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2015 Week 13 - Cowboys @ Redskins

Blognosticator - Miles Monroe

Not so ready for primetime players

Sitting here on a Monday night, If you asked me 48 hours ago about our upcoming Monday night game, the “not so ready for prime time players” best described this team going into a Monday night game, against Dallas. It’s not like we have an outstanding record in primetime games, and I generally dread them. Yet sitting here, we find ourselves in an odd position… leading our division, and in control of our own destiny. In a year that finds the league down, the stars have aligned giving us a Dallas team without Tony Romo leading the charge. Weather I like to admit it or not, he is the heart of the team, and while no game is a walk over for the Skins, this is a nice little bonus for us. It makes the remaining schedule look that much better.

While that’s promising in itself, what really makes it great is beating the Giants. The thorn in Kirk Cousins side is gone. Kirk should be flying high, and deservedly so. He played as perfectly as you could ask for against a team that has had this teams number for far too long. A huge confidence booster no doubt for the entire team, which as a whole played a very good game, even showing some life in the run game. My not so ready for prime time players may actually be ready to take the next step. It’s a baby step. We came out after coming off a spanking of epic proportion by Carolina against NY the way we should, with the focus needed to win a tough divisional game. Carrying that momentum into Monday night, and playing with the same competence to win another very meaningful game is the next step. We need to show some consistency. We have a huge building block sitting right in front of us.

Dallas is -12 in the turn over department, so an opportunistic defense could have a big day. Our battered and beaten defense isn’t what I’d call opportunistic, but they had a pretty god day against Eli, and I don’t see Dallas having as dangerous passing attack without Romo. Unfortunately, Dallas does have an effective running game no matter who is under center, so our interior line will have their work cut out for them. The key for us, once again is to establishing the run. We were able to run just enough against the Giants, and it opened things up a bit. We’ll need to do a bit better running against Dallas, and not abandon it at the first sign of trouble.

Even without Romo, I’m expecting the typical nail bighter that seems to be a theme for divisional match up’s, and Monday night games. It’s Dallas week…. so throw away all the stats and team records, as they mean little to nothing when these teams go head to head.. The game is there for the taking, and the real question is, which team is the “not so ready for primetime players”?

Redskins 23
Dallas 17
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