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2015 Week 5 Falcons v Redskins

Blognosticator – Johnssbass Week 5

First, thanx Neo for inviting me to add a blog.

I suppose I should talk about this week’s matchup but not just yet. First a word from our sponsors.

Most Redskins fans have been begging for a long time to build (or rebuild if you prefer) this team from the draft and they are doing that now. Next step – a Super Bowl – this year, right? Doesn’t quite work that way. The fans have been patient a long time and We, the fans of the Burgundy & Gold, are going have to be patient awhile longer.

Maybe a couple of years longer and that’s just to build a consistent playoff contender. Trust me, I know the feeling of to hell with patience I wanna kill something. I’ll settle for a cohesive team with an identity by the end of the season and really don’t care about the record. Progress will be a team that actually has something to build on.

Many injuries have forced the Skins to put in guys sooner than they probably wanted to and assuredly more than they wanted to at the same time as starters. I don’t think that is really so bad. They are going to take some beatings along the way but there is something to be said about a Band of Brothers standing up, getting knocked down and getting back up again… and again… They are going to find out real quick who’s got whose back. Also it has forced a reduced playbook (Keep It Simple Skins) and to get more creative on play calling.

I don't know that I have a complete buy-in that Cousins is the guy of the future but I'm not ready to toss the baby out with the bathwater either. He had 58 attempts in the first two games combined with 2 Ints. He had 49 against the Vagiants & 46 against the Beagles last week - with 2 Int's over that span. Maybe a small improvement but an improvement nonetheless. This is not a team that will win many games tossing it up that often. Granted they have been getting off 70+ offensive plays per game recently it is still more passing than they should be doing.

Well there is a game this weekend and it’s about time I got to it.

I don’t see that Washington has any pressure on them. From the outsiders point of view if they lose then it’s, 'same ole Redskins’ and if they win it’s more about what their opponent did to lose than what the Skins did to win. The pressure is on Atlanta not to lose to Washington on Sunday.

Freeman ripped apart the Texans defense. Atlanta did it by pulling guards and tackles and making a very brief hole to run through but it was enough. The Redskins will have to have a LB staying at home in the middle to plug that gap.

Matt Ryan is pretty tough when getting rushed but he can be hurried up and sacked. The Redskins have to keep a strong blitz going to keep their corners from being exposed. They did that pretty well against Filthy but Bradford did victimize them when he had the opportunity. The Falcons have better receivers as well as a better QB so this will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Can the Redskins keep the Falcons office off the field? Skins are #1 in TOP. They are visiting the #2 team in TOP this weekend. Can they keep the game close enough to stick with the run? Atlanta has one of the better run defenses but in part that is due to teams having to abandon the run because they are playing from behind. Can they keep a lid on Julio Jones? He’s a nightmare matchup especially against Washington’s ravished secondary. Will the ball keep bouncing favorably in the Falcons direction? I reviewed their game from last week and was amazed at often it popped right to one of their players.

Offensively the Redskins really just need to not shoot themselves in the foot with turnovers and penalties plus get TDs instead of settling for FGs. This game will squarely be on the defense to limit the Falcons on the scoreboard as the Skins cannot afford to get into a shootout at the Georgia Dome.

Who wins? I guess you'd have to give the advantage to Atlanta, if for no other reason than they are at home but on any Sunday every team has a shot. In any case and no matter the outcome I'll still be a fan and watching come week 6.
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