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2014 - Week 16 Redskins v Eagles

Blognosticator - drumlinboy

It is hard to be positive about your team when your 3-10 and your head coach does not want the QB your FO gave up the farm to get, but as it is the week before Christmas we have to make the effort so I have always been told.

Having said that perhaps I should introduce my self to the readers of this blog.

I am a 51 year old Scot, (born bred and still living in the land of Haggis, Whiskey and Shortbread) I live in a wee place just outside the City of Glasgow (which interestingly has links to Virginia). As some of you might know my first love is Albion Rovers (my local soccer team) whose ground I was brought up in the shadow of. The Rovers (as we fans call them) are not a big club nor are they that famous in fact in my years of following them they have lost more often than they have won. My second love is the Redskins, I started supporting them in 1981 when the UK started to get regular coverage of the NFL.

In those early days I would have to scour the newspapers for results or wait for a week hopping we would be the featured game in a highlights package. Come the playoffs we would more coverage and the Superbowl live. Soon the ritual of taking the Monday off to watch the whole game was born and it has not stopped since.

Although never as successful as we were back in the day I still support my team and dream that one day I’ll make it to a game. I have even promised people that I will be easy to spot because I will wear a kilt.

So that’s the History back to the present. I will not pretend to now all the technical stuff about feet positioning and leverage, I just see what I see and know what I like. Historically I have always loathed the Eagles fans more so than Cowboys fans. At least the Cowpukes have the bling to back up their talking the Eagles have nothing but cobwebs. But try reminding an Eagles fan that you will get a mouth full of abuse.

I also do not like Chip Kelly and feel that he will get found out in the NFL. The only thing new about his idea is that he goes faster that’s it all the rest is gimmicks. During the summer all I heard from UK Eagles fans was that Sproles was a game changer, putting him in the backfield with McCoy would be unstoppable. NEWS FLASH Kelly has always used one back and multiple receivers not 2 backs, and you know what he still does. Having said that their O is capable of scoring lots of points very quickly. So you must stop them not just once but regularly and often. If I was given the headset for a day I’d call blitzes and lots of them. I’d tell the secondary you must get tight to your man and stay tight. We know that if you make Sanchez move his level of play deteriorates. So get him moving. We need Keenan for this game we need the line to keep moving forward and each and every time Sanchez drops he has to see a Redskin in his line of sight. The front 7 must step it up and produce. We cannot allow long drives because it will wear out our people so on every incomplete people must be ready to get in and out quickly to rest players. In summary be aggressive.

We know we can score on them, but how do we do it better?

What I would love to see is Gruden sitting down with RGIII and saying “Robert you’re our man. I am going to call a game that keeps you moving. But Robert you cannot let them sack you so I will not put you in the pocket as that will get you killed. I want that alarm clock inside your head going off after 2 seconds and the ball coming out” Gruden cannot have RGIII trying to sit in the pocket. I do not care if that’s what RGIII wants to do but he simply cannot do it given our line.

I want short passes, dink and dunk so to speak. We know the Eagles will pin their ears back and come for Robert. So be smart get the ball out and keep Robert on the move. On the move Robert can utilise his unique skill set and kill any team. He just has to believe it and so does the play caller. Eventually we will get chances deep and we must capitalise on them each and every time.

One last thought. This game could get nasty early. There was bad blood in the last game and I can see it boiling over again. I hate saying this but we need the officials to stamp on it early. They failed to do it last time and if they fail again I can see multiple ejections.

This game kicks ff at 9.30pm my time, so it will be feet up IrnBru and snacks at the ready and Sky Sports on the TV. My wife (a Seahawk fan) has already sad she cannot handle me shouting at the TV for three hours so it will be me and the TV.

I am not confident about winning, but, you know what, RGIII has a chip on his shoulder and a point to prove. He might not be with us next year but he will want to show any team looking for a QB that given the right coaching he can be their man. Not brave enough to predict a win but I do think we will be keep it close.
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