy. Heck, Fitzpatrick has thrown the same number if INT’s in one less game. This could shape up to be one ugly mess of a game offensively for both teams.

I got a sense form Jays presser after the loss that they will open it up for Kirk and give him more opportunities to shine or blow it. To date, they’ve been trying to be very careful with him. If they really think he has the ability to improve and be more than just a guy, the need to do just that. Turn him loose. Let him take his lumps and either learn from it or not. There have been some encouraging signs. Composure and poise on late game drives. But there’s been too much of the other stuff he hasn’t been able to shake. He’s like a team that frustrates you to death because they can’t put all 3 phases of the game together at one time. This offense needs to score points, and they need to start doing that this Sunday. Much of that lies on Kirk’s shoulders. We all know we’re in rebuilding mode. And while I take some solace in the improved direction the organization is on, it would sure be nice to have a few not so close wins to whet the appetite.

Keys to the game:
  1. Defense needs to win the Turn Over battle. They will get opportunities and they must capitalize on them.
  2. Kirk needs to put it together. They need him to be able to make throws in the redzone. We can’t be one dimensional and have a chance. He’s going to have to take some shots.
  3. Establish the running game to allow Kirk better opportunity in the passing game. Feed Alfred the rock and keep feeding him.
  4. They can’t come out flat in the 3rd quarter. Jay needs to figure out whatever it is that needs figuring out. If it isn’t coach inspired, he needs to prod the right veterans into getting it done.

I truly have no idea. Even with the Jets renewed vigor, it is a winnable game. If the Defense gets us some turnovers, and Kirk is able to put a little positive consistency into his game, we could come away with a W.

I just can’t pick against us. Redskins win it. 24-17

I so want to tune into ESPN radio on Monday Morning and here Mike Greenberg all aghast at how his Jets went down to the Redskins. That would be a great start to my week.

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