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2015 Week 16 - Eagles v Redskins

Blognosticator - SkinsOrlando

Well, here we are, where is that you may ask yourself? It’s a late season chance to clinch a home playoff game and something quite frankly after the first 6 games of the season seemed about as possible as Lazarus being resurrected from the dead. However, like Lazarus, it wasn’t over and we’ve crawled back from the depths to reach a 7-7 record, a “control your own destiny” situation against a team that also has a chance to proverbially “control their own destiny.” Is there any other cliché more used in sports, doesn’t every team control their own destiny from week 1? Doesn’t every team believe that they have the opportunity, the talent, the desire and determination to succeed before the first kickoff of the year? Get used to hearing the overused, over abused phrase all week, I think it’s time we changed the narrative away from “controlling our destiny.” I prefer a less often used phrase from a great movie “Redskins, you’re my density.”

Ok, enough with the cheesy commentary above, let’s talk about what this season hinges on, OUR Washington Redskins not only winning on the road but on primetime Saturday. Not exactly in our favor based on our history and if you’re into probabilities based on how we’ve played a) away from home and b) on national tv it’d appear like we’re walking the green mile. The question exists on whether we can dust those past skeletons from the closet, use the eraser on our away and primetime resume and treat Philly like what it is, the drunk girl at the dance that everyone has a chance to take home and seal the deal. Philly isn’t a team to disregard like any other nfl team, however, they are a team wrought in current dysfunction, deflation and ripe for the picking. Anyone whose watched Philly over the past few weeks should be able to pick out the body language from their team, it’s not filled with hope and a “we can win” mentality, it’s more like a child that can’t figure out if you wet the bed it sucks to sleep in it. There is a total lack of talent in Philly, the disastrous ego of Spurrier 2.0 believing a system trumps talent has left them not only thin on both sides of the ball but without true leadership in the locker room. Can anyone imagine Bradford giving a speech before the game “Hey guys, umm, let’s not let them break me in half.” How about Sproles, “I remember when I was in New Orleans and Diego and relevant, actually I do every day, I cry a lot when I do.” Maxwell, “look I know I make a ton of money to miss plays, we can all do that, hell Murray gets paid a lot to not even play.” Chip, “If only Les Miles had got fired I wouldn’t have to answer my critics anymore.” In all slight seriousness, the above is somewhat in jest, somewhat, I’m confident that with the correct attitude, game plan and overall testicular fortitude this game should be not only in our hands but slung over our back like a bag full of Christmas goodies called “Playoffs” for every Redskins brother and sister to enjoy.

Now, onto OUR Washington Redskins, what a wild, weird, often befuddling season we’ve watched, anguished, triumphed and lived. From the onset it seemed early on that we’d be stuck in the La Brea tar pits of media drama concerning the qb situation. Thankfully all parties remained professional and the rest of the league gave the media more drama to latch onto like the succubus they are. We’ve definitely had some head scratching play calls, game plans and just bad play at times. The running back carousel that even the best football minds can’t figure out, the pass of 5 yards when we need 9, the running cover 2 deep when the opponent needs 4 yards but alas, nothing worth having comes easy, neither does watching, eating, breathing and loving Redskins football folks. Capt. Kirk has the chance to “boldly go” where he’s never been before, a starter in an nfl playoff game, Djax has another chance to give Kelly the one finger salute as he burns into the endzone and maybe, just maybe but most important of all, Gruden has a chance to show he can adjust, he can get it done under the pressure and he does belong as the head coach of OUR Washington Redskins. Without getting into too much x’s and o’s about why we should beat Philly, it’s as simple as this, we for once in along time have the better team, we have the momentum, the ability and capability but do we have the cajones, the swagger and the HEART to finally finish a season with triumph and not disillusion of grandeur. We may not go far in our playoff journey but WE ARE GOING, as the Pharaoh’s of Egypt said, “So let it be written, so let it be done.” HAIL !!!!

Redskins 30 – Philly 17

On a non football note: Christmas, holiday season whatever each individual wishes to call it is around the bend. May all of you be blessed, may all of you be loved and may all of us continue to be what we are here at BGO – Family.
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